British Secret Agents in Nazi Occupied France

This article illustrates decisions made by people who have fought in wars.  Edward Gallagher is the navy seal pardoned by Donald Trump and we have to be fair and accurate in this matter.

The Starrs were English and brothers who faced great danger as the English helped Vichy France to be rid of the German Army, the Gestapo, and various collaborators. There were French Catholics who were the enemy as communists joined the resistance which is just one example. These were divided people just as Spain had been divided several years before.

The Starrs were placed under investigations very severe investigations. George Starr was accused of torture which violated international law. John Starr was accused of collaborating and faced the guillotine if found guilty. Justice for all matters in war and peace. Trump still has not learned that well and his military has spoken out against him. Now that Fox News has aired the video where people who knew Gallagher say that Gallagher was “toxic” and ready to kill innocent people, it is fair to look more closely at the story.  Read THEY FOUGHT ALONE: THE TRUE STORY of the STARR BROTHERS, BRITISH SECRET AGENTS in NAZI-OCCUPIED FRANCE and you will see for yourself or just search George Reginald Starr.

The Starrs were accused by people that they worked with in battle for George and in captivity for John.  And now Gallagher stands accused again.

The Starrs were put on trial after Nuremberg and the Gallagher trial is over as we await the judgment of Donald Trump in the Senate. Nuremberg was huge world news and so is the Trump impeachment finale in the Senate. It’s all about following the evidence whether that evidence is about Jews under German control or the Bidens and the Ukraine.

George Starr was asked by the British to give a talk which lasted for hours and as people listened some made up their minds that Starr had tortured people, especially two Germans that were reported and also that Starr now wore the watch of the man.  One of the Brits even left the room early and later stated that he decided to leave after hearing about the torture of the woman.  Another Brit noticed the expression on Starr’s face in talking about the torture and concluded that Starr was sadistic.  There was never any evidence about Starr’s conduct to come to that conclusion but things looked serious for Starr before cross examination.  George eventually brought up the very important fact in his defense that he was not in uniform and not in command to give the orders for the torture and the killing of the Gestapo agents.

The evidence in the George Starr case clearly showed the multiple times that he prevented prisoners of war from being tortured and if torture took place when he was not in command then the responsibility was not his. It was about evidence. People judged him on their own hunches.

The John Starr case was more difficult and he was treated fairly with some exceptions. The case ended in 1950 as the French the French officer Captain Mercier took Starr to his former prison to reconstruct his alleged escape which was part of his own supporting evidence. The iron bars that Starr said were gone were gone but that was not enough evidence to believe him so they went next door as he and two other escapees had gone (both of them had been killed by the Germans.

Going next door clearly saved his life then and saved him from the guillotine in 1950.

The window pane that was broken at that time to advance their escape had not been replaced. The proprietress of that building gave the testimony supporting John Starr and the escape from the prison with a woman and another man. Even though the treatment of Starr and the privileges that he was given smelled of collaboration and was easy to believe. more had to be confirmed to be fair.

So Starr whose case in late 1948 was an indictment under Article 75 of the Penal Code for “Intelligence with the enemy” calling for the death penalty was not reversed by new evidence. Mercier thought that Starr had been “pretending” about the innocence of his actions with the Germans.

By the way. there’s critical news that is being circulated today. Fox News reports that Joe Biden told the Des Moines Registrar that he will not testify before the United States Senate in the Trump (International) Impeachment where the Senate appears ready to sing The Trump International which should remind voters of the time when voters sang The Communist Internationale before they found out where it would lead. It led to the dictatorship of the party or the elimination of democracy. The other matter is the revelation of corruption in Afghanistan where subcontractors were paying the Taliban millions and that may severely impact on Trump as more information is released. Trump keeps telling US that the Taliban are desperate to settle there and after a report came out we found out about the lies of his own administration about the possibility of victory and allegations of the Taliban being reinforced by American dollars (in the middle of the impeachment trial where the evidence should be only about the Ukraine).

Fox News reported Biden the remark about Trump’s admission of the request for a favor which I had no knowledge about. That admission was made on the driveway of the White House but no video footage was provided in the new Fox News report.   That admission must be Trump’s call to China to ask it to investigate Biden, which stopped far short of asking Indianapolis, Tallahassee, and Birmingham to investigate as well.

I am critical of the Biden remarks only because I believe that Biden, his son no soldier, and no other American should be called when there is no evidence against any of them. Why should we entertain the thought when it is known that another investigation should take place outside of the impeachment process if there is EVIDENCE. We know that Senate Republicans are going to sing The Trump International but our nation’s soldiers must not. He has talked his great game but the hiding of flaws is detrimental to the lives of the men and women who serve.

George Starr wrote “I shit on you” to General Charles de Gaulle as the French were trying to downplay the tremendous role that the British had played in helping France during World War II.  The days before and after the invasion of Normandy reveal how the German troops were prevented for almost two weeks in reaching Normandy, possibly preventing a German victory in Normandy as troops landed.  De Gaulle went from ordering Starr out of France (which he later did in person) to awarding him highest honors.  The General must have been suffering from the same fit that Trump often suffers from when he wants people kicked out of the country.  And de Gaulle was insulting others as well.

 Je vous enmerde (what George Starr said to de Gaulle and Trump asks that New York And California speak to him nicely about homelessness) is on the minds of Americans as well for the commander-in-chief.  After the crisis with de Gaulle, Starr did not leave after two hours and he was not arrested.   Starr was later granted by the same de Gaulle the Medal of the Resistance and the Legion of Honor to go along with his French Croix de Guerre.  Trump has the de Gaul or all the gall in the world to lie, cheat, misinform, character assassinate, and do whatever he pleases as he fools the people.  In the end de Gaulle did not act like a fool.  There is new “evidence” in the Gallagher case so let’s see if Trump decides to handle it or not and if so how.  And never forget that much of the time with Trump It’s All About That Base.

The latest news is that Trump is breaking a law passed by Congress which demands appropriate behavior from our men and women in the military.  This is the Uniform Code of Military Justice and a photo with a body of a ISIS fighter.  One would think that Repugnicans would support the military?  Retired General Barry R. Mc Caffrey tells US that in the U.S. Army if Trump had done the same thing that (this Apprentice) he would “be fired.”  It was also reported that Trump’s approval rating among the military has fallen to only 42 percent.  It is my wish that veterans now working as police across our nation take note of that.  Our nation is in crisis over Trump’s flouting laws among other things.

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