Crime-an Conference: Past and Present

I just returned from Mexico after spending a week there.  On the plane, American Airlines, I read more about the five-year sacrifice of the Poles to help the free world battle the tyranny of the Nazis and Stalin, an ally.  The greatest accomplishments were made by the Polish airmen and soldiers in battle and at the end of it, the English decided in a heated battle to kick the Poles out of England.  Why? Jobs.  English needed jobs and the Poles were entitled to little or nothing.  The economy of England was in terrible shape and those times revealed the worst of people as it does today in America or even in Mexico.

I read on the plane about the Polish bombers pilots that rose in the air at the end of the war to attack a place called Berchtesgarden, a place that was used as a private hideaway just as Mar-A-Lago is being used by Trump.  You cannot compare the two, of course, but the effort to take out Donald Trump does deserve mention within that context.  Just prior to the attack in Germany, there were shouts of Viva Polonia heard.  In Mexico?  No.  Those shouts were heard in Italy as the brave, great troops of the Polish Army there took out Monte Cassino and helped liberate Italy. 

In the Election of 1944 Roosevelt got 90 percent of the Polish American vote.  The voters were obviously unaware of what was taking place behind the scenes.  And the Yalta Conference took place after the election.   This started a movement of Polish Americans away from the Democratic Party. 

That retreat for Hitler in Bavaria with the bunker that we always read about delighted Polish flyers as they spotted it from the air and gave them the kind of satisfaction that Navy Seals have derived from taking out America’s enemies (think of Obama and Trump).  That attack also was an integral part of the overall anxiety that they experienced over their own mistreatment and the mistreatment of their people at the hands of the very same people that sent them in the air.  In addition, at that very moment, they had to cooperate with their own enemy as a partner, Stalin.  This was insanity and soon people were driven to commit suicide because of the economic hardships created by England for English.

With that said we should look at the Trump American Sub that people are making US eat today as the Senate does its duty.  Yes it has to be called an American sub because no panini, Kaiser roll, bagel, bialy, baguette, Jewish rye, Italian hero, Cuban sandwich, Portuguese roll, or even Mexican tortilla would fit the cause.  There is something that smells far worse on that America First Sub.  Could it be Limburger, which contains the same bacterium as smelly feet or body odor?  A close look at the ingredients reveals no such cheese.  No!  The problem is the smell emanated by Trump and America First and it follows in communities everywhere.

Just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, there were fascists trying to overthrow the United States around our nation’s cities.  Jews would have no chance once the German’s eliminated England and concentrated its might on America.  Roosevelt knew that an attack on the United States would be next and tried to obtain the British navy for US well before the great fight was taken by the Allied forces.  The Polish fighters in England and its resistance fighters in Poland played major roles in the war to defend the world and the Polish people lost.  The propaganda machine controlling English government which ended with the reporting of Edward R. Murrow and others was soon back in action again as English who praised and supported the Poles now turned their backs on them.

Teheran is back in the news again as it was when Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to appease Stalin and allow him to divide Poland.  It could have been stopped and Churchill much later briefly alluded to that possibility, but the United States was on course to stay out of the matter.  Roosevelt defined that even as 7 million Poles could decide to vote against him and turn the White House over to Republicans.   

There was Russian influence back then playing an important role.  Why?  Stalin is the answer.  There surely was time to stop the process started in Teheran but there was no strong will.  Clearly it would have needed much more that was not in place in 1945 as Germany surrendered.  It would have required more planes, artillery, weapons of all descriptions, food and other resources needed in war, and the will to challenge Stalin.

And in the latest Crime-an event that involves the Ukraine instead of Poland, we see more than just appeasement by Trump and his handling of diplomacy and his intention to destroy the Democrats unfairly.  Our government has just indicated that what Trump has done broke the law and that should be classified as a crime.  Poland had obstacles created by Roosevelt and now Trump has just created for the Ukraine.  There will be more later.

The meetings to start the United Nations took place in San Francisco in April 1945.  Roosevelt had already died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage and Truman was in charge.  Artur Rubenstein, the renowned Polish pianist, was there in the Opera House performing.  He played the American National Anthem.  He followed that with an anthem that he knew well.  That anthem is called “Poland Has Not Yet Perished as Long As We Live” or “Mazurek Dąbrowskiego” the Polish national anthem.  There was great applause but nothing helped.  Rubenstein was known for his humanitarianism as he helped Jews, Poles, Israel, and African Americans.

It has been almost 75 years since that performance and now as we see the world slightly more destabilized by the actions of Donald Trump and we see tens of millions of Americans ready to dedicate that American sub to Trump as the Senate votes first before we vote in November, consider that after the debate that accused Churchill of betraying the Polish people that every single member of Parliament gave him a confidence vote.  We noticed the same thing with a few Republicans who were deeply affected by statements made by Trump’s own people in relation to the issue of the allegations of a future attack on four embassies.  Those people voted to support Trump against impeachment in the House of Representatives afterwards. 

