Things have not changed that much since those prerevolutionary days in certain ways.  I am referring to honesty at high levels such as the honesty of people in around the White House and my reading of CITY of DREAMS is a lesson for all including the “Dreamers” of today.  The story of Alexander Mc Dougall has to be told now along with Donald Trump’s firing of undocumented immigrants at his winery in Virginia.  His partisans will continue to purchase massive amounts of the wine even though his son fired these immigrants after the harvest and after the backlash over how on earth can an American president say one thing and do another thing years after he was exposed. 

Mc Dougall was sucked in by ex-military Captain Lauchlan Campbell who went to Scotland and told residents that he would transport people to America free of charge so that he could settle them on 30,000 acres.  The intended purpose was to have a “buffer zone” against the Native Americans to the north near Albany.

The Mc Dougall family arrived and could not go to those farmlands and no land would be granted to them.  Hmmmm.  Three years later in America we see that there has been no health care replacement and people are more frustrated about Trump’s True intentions and purpose.  The Mc Dougalls learned that they would have to pay back the cost of the transport to America and they would only be tenant farmers.  And the colonial assembly refused to grant him the land he was promised.  Such is power in the hands of people who can easily be corrupted.

The family had to freedom to move on and to make ends meet the father, Ranall Mc Dougall had to indenture himself to repay Campbell.  The system was rigged just as our system is largely rigged right now at a critical time of our history.  Years later Mc Dougall worked his way up but the classic story has a certain freshness about it.  That is due to new information or evidence where before historians concentrated on other factors in the work.

I have written about the great body of evidence that started to surface in the field of G.E.D. or high school equivalency in 2008 and I had not seen anything like it from 1942 on.  It revealed an America that was just as shocking as it had been before the Revolutionary War but the more things changed the more they remained the same.

As Mc Dougall made it in New York the wonderful book by Tyler Anbinder tells us that Mc Dougall was engaged in things such as privateering and the slave trade where he rented out slaves to make money.  The class divisions that were common throughout that society were in New York and he could not buy his way in as people continued to be snobbish.  The man was mocked and who knows possibly bullied as well.  He began to write anonymously against the English.  And keep in mind that the church that one belonged to was important as well. 

The redcoats retaliated with their own written “broadside” or posting that could be read everywhere and they attacked the “Sons of Liberty.”  And things turned bloody between them near William and John Streets.  The leadership of the Sons of Liberty was mostly born in the colonies but the vast number of sailors who were in the streets fighting against the redcoats were immigrants.  Huge numbers were Scotch-Irish and Irish immigrants whose religions were different from the powerful English and the Anglican Church.  Religion mattered since those immigrants had considerable complaints against the Church of England which favored its own. 

Possibly if the English had not turned for decades to deliberately populating Dutch New York as it had Ireland, English would not be spoken here today.  And as you can see although we were taught that among the entire population that a third was loyal to England, a third wanted to fight for liberty, and a third was undecided, it is far from certain truth to call them the English colonists now that we know the truth of their numbers and the intense hostility socially, economically, and politically is brought to the fore. 

The economic divisions were apparent back then even before the industrial revolution taking place in the 1790s as there were lots of merchants, skilled workers, and unskilled workers.  The wages were higher in the colonies than they were back home in places like Scotland but it soon became apparent that the cost of living was higher as well in good ole New York.  It was hard to make ends meet then and it’s the same today.

It wasn’t just the colonists that joined in against the English as war broke out.  New arrivals sensing that their future was with the “patriots” joined in and most of them had bad feelings toward England.  And there were arrivals from Europe and the Caribbean, among other places.  Alexander Hamilton’s fame has been brightened because of the lights on Broadway.

Two others that should be mentioned during that Revolutionary War or “rebellion” where important comments were made that give us the perspective of a “Irish-Scotch Presbyterian rebellion.”  There were French Hugenots, Germans, English, Irish, and others as well. 

The stories of two immigrants should be told quickly.  James Rivington was a printer who had lost his fortune by gambling on horses and came to America.  He printed propaganda for the British and the mob of patriots came after him.  This “Judas” was paid a visit by George Washington as witnesses heard the sound of gold coins being paid to Rivington who had been a spy for the Americans all along and his work led to the great victory at Yorktown.  A month later, an unknowing mob reacting to the “fake news” of its time beat him and he was soon out of business again.

Haym Salomon was a German Jew who made a fortune and lived life as a “loyalist.”  His ideas helped finance the American side during the war and kept those soldiers equipped for the final battles.  I have repeatedly mentioned how Washington visited the Newport Synagogue (Touro) and declared his protection for Jewish immigrants.  Relationships matter! 

During those colonial days immigrants suffered through immense diseases and the diseases of hate.  Catholics were detested as “papists” and for not complying with the religious tenets of others.  Jews were tormented even as they walked through the streets to bury their dead. 

With all the talk of liberty that we hear, after the Stamp Acts there was a brief return to normalcy as the colonists had been hurt by the boycott of British goods that had taken place.  Things were getting desperate. 

Turning to current things.  Although things do not appear to be desperate today, even with the creation of millions of jobs things are not good in the United States.  The raising of the minimum wage about to take place in 22 states has nothing to do with Trumpism.  Trump has to face the assassination of an Iranian general right now and there no time to tout jobs at a critical moment like this. 

And this is no time for Trump’s “fake news.”  The trade war did not work out well back then and Americans were told that Trump was going to restore manufacturing jobs as he told about the losses from back in Clinton’s days.  The discussions leading up to election of Clinton that I had were about trade with Japan and those automobiles.  Now after causing scorching tariffs, Trump is turning off the heat and the deal with China is about China buying more pigs and not cars and other manufactured items.  The deal maker failed but he expects to gain around the country.

On the one hand it one could conclude that Trump is showing that he is not in Putin’s pocket by killing the general.  On the other hand, we have to learn more about what was going on and not take the word of America’s biggest liar.  Tens of millions of Americans from across the spectrum of races, religions, and ethnic groups will go along with Trump.  Could his reason for the assassination be his cardinal tenet of religion which is “An eye for an eye” or revenge?  Think of that mob that attacked James Rivington, one of our earliest and best spies.  He could have been killed by people who did not have the right information.  And it was just reported that the United States and General Soleimani had worked together in the past.

It is not the Trump’s role to protect one group of Americans over another but he finds his ways to do just that.  He opens his mouth or tweets and that’s where he goes.  His tax package for the rich smacks of much of the control that precipitated the Revolutionary War as the English had the advantage being connected to the King of England.  The church played a major role as it does today as King Trump courts his evangelicals (including Pastor Guillermo Maldonado in Miami now).   Maldonado is telling his congregants that they will not be deported, which conflicts with the terrorist approach of Donald Trump.  I should be writing soon about Pastor Nelson Moz of El Salvador who attended the Convention of Jesus is King in Miami (Moz was on 60 Minutes recently talking about the gangs of El Salvador). 

I later watched Trump and his evangelicals where Pastor Maldonado spoke that Trump lifted 6 million people off of food stamps by getting 6 million jobs.  There are about 40 million people that receive food stamps and the best information that I found was that yes about 6 million were removed from receiving food stamps.  Pastor Maldonado’s talk fails to take into account the probability that children may be affected as well.  And the states that passed the new legislation require 20 hours of labor from those people.  Most of what I read about poverty in America is that Trump is making things worse.

The matching up of the six million for both groups is certainly not the work of God since it is false information to prop up evangelical support.  Also we know that to get out of poverty, people in poor paying jobs have to work three jobs in most states.  The pastor is in a state of confusion and his congregation should be notified at once.  Also keep in mind that SNAP numbers had been falling by 2 million each year before Trump took office.  So people should not fall for evangelical falsehoods.  It is known that Trump’s trumpeting of his accomplishments including this one date back to the Election of 2016 and not when Trump, unfortunately, took office on January 20, 2017.  I found this posting on the website of the AARP “The president regularly, inaccurately points to changes in economic numbers starting at the 2016 election, discounting the last few months of President Barack Obama’s second term. In reality, 3.6 million people — not nearly 5 million people — have stopped receiving SNAP benefits since Trump took office.”

I knew a Puerto Rican pastor in the Bronx whose church by that time had helped about 250 people pass the G.E.D. test and it that meeting influenced the borough president of the Bronx at that time (the poorest county in America).  My point about Pastor Maldonado simply put is this, If another pastor did the things that Maldonado’s church is doing but also helped 1,000 people earn their high school equivalency (especialmente en español).  I know from studies of statistics that with the large Hispanic population in Florida that taking the test in Spanish has been underutilized.

It is clear to me that Trump is desperate.  His move to kill Soleimani should result in people demanding that he step down now, even before the Senate votes (if that will happen).  This critical moment made me think of the readings that told me about General Douglas Mac Arthur and how he was named the Supreme Commander in Japan.  The general took an intensely volatile situation and brought in food for the Japanese to eat.  He did not continually create obstacles for people as Trump always does. 

Even the Jewish people have a new obstacle to face since the Iranians will take their vengeance out on people they consider enemies.  And this assassination could have would have been prevented even by the first groups of White House appointees.  There is lots of information in Bob Woodward’s book FEAR about how aides were keeping Trump from making horrible decisions.  And this is not about Venezuela, it’s Iran with all its threats against Jews.

And with the corruption of people around him right now, the moment is dangerous and we have to be on higher alert than the police will advise.  I should also tell you that a rabbi wrote to me recently and suggested that we “scare” the anti-Semites as a way to protect our people.  Watch the Iranians now carefully and tell me that Jews should support Trump after what we have witnessed in Jersey City, Monsey, Brooklyn, and other places.  And it is Trump who bankrupted the Iranian deal.  Things are getting progressively worse, if I can use that word here.   And now Mike Pence chimes in that Soleimani was connected with 9-11 and there is no factual basis for that.

We also have to know more about the internal dealings of the Iranian hierarchy.  Will the general’s replacement be more or less aggressive than his deceased predecessor.  That kind of information should be in the hands of American intelligence which I want to know right now.  Today.  I have already begun to share information about Reagan’s attack on Qaddafi which deceived Americans into thinking that it was a major lesson which it was not.  Things continued to get worse.  It’s the old adage “the more things change the more they stay the same.”

Is honesty telling me and the American people that Trump is right and did the right thing to protect America?

And with the big rally about to take place in New York City that I receive alerts about, I have this to share.  Over a year ago, I wrote in Jewish Business News in Israel “If the Christian and Muslim worlds do not spread the right messages around the world, the score will always not be in our favor and in our safety. The Iron Curtain did not protect Jews well and now that the Iron Curtain has fallen, Jews are more fearful again. The France that promised equality for everyone under Napoleon Bonaparte gave us the Dreyfus Affair and then the roundup of Jews in Paris at the Velodrome D’Hiver. And now again problems. No wall or curtain keeps out anti-Semitism.”  The title of the article is Uniting Jews to Fight Anti-Semitism and the kind of unity is not there and probably will not be there after the march.  And believe me when I learned about anti-Semitic acts in New York City I contacted people who were involved in communities and government.  Nothing happened!  I would like to see all Jews around the world read that article.

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