Shabbat Shalom

The Zionist Organization of America often overlooks information or is not sufficiently informed about what is taking place.  Here is a quote from an an article in USA Today about the recent attack in the home of a rabbi in Monsey, New York “The growth of the Jewish community here has not been without controversy. Increasing tensions over Rockland County development and zoning issues have sometimes focused on the growing power of the Orthodox Jewish community’s so-called bloc voting power. In August, the county’s Republican Party removed a video from its Facebook page that warned of a “takeover” of the county by the Hasidic Jewish community.”

I cannot say anything else about that posting by the Republican Party in that community, because I would have to investigate.  I could ask questions about the Republican Party what was doing by posting the video. 

We know now that there was a machete, a Black man, mental health issues and medication, and searches about Hitler and hate for the Jews in the attack.  The machete trail will entail finding out about that machete, who knew about it, and why if it can be determined it was in Grafton’s possession.  Could the attack have been avoided?  Kristallnacht was started by supporters of Hitler who were drunk so in that case alcohol fueled the hate.  I hope we find out more soon.

Just days ago, I listened to a discussion between Zach Shapira of J’Accuse, a justice organization, and Michael Savage on the Savage Nation.  Savage spoke and claimed he knew why the attack in Jersey City happened and he blamed it on Minister Farrakhan.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the minister’s lawyers are working on that project right now.  His opinion was that this is from by “the influx of Muslims into Europe” and then he said that conspiracies are coming from the Nation of Islam and their newspapers.  And he asked if anti-Semitism is going to be “spiked up” by Adam Schiff and Jews involved in the Impeachment hearings.  Of course that can happen.  White Supremacists far out number the hate that exists in the Muslim community.   Do Savage and others comprehend that?  And just how extensive is the Republican outreach concerning the post mentioned?  And Savage spoke about his familiar topic of La Raza.  Millions of listeners learn from The Savage Nation.

Much of Milton Klein’s (of Z.O.A. ) letter to communities has merit but there are other things to discuss.  White Supremacy does belong in conjunction with other forms of anti-Semitism but African American anti-Semitism may or may not be based on religion as we well know.  It manifests itself outside of just religion as it always has.  It can be political or economic.  There was no religious specification for White Supremacy, white washing it. Are there no longer cross burnings or other manifestations of this kind of hate?

The Republican Party mentioned has to come forward as well to let us know why it posted that video.  Who did it?  Klein, who has been a Republican over thirty years, has to explain to US if any of the attacks are due to Trump policies that have caused people to act out.  In my reading of history from Austria-Hungary, there were attacks on Jews related to their economic advancement while others stayed behind in conditions that made the Irish famine look good.  Policies Matter!

I was concerned and I am still concerned about Trump’s border policies as are Jewish groups around America.  Justice means that we have to fight for others and not just for ourselves.

I asked a question of Jewish organizations about Black Jews (Hebrews or Israelites) since Michelle Obama’s cousin is a Chief Rabbi Capers Funnye.  They are Jews and are they fearing for their safety from other African Americans because of being Jews?   I have brought up the fact about the rabbi in articles both here and in Israel so people can know and think about it.  I first learned about it by reading former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s book.  Let’s take a closer look at the relationship of Michael Oren and that long relationship now.  And let us learn from it:

The rabbi was a close adviser to Oren on African Americans.

He is a passionate advocate for Israel.

The visit to Philadelphia’s Temple Beth El included “davening” as it takes place everywhere as African Americans prayed and read in “flawless” Hebrew from the Torah.

The ambassador and Sally, his wife, were extremely emotional about the experience.

The next word from Oren was that the rabbi and his wife Debra visited “our Residence” and they were “escorted to a White House reception.”

Shabbat Shalom!   Could it be that this is an important part of the puzzle for reducing anti-Semitism among African Americans who have attacked our people in New Jersey, Brooklyn, Monsey, and other places?  Is the last attack purely about religion or something else?  Could it be related to the Republican posting of the Jews taking over our neighborhoods?  It does not seem to be a manifestation of the work of Minister Louis Farrakhan but I don’t have a crystal ball.

As a teacher in New York City, I have seen unwarranted attacks on Jewish teachers and the Jewish community in general from other minorities.  Puerto Ricans were fired for trying to “get” the Jews in District 1 back in the day or at least we were told they were fired.  That was not about religion.  The attack in Monsey may have more than one aspect and that is another reason why we have to learn about Grafton Thomas and his state of mind before the attack or even during the attack.  We have to know more and we should not rush to judgment otherwise we show our own bias.  That is what the system is about.  I am always waiting for more information from the press.  In fact I have to try to revisit what could be an important piece of evidence that I saw on the news earlier.

I read about the mother of Grafton Thomas who spoke and said that her son is not a “terrorist.”  I can agree with Governor Cuomo’s words that this was an act of “terrorism” but that doesn’t make him right in the legal sense.  I can recall teachers telling students that what they did was “stupid” and their defensive response was “are you calling me stupid?”  An act that provokes fear could commonly be called a “terrorist” act. 

As I completed this I had to run to the television to watch a report indicating there was a journal with notes about anti-Semitism and a police search of Grafton’s phone found searches related to Hitler.  Thomas’s lawyer was citing the man’s mental health history for now as a not guilty plea has been made in the case. 

But what would have happened if Thomas had learned years ago that there were Black people in the Nazi concentration camps?  Yes this is a piece of Holocaust history.  And did Thomas ever realize that Black people could have been the next to face genocide?  Catholics were surely on that list even though Catholics often ended fighting against communists (and for good reason).  It’s all in the history books.

I know that Milton Klein is building a coalition with Christians but his comments about “White Supremacy” do not mention Christianity as though it is exempt from being in the grouping mentioned. 

My new reading is CITY of DREAMS: THE 400 YEAR EPIC HISTORY OF IMMIGRANT NEW YORK by Tyler Anbinder who was the consultant for The Gangs of New York motion picture.  I quote from the early experience in Manhattan under the Dutch.  “such hateful enemies and blasphemers of the name of Christ.”  And my reading of Hitler in Los Angeles: HOW JEWS FOILED NAZI PLOTS AGAINST HOLLYWOOD AND AMERICA by Steven J. Ross which I have blogged about before.”  Forty-eight groups were exposed at that time in Los Angeles including anti-Communist Christian warriors, the Christian American Guard, the Christian American Builders, and the National Protective Order of Gentiles and their fascist roots. 

The Christian support for Israel seems mostly based on Israel’s being an ally.  Those groups mentioned earlier took on the name “Christian” to have a broader appeal to the masses.  Where were those Christians in Israeli history in the Republican Party when Eisenhower, according to Dennis Ross in DOOMED TO SUCCEED: THE U.S.-ISRAEL RELATIONSHIP FROM TRUMAN TO OBAMA, sought strong sanctions against Israel because of its attack on Egypt and demanding Israel’s withdrawal from the Sinai.  Lyndon B. Johnson persuasively prevented that and he did that because he compared that to the then relationship between the Soviets and Hungary.  And in the talks that followed, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was concerned that offering Israel too much in the negotiations would make it appear that the government was being controlled Jews.

Ross wrote about George H.W. Bush as well.  “In his eyes, it was not a special or unique relationship; there was no intangible link or sense of moral responsibility generated by the Holocaust.”

And then Bush 43 did not like what he saw as he took a helicopter ride with Ariel Sharon and he wanted to pull out.  Colin Powell advised him against it saying it would “unleash Sharon and the IDF” and the “consequences could be dire, especially for the Palestinians.”  Bush wanted to concentrate on Iraq and those WMD or Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And people fighting for political power make it seem that Republicans have always had the backs of the Jewish people and Israelis.  If Democrats are known for its opposition to Civil Rights and Republicans are the Party of Lincoln, the truth is both parties were a serious mixture of both good and bad.  Read history and learn more. 

Taking a break led me to more information that an entire class of correctional officer cadets were fired for taking a photo with the Nazi salute.  Their faces were blurred out so we may not know who they are but I suspect that that matter is not over.  This information is an affront to Jews and others who want justice.  The incident took place in West Virginia and the governor intervened in that matter.

Governor James Justice was a Republican until recently and now is a Democrat.   I later learned more about what happened and it is reminiscent of the so-called Nazi salute given by students on the steps in Baraboo, Wisconsin which I wrote about in Jewish Business News.  So even there, contradictory evidence has come forward. 

I think that much more can be done to calm down the BDS Movement although there were concerns in the George W. Bush White House about apartheid in Israel (again in Dennis Ross’s book).  And I did try an intervention in a college that I wrote about. 

 Mark Cohen is an artist and teacher of art to a college class in Belle Glade, Florida and Mark knows a thing or two about reaching adults.  He has had Holocaust exhibits and is open to doing more around our nation.  New York City could use that kind of support right now due to the rising tide of anti-Semitism.  I must also inform everyone including people in power that Mark is also a Black Lives Matter painter and he is open to presenting his work so that at-risk adults can learn more about this bond that exists between Jews and African Americans.  His work can viewed on the internet as well.

The posting of these paintings is not just for my current readers.  Its for the readers that I currently do not have.  I welcome contact from governors, mayors, and others across our nation.  Last week it was a machete!   What will it be next?

And here is a Holocaust painting by Mark Cohen where Jews were killed by hanging and he has another similar painting.  Does this not send a strong message to everyone, but particularly African Americans who may not be well informed?  Although lynching was not specific to the United States, Hitler did learn a lot from the United States as he conducted the Holocaust.

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