The stink coming from the Trump American sub clearly is Trump himself who has created this for himself as Hitler and Stalin (and Churchill and Roosevelt) did the same things to create things for themselves.  And that makes me think of my grandmother who would possibly state loyf from me avek at the thought of Trump’s stink coming close to her and pleading for it to run away from her. There could have been options, quite expensive ones, to build up capacity to confront Stalin as I said before.  The will was weak for sure.  The British suffered under an economy that had lost at least 25 percent of its GNP while the American economy boomed as the principal supplier to the war effort.  The shortages and sacrifices (rationing for example) revealed to me by my own mother in 1950s were nothing in comparison with what the Brits and Poles had to face.  The Poles eventually faced starvation whether they were in Poland or under the “protection” of Stalin in Soviet Russia. 

We are not starving today, there is no war really going on compared to WW II, the economy has been getting better and better since 2008 and the political war that is going on must be resolved in November.  What can be done is that people have to be convinced now and we cannot wait to the last second to produce the best information that will convince voters.  Even at the last second, the importance of producing great material in an election that honors truth and destroys propaganda must be valued as well.

And today there is news that the Trump-Giuliani team is being more exposed as Les Parnas is indicating that Dmytro Firtash with strong connections to Putin is being mentioned.  Firtash has indicated his opposition to Joe Biden.  The question now is did Firtash provide the impetus to Parnas for the Trump take down of Joe Biden?  This also causes us to bring up James Comey and the Mueller Investigation and Report.  Are the Russians involved?  Are the Russians involved?  Could it be that all of this is a repeat of Stalin-Roosevelt against Poland being replaced by Putin-Trump against the Ukraine?

Here is more about Firtash from the book Trump/Russia by Seth Hettena that I read and wrote about in Jewish Business News.  Paul Manafort was talking to Firtash about building a $1.5 billion dollar skyscraper on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Sixth Street in Manhattan.  The tower deal later collapsed after a deposit on the project was made in the sum of $25 million.  Manafort then proposed that Oleg Deripaska go into business together in the Cayman Islands, known for money laundering.  Deripaska was only interested in one deal and for $19 million and a sale was made.  Manafort “pocketed” $1.1 million of the agreed price without Deripaska’s knowledge.  Part of the problem was that the company sold was only worth $4.5 million which makes everything highly suspicious. It turned out that the company that Manafort started didn’t even own the company it sold. 

Manafort was tightly connected with the Ukraine in 2010 and Viktor Yanukovych who Manafort was connected with was working closer and closer to Russia and away from por-Western initiatives.  Corruption escalated and then Robert Mueller stepped in and money was being stashed away in Cyprus. 

The corruption from those days was far greater than say the corruption in Puerto Rico that was used by Trump to create obstacles for Puerto Rico. 

$80 billion taken from the Ukraine treasury

82 people were killed in demonstrations in Kiev (13 policemen were killed and 1,100 people were injured)

Yanukovych fled to Russia with Putin’s help

Roger Stone, recently convicted, was asking about Paul Manafort who had lost an important source of income.  One of Stone’s choices about where Manafort could be was “playing golf in Palm Beach.”  Could it be that Manafort was playing golf with Trump in those days.  Manafort, according to Hettena, had helped Washington create the “swamp” that it had become and Manafort became the Trump campaign chairman and chief strategist.

Trump sold a mansion that he had purchased for $41.35 million dollars to Dmitry Rybolovlev four years later for $95 million.  The mansion named Maison de l’Amitié was torn down and the land was sold.  The property owned by Trump was full of mold (his company claimed that Trump’s renovations totaled $25 million but Trump himself only claimed $3 million in renovations).   Trump outbid Jeffrey Epstein to gain ownership.   Years later the mansion was valued at only $60 million and after 2016 one parcel of around 2 acres sold for $34.34 million out of three similar parcels (all three sold for $108.2 million).   Rybolovlev also became a big stakes holder in the Bank of Cyprus (see Cyprus mentioned previously).   And Trump apparently had trouble getting banks to fund his purchase and his company had filed for bankruptcy as well.  And I learned that the property was purchased by a holding company with no details about who the new owner is.

Could it also be possible that we will be hearing more about those deals that I just mentioned in the future?  It would be nice if Robert Mueller would tell US, for example, that the investigation was halted only because his office could not get cooperation from witnesses.  If Rybolovlev had been a businessman whose business profile was completely clean, I wouldn’t be writing this material.  And the same goes for Manafort.  I do suspect that all this information about the Ukraine and Russia is far from over.

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