Two Decembers: Never Hitler Never Trump

Two Decembers is about Austria and the United States but not at the same time.  There is a gap of time of eighty-one years.  December was a turning point in 1938 and today December appears to be a turning point in our nation.  Gilles MacDonough in 1938 HITLER’S GAMBLE writes in his chapter on December “By the end of the year, the national conservatives and the Nazis had finally parted ways.”  And here in America we are waiting to see if Republicans will break with Repugnicans.  Some of the Republicans have left Congress and under the radar right now things are happening but nobody can predict what will happen.

And we read or hear people ask why people on the left refer to people as Nazis.  I just asked about the famous “Soup Nazi” made famous by Jerry Seinfeld and I was told that the business owner had everything organized and banned people including Elaine and I believe George Constanza.  I am reasonably certain that people called Trump’s friend a Nazi or a Fascist when he was mayor of New York City.  I suspect that thousands of people that have never been on the left have used the term to describe someone that acted like Nazis.  Trump’s “concentration camp” for immigrants is a fine example and we are learning more about deaths, disease, and suicides in those centers.  But that’s okay according to Trump.  Or haven’t you noticed?

Hitler soon dropped the nationalists and as he had dropped Prussian generals from his ranks.  And the German economy started to perform much better on the backs of Jews who lost their property or wealth.  And there was no objection to the Sudetenland take over or the merger with Austria.  All of this was good business as mergers usually are.  And our government reaped in tariffs on the backs of the American people who had to pay dearly for appliances and other items which reduced their tax refund greatly.  Even though wages did go up much of it was due to the raise in the minimum wage that Trump had nothing to do with.  Trump has not signed a minimum wage increase even though Jamie Dimond, the CEO of Chase J.P. Morgan, stated on 60 Minutes that tens of millions of Americans need an increase in the minimum wage.

Please take a quick look at this item about how manufacturing is being increased.  Midland, Texas was the leader in jobs.  “From 2016 to 2019, Midland added a total of 25,000 jobs, increasing from 86,300 to 111,300, a net increase of 29% (8.85% growth annualized). Some of the largest employers in Midland include the Midland Independent School District, Dawson Geophysical, Midland Memorial Hospital and Medical Center, Walmart, the City of Midland, and Midland College.”  This information was provided by reading Adrian Mak in Advisor Smith.  The vast majority of states had growth rates below the national average.

How did Trump contribute to that?  Obviously he didn’t.  These five states have driven the increase in jobs that Trump talks about: California, Texas, Florida, New York and Georgia.  And these were the cities there that benefited greatly: Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Riverside, San Francisco and Orlando. Consider just how business and state and local governments have produced great results that the Trump mouth gets credit for and the Repugnicans go along with it.  And the lagging cities include cities that Trump has not helped and talked about and a city that you should take pensive time to remember and share.  Pence’s own!  Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland and Indianapolis are lagging.  Trump carried on about Carrier air conditioners and jobs and rust but he has not helped.  But he gave a bailout to farmers that cost Americans billions.  Billions or bust!

And keep in mind that the two years difference from 2017 to 2019 when compared with the year before Trump was only an average of 100,00 jobs which is nothing close the Trump forecast of the 25 million jobs that he thought he could create for the almost 50 percent of men and women who were unemployed.  He is supposed to say that he has reduced unemployment to 39 percent based on his campaign speeches.

Half the jobs created have been created in the five states mentioned previously.  That doesn’t leave much for the rest of the country, especially the states that the last Trump campaign greatly abused by not helping their people.

Satellite photos of North Korea building long range missiles is the newest report that just popped up on the internet.  Where will they aim them?  At Democrats?  Kim is Trump’s best friend or so it seems.

Hitler was already on trial among Germans in December 1938 as Trump is on trial right now (December).  Former Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona just published in the Trump pulpit that what Trump did was objective fact and the G.O.P. is not dealing with that reality.  And Jeff Flake also states that his party is on trial as well.  The Repugnicans do get it, but they crave the fight.  John McCain is dead but the party right now is alive and I cannot see the party becoming extinct.  It would just be a nice thing if they would call themselves Repugnicans.  There was opposition to Hitler during December as there is opposition to Trump and those Germans had trouble removing Hitler as we expect the same with Trump and Americans.  Call it a conspiracy or anything that you want, but the opposition remained against Hitler sharing information FACTS that might help to be rid of Hitler as the facts continue to come in about Trump including the email about his conversation before his “perfect” phone call to the Ukrainian president. 

I would also state to those Repugnicans who keep repeating falsehoods that what they are doing would be the equivalent of a man or woman who led the police the wrong way so they would not apprehend a criminal.  And to police who do the same thing, I would state that you are the same or worse.  That is if they have read these statements.  Trump has just made his statement to students across our nation or in other words “Students for Corruption” which can be added to “Police for Corruption.”

Hitler spent his days watching films and delivering “rambling monologues” which compares favorably with Trumpitter and rambling speeches on the campaign trail.  Hitler was inviting the press to see how godlike he was and now Evangelicals have anointed Trump.  The attack by evangelical leaders on The Christian Times reminds the reader of 1938 of the attack by Der Stuermer, the anti-Semitic newspaper, on the Catholics during December as priests defied Hitler.  Der Stuermer wrote that the attacks defied the cross when no such thing was being perpetrated by Catholics.  Christmas with its message of peace on Earth is in front of US and the evangelicals are approaching a living hell because Trump gave them what they want.

Trump is going to Miami to start his campaign with evangelicals there.  I have written before that I have the plan to defeat Donald Trump and a couple of people know how Florida is going to be taken away from Trump (if he is around in 2020) as the Republican candidate.  I can see him as a write-in candidate for certain.

On December 4th, Jews were forces to stay home and the leading Nazis went with Winterhilife boxes to the streets asking for charitable donations and collected 15 million Reich mark.  Also an almost one hundred percent vote came from the Sudetenland to join Germany.  Thank goodness that this is a different December.

Hitler and Trump in December or two Decembers was quite easy to write about.  December is about character in our lives as we celebrate together.  December should not be about bad characters in our lives.  There are places for those.  There are no trumped-up charges for Trump.  There is more than substantial evidence, but not to acquit.  You can see much DNA evidence if you concur with some of the statements.  

Even the statement of Trump, Jr. about Trump’s racism was that the only color that Trump knows is green.  Hitler raised money from Jewish businesses by this technique.  The fair market value was known.  Germans were able to buy those businesses at very low prices as those businesses were confiscated.  The difference was to be paid to Hitler as a tariff to the government intent on disrupting the world peace at Christmas time.  And I’m certain that Trump is planning fund raisers and more disruption of peace.  There should be furor about raising money for the American Führer. 

In December of 1938 it was about Germany’s return to glory and here it is M.A.G.A. or Make America Great Again.  Making America better became about making America great again which is a Hitleresque indeed and it was brought to you by the Republican Party with certain objections, objections that remind us of December 1938.  I’ll be having breakfast soon, sipping my O.J. (thinking of Dersh) thinking about famous trials in history.  Trump is on trial for important reasons.  Get the facts straight America.

I feel badly for all those states that are not benefiting enough in this Trump economy.  Passing the minimum wage should be a priority and it should not be business as usual or business profiting on the backs of its workers.  The new Mexican president instead of giving Trump his wall all these years just raised the minimum wage in Mexico by seven times the rate of inflation or 20 percent.  I think that impacted on me since I had enchiladas suiza with refried beans and rice for dinner last night and a little Dos Equis.

Students everywhere can profit from these two articles M.A.G.A. Is Dead and B & B Trump.  Who brought about the Holocaust?  Hitler!  Who brought about Trump’s Impeachment?  Trump!

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