Adam Schiff Tackles Trump

Almost two years ago I had this published About half of the $18 billion should go to helping veterans across the country

A small amount of the money could go to Israel to help that nation as things begin to destabilize in the Middle East and Iran.  Our nation and Israel are great allies.

o helping veterans across the country. A small amount of the money could go to Israel to help that nation as things begin to destabilize in the Middle East and Iran.  Our nation and Israel are great allies.” This was about Trump’s wall. And now there is heightened fear among Jews due to recent attacks.
In the political football game which is not a game at all, Adam Schiff just tackled Trump in the end zone and scored points. The current situation is not just a lack of leadership by Trump and his “eys for an eye” take out of the Iranian and then showing no proof of an imminent attack on four embassies. This should remind all Americans of looking for the weapons of mass destruction and we should step forward to ask for evidence.

Floridians, but particularly Jewish ones should now learn that even Congressman Schiff did not have his best thinking hat on. Jews were among those killed in the Parkland Massacre and Trump turned his back on that problem, leaving things to the state and Governor De Santis. Then there was the attack in the home of a Hasidic rabbi in Monsey, New York where five five Orthodox Jews were injured. And we can point to the murder of three people in Jersey City, two Orthodox Jews and one Hispanic. We thank the rabbi who publicly asked that there should be no revenge and that tolerance is what is needed.

Finally something important happened that will be helpful in protecting Jews and others and that was done by Governor Andrew Cuomo who put New York’s money up to protect people. Clinton gave Jewliani (you know who I mean) 1,000 police to fight crime in N.Y.C. in the 1990s. Trump could have done that, but the truth is domestically he has failed Jews. His diplomacy is about real estate involving the moving of a building from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and granting zoning for more building by Israelis. Trump’s base will not accept federal funding to protect Jews. Giuliani claims he is more Jewish than his friends and that makes me think that I must be an anti-Semite. If he can exaggerate so can I.

I just had a conversation with Russian Jews who really believe there is no evidence against Trump to be impeached and I had to break the news to them about people in Florida that they are in bed with for supporting Trump who have revealed their anti-Semitism by calling the impeachment a “Jew Coup.” Will those Jews move to the center now? It’s doubtful, but it is possible.

Even Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center ignored all these things in praising America, making it appear that people are saying that the anti-Semitism just started under Trump when almost a any Jew could think of the attack in Crown Heights in the 1990s, and his portrayal of anti-Semitism being imported from Europe where things are closer to Israel and the Middle East is just a piece of the anti-Semitism. And in 1999 while I was in a Rubber Room in Brooklyn, an African American who was also there told me that the Jews should never have gone to Israel which was unforgettable. Analyze that.

The husband thinks that small business people are the most important group in the economy and he did ask me what I thought about Michael Bloomberg. Being a businessman does not make Bloomberg more qualified than the others and the man finally admitted that he doesn’t like Trump but being a Republican was a factor. I have written many times that Trump is just holding the party together.

Trump could have earned thousands of Jewish votes in both states by knowing how to do things better. Ask him about that now and you’ll hear the predictable answer that is has “amazing numbers”among Jews. Florida went Republican by slightly more than 1 percent and Democrats know that Republicans can be defeated there just by the swing of Jewish voters. I know much more about Florida than that.

Synagogues in Florida and New York that were unprotected during the Obama years are now paying for protection. Most Jews know that Trump has stirred anti-Semitism but not those Russians. But every vote matters. Florida can easily be taken and every time I read those articles online that Trump cannot be defeated I know that is merely propaganda. Nor do I anticipate any scandalous expose coming out that would knock Trump out of the box.

A former leader of the Democratic Party now knows what it will take to defeat Trump. I just decided to reveal this. I have not sent the information to anyone in government in order to show respect for protocols but perhaps the ideas will enter state campaigns across our nation. And if something doesn’t result from that individual, I have options.

Should Florida and New Jersey be asking for more federal funds to protect people? Of course. Trump bailed out farmers with billions and nobody killed them. Trump racked up huge trade deficits with China which drove up prices on consumers but most of all our nation owes Trump a debt. Of course I mean to say that Trump is adding to our nation’s debt through his tax reform which was amazing for the richest corporations and individuals.

We need lots of help and at this point, it appears to me, that the investment in Donald Trump is reminiscent of the Maginot Line in French military history that the Nazis easily penetrated. In reading about the the Kosciuszko Squadron, I learned that French flyers and people expected the line in the Ardennes Forest to hold. Those flyers were drinking champagne instead of learning how to fight. And the Polish flyers were never called into battle. And when England desperately needed help and called upon them finally they played the key role in winning The Battle of British.

The commanding British were skeptical of the great number of bombers and fighters kills that were submitted. The Germans underestimated those numbers as well as they always expected submission by the Brits who correctly never gave up. What the commanders soon did was go up that pole in the sky to verify what the Polish Squadron did. They had never seen anything like it as those flyers broke up formations, easily took out bombers, and rushed within 150 yards at fighter planes firing to make kills. When the Germans entered and easily crossed the Maginot Line, those superior fighters were sitting on the bench, victims of ignorance and bias which continued into England until that country was in breaths of being taken over by Adolph Hitler.

The Polish Squadron which included an “ace” with 17 kills who was Czech and proud to be part of Poles who really knew how to fight. The Poles were responsible for 48 percent of the kills. Hitler pulled away from the attack. And during that time an American public opinion poll that showed very low support for England at 16 percent soared in one month to 52 percent and we have those Poles to thank for that. Those men in the air and their mechanics on the ground had dual loyalties and in helping to defeat the Germans, they saved the United States from attack. Roosevelt actually wanted the British to transfer its fleet to US, but Churchill fought on.

We should see such great increases in polls that ask how are we doing in the fight against anti-Semitism. I can assure my readers and others that I have jumped into the pool to help in the epicenter of the battle and I see problems. Adam Schiff is not part of a “Jew Coup” to impeach Trump. He is a fighter working hard improve things, making America and the world a better place.

Rabbi Hier, at the very least, should find some talented fighters that would make his efforts stronger. He needs help as his recent television interview demonstrates. Trump has to be replaced.

I would like people to approach Republican Party leaders to ask them to announce to the American people and the world what are the political party affiliations of those White Jew haters. Of course I realize that Donald Trump, if asked to that, will most likely declare that there is “no evidence” in order to protect his ass-ets. Florida and other key states will wake up before November 2020. And while those Republicans are doing what I ask, they can call off their dogs by yelling out loud that the Mueller Report’s principal conclusion was that Trump could not be indicted because he is a “sitting president.” The dangers being faced require that.

The contempt and indifference shown to the Kosciuszko Squadron still exists today in the Trump Administration. I know something about the fight in New York that I will share with the Schiff Squadron. We’ll see how the other Squadron of newcomers to Congress reacts to this. I will do my best to expose things.

And finally Adam Schiff and others should learn that these Poles had a tradition that they taught the British officers. They put them in a chair and tossed them in the air three times. My tradition is to tell you the truth to make a great difference in this world

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