Emma Lazarus Palestine 1883

Over a decade before Theodore Herzl realized the need for Jews to have a homeland, Emma Lazarus through her own serious, social consciousness began to construct the idea of Palestine as a place to help Jews escape the persecution of Russia. Lazarus came from a wealthy family that socialized with the Astors, Vanderbilts, and Belmonts. She had access to Jews in London, but she only progressed a little. So much for Jewish money controlling the world at that time.

And when Zionism started developing, America continued to receive more and more Jews until there were changes in the 1920s including the criminalization of people crossing our Southern border which still plagues the fate of human beings seeking asylum. Idealism lost its place in the world again as it has today under Trump and his spokesmen.

The Statue of Liberty was conceived to reflect the liberty obtained by America’s slaves, but the final steps were not completed. Decades later the statue took on a new spirit that should make US unite but there have always been opponents who are guided by intolerance and hate. They always combine with the apathetic to make things even worse.

Emma Lazarus instantly wrote the New Colossus and today Donald Trump has written himself into history books with his New Nativism which our nation could have been spared. The latter is clearly an unimpeachable offense. There is time still to destroy it in 2020. And what is needed is 20-20 vision. Short of victory right now what is needed is to produce a much stronger voice as millions more people join the ranks as people become more educated. And we are not going to generate from a degenerate a Statute of Liberty.

Just before the idea and the completion of the statue in France along with the threat of nativism in New York City which was so close at hand and which continued to have a pernicious effect on the Irish, there were mobs committing violence among Irish themselves as Protestants and Catholics bloodied various neighborhoods. That was preceded by violence over Lincoln’s presidential order of the Civil War draft where the streets were bloodied as Negroes were victims because of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Those chapters of history should be told to our nation’s students to lead the way to something much better than the same kind of degeneracy but modernized by laws that protect people and by tens of millions of people following Trump on Twitter. The problem didn’t begin when Trump assumed that “some” being sent by Mexico were okay and the rest were murderers, rapists, etc.. His record was well established long before that. And his supporters relished it.

Some more Christians are waking up and joining others that knew what was going on. Evangelicals are coming under more fire right now and Florida can experience the electoral earthquake that will remove Repugnicans from office at the national level. They will have earned it. Conservatives talk shows must be reaching tens of thousands of people and the result is and will continue to be that hate already mentioned that results in violence will continue. But now is the time to strike liberty’s bell and do more than listen to speeches. It would also be great if conservative talk show hosts would challenge others in the name of truth. Do you see that happening?

From thoughts of Palestine by Emma Lazarus, we turn to history as a guide and one man’s inhumanity to man over and over. History doesn’t matter to huge percentages of people in power and in communities among other things. Hitler made things so bad for Jews that they committed suicide. It was expressed that the Nazis were not going to put a policeman behind every Jew to save people and Winston Churchill had a callous attitude to the hunger strike of Gandhi which could have led to Gandhi’s early death. How many people express only their own selfish interests and are they even trustworthy in my America?

Once the right-wing in Poland espousing “Poland for Poles” after World War I, Jews became victims of growing hate. And America First in Trump’s America has its effect even as Trump advances Israel’s agenda. As World War II started, people from all walks of life were digging trenches together in Poland including rabbis.

It takes great work to win wars against hate. The rabbi in Monsey, New York spoke eloquently about the need for tolerance but Trump has failed at it dismally. His DNA will cause his doom if more people unite. I just read about the heroic efforts of the Kosciuszko Squadron (the mostly Polish airmen that had battle experience trying to save Poland after Hitler attacked that country and forced it to surrender) and how great the flyers were in saving England and the free world. Those men had to sit on the sidelines and watch the men and women who “saved” the world and did not get their just rank in the fake news of it’s time. Why? Stalin objected and that may put Trumpism in better perspective today as we reflect on just how Trump has Putin on his mind.

And we know that Trump takes all the credit for himself and his America first voters follow. This is a war we are engaged in but without troops that land on beaches. The beaches are in the minds of people so there are no mines. There will be more on this another time but things should explode soon. People are still tired and poor and yearning to be free. And It’s amazing how Russia has played such a significant part in all that history.

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