I Can Handle Stalin-Putin Better

This is a must read to share with things that I have written about.
“A very superficial man, ignorant, dilettantish, with a very limited intellectual horizon.”
“I just have a hunch.”
He bypassed knowledgeable people in the State Department.
“An unbounded faith in his ability to win over leaders of other countries.”
He did not know about Soviet history.
He weakened the Republican Party.
Experts considered his policies and actions “unwise.”
“He did not seem much concerned about the future (meaning future consequences of his actions).
He was only interested in getting himself reelected.
He was seen as “accessible to our influence.”
He was ready to “mislead” and lie.

I read these things in about six pages of material. Republicans will be delighted to know that they support someone who closely resembles a strong Democrat, someone that they wanted to impeach.

There was betrayal, of course. Poles expected the best from the United States then as Ukrainians now hope for the best. Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were hoping for America to save them from the greatest anti-Semitism that our people have ever known as well. That did not happen.

This is more that I learned about what actually happened. All the accomplishments made by the Kosciuszko Squadron and Poles who fought to free there country from Hitler and Stalin were erased from the minds of Americans and Brits. Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt were behind all that. Among those events were Stalin’s use of trumped up charges, focusing on the word trumped. What he did has been done throughout the Trump Administration and those Trumped up comments about his opposition leading to all nays in the Senate vote yesterday.

Let’s take a close look at those allies who needed Stalin’s support in the war.
The United States Office of War Information was a propaganda machine that painted Slalin in a better way.
Time and Life Magazines called Stalin “Uncle Joe.” He won man of the year in Time for the second time, the first time for being accurately portrayed.

His secret police were touted as like our F.B.I. instead of what it really was.
Propaganda convinced Americans that capitalism had returned to Soviet Russia.
There were comparisons to Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

Hollywood, which only years before, as it appears in the book Hitler in Los Angeles where Hitler pulled strings there was now having its strings pulled Washington and the Stalin influence. There was a group of movies made, including Mission to Moscow. The book by Joseph E. Davies was ghost written in three weeks for him and met Roosevelt’s “expectations.” The commitment to equality in Russia was depicted and Warner Brothers was asked during a dinner with FDR to make into a movie. The Hitler-Stalin agreement is portrayed as only for the purpose of buying time.

Davies was a close confidant of Roosevelt who married into the Post cereal family. Davies secretly met with Stalin to smooth things over to arrange a meeting. Poland was the well prepared meal course to be devoured by Stalin.

Then we get to the massacre of Polish officers that I learned about many years ago and about 8 percent of those killed were Jews including the chief rabbi of the Polish Army. It was very well known by Churchill and Roosevelt that it was Stalin’s doing. Even members of the Polish resistance knew about it back then.

The daughter of Averill Harriman was chosen to go to the gravesite and she concluded that it was Hitler’s doing. Her father had been appointed the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union after representing Roosevelt in London, which I read about in Citizens of London by Lynne Olson. In that book I also learned that Harriman also wished to recoup a loss of $500,000 resulting from the fall from power of the Czar and his government. Much later on she confessed that she actually believed that the Germans had done it but that was after she wrote the only report on it. Why? Why? Why?

The resistance of Poles added up to 20 percent of the effort as Hitler attacked Stalingrad and lost. There was sabotage of rail travel, delays of the delivery of demanded food supply, espionage at high levels, and much more. Among the latter were Poles who working with the Nazis convinced them that the great landing of troops in France was going to take place at Pas de Calais and not Normandy and a female Polish agent who was an old friend of the German, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris who decided to get rid of Hitler by leaking classified information. And all of this is just a short list of the daring deeds of Poles.

The Polish government in exile had to keep silent as well about the misdeeds of Churchill and Roosevelt but Poles in the action continued to protect downed American flyers. They even held a parade to honor those Americans on July 4, 1944 in Poland and under dangerous conditions.

It became known after rejection after rejection to Poles that it was the result of the follow the leader game. And that was all about Stalin and very little else. Those brave Poles saved 40,000 Jews and this later was honored by the Vad Yashem in Israel.

This is where we have been in history and the present will decide the future. The impeachment trial should be decided by evidence and being a Republican or Repugnican is not evidence. I would have to vote present and not any or yes since my feelings are well known. But we the general public can only raise our voices. Trump broke the law as he has before.

I wish that Robert Mueller would come to tell you more than he did when he said that he would only address the things that were in the Mueller Report. I didn’t mention in my last article that the elderly Jewish man (I am almost 75) asked me if think Trump is “traitor.” Without evidence I cannot say that I know but I feel that he probably cut a deal with Putin. That is what bad leaders do. Where is this taking US in the future?
And that future could be soon, this year even. I wish that Mueller and John Bolton would speak up. People chose not to speak up because of that trio from Yalta.

Trump is handling Putin quite well by alienating all our allies (almost) as Roosevelt handled Russia by allowing the destruction of Poland which was the country in Eastern Europe with the most Western values. Life for Poland’s Jews in the 1930s showed great progress. The portrayal of Mission to Moscow or the spin given due to political considerations and Stalin rooting out “the enemy of the people” including officers of the Polish military who sometimes came from the landed aristocracy was news to American theater goers but among those officers were men who trained with those great Polish airmen.

Others that survived the trip to Siberia later were able to be rehabilitated and trained to join Anders Army, the Polish unit that fought valiantly to overtake Monte Cassino in Italy.

Joe Biden became an “enemy of the people” long before Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine. Putin is clearly in the background but so are the ghosts of Stalin and Roosevelt flying around undetected. The liberty of a nation became meaningless although in the case of Roosevelt, Poland never had any importance.

What was just “hearsay” to Republicans who are quickly turning into Repugnicans is now powerful evidence. Do they even care even as some feign caring? Those nays were Trump’s “perfect” votes. He loves them for their hate of truth.

Roosevelt-Stalin-Trump-Putin rule the world destroying liberty where they choose. We have gone from Poland to the Ukraine but the Ukraine matter has not been hushed up. Thank goodness. There was no evidence and there still is no evidence against Hunter Biden and Joe is surely not the “Uncle Joe” portrayed by the American propaganda mschine. The Battle of Truth and Liberty is here.

I live with the Polish reaction to Katyn Woods but I would like see a half hour presentation of the Ukrainian peoples’ reaction to Trump’s phone call and its aftermath. Does such a program exist?

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