The Last Attack on Jews

The world is full of great ideas to help all of us if we apply them.  Kathleen Parker, a columnist for the Washington Post, has written about Donald Trump who becomes to US more than the carnival-barking impostor who fools Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz.  The Wizard’s gate keeper is Rudy Giuliani.  It would make for a great remake of one of the most famous movies of all time.  And Christmas is approaching to think about Scrooge.

I prefer to write about The Life and Times of Emile Zolá, which is much less well known.  Zolá risked his career and life to bring justice to a Jew named Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  The Dreyfus Affair has played out since the Election Campaign of 2016 with Donald Trump orchestrating essentially what happened to Dreyfus, but it was not a Jew who was the victim.  Actually there were many more victims as violence broke out caused by hate.  The military hushed up everything as Trump has hushed up things since James Comey.  This is wrong, but Repugnicans say it’s okay.

Getting away from fiction and non-fiction, we should think harder about the last attack on Jews in Jersey City, New Jersey.  This was not actually the last attack since a rabbi from Israel was beaten severely in London, England.

The fight against anti-Semitism needs laser-like jolts.  Exposing anti-Semitism is important, but in a democracy where education is pertinent it can be disseminated rapidly.  Behind the Arab Curtain those messages have travelled at a camel’s pace.  I wrote to make a difference in the 1980s and no positive difference took place as things got worse.  So the difference was negative.

Look at what took place as the executive director for The J’Accuse Coalition for Justice made progress that most people could only dream of.  His articles have appeared around the United States and he was on The Savage Nation of Michael Savage (not a dream for me since it would be a nightmare).  The Miami Herald, USA Today Network, and the New York Daily News provided the opportunity to share the thoughts of Zach Shapira.  Much of the information posted here was not obtained by reading Breitbart News or any other comparable newspaper. 

I believe that Zach Shapira knows the importance of the truth behind the exposure by Emile Zolá, but the colonel who did the investigation that was leaked was, like so many in the French military, an anti-Semite.  Honor caused him to proceed with the investigation, something that is missing in Trump’s arsenal of hate.  Truth and honor matter!

I was with Algerian Muslims in France in the mid-1980s and they were being mistreated and bullied by French.  Michael Savage does not talk about that and sees only the influx of Islamists into Europe (France).  Obama talked about those nations treating their immigrants better long after I learned things in the 1980s.

Those Muslims came to stay with my Jewish family after I met them.  I just learned that they used to laugh a lot with my mother, which I had not known for thirty years.  They had a right to live in France and they found a pretty good home in spite of the way the French people behaved.  But that would never be a good lesson for Trump.  It’s biblical!

And about people voting for Donald Trump and Savage’s portrayal of people that say that all people that vote for Donald Trump are Nazis, I can’t imagine too many people that say that but I have told it someone locally when he started telling me about no evidence in relation to the Ukraine.  I know that people vote for Trump because they want more wealth, more discrimination against homosexuals and others (which was learned by the Nazis from US), more jobs, and some other things.  Just don’t lie like the Nazis did.  Even before the Kristallnacht, Hitler was living a lie as he kept people off balance.

The essence of J’Accuse is to tell the truth which Donald Trump does not do.  It’s not just about a Jew, it’s about all of US.    Shapira mentioned Donald Trump’s anti-Semitic tropes (but no mention of Trump’s posting of dangerous conspiracy plots), but only to show that the huge media opposition to Trump picks up that message and “nobody” pays attention to the killing of Jews because of it with the exception of writing about “white supremacists.”  There were no “white supremacists” in the attack in Jersey City.   

 French lies and fabrications led to the court martial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  It took me a couple of readings to realize that Shapira has not realized that the Dreyfus Affair has played out in our divided nation.  And Dreyfus today are the American people and others who have to put up with Trumpisms, his calling nations “shithole” countries, his support of things related to policing that police should never do (being rebuked by national organizations for that), dropping a wall at the Southern border where no wall really should exist (this is not Israel), trying to destroy the Democratic Party by calling the entire party anti-Semitic, demanding that James Comey be loyal to his own men who were later found guilty based on evidence, demanding that Hunter Biden (as Dreyfus was) be investigated when there was no evidence, and more.  Those lies and fabrications led to Trump’s impeachment and he is not on Devil’s Island the way that Dreyfus was.  Trump is on his own Devil’s Island 24-7 with certain respites.  If and when there is evidence about Hunter Biden, the news media will cover that news.  These are things you will not read in Breitbart News.

I made a call to an important organization in New Jersey and I was told that people are coming together from communities.  The media does not solve those problems, but the media has played its part.  I called the Dennis Praeger Show to inject the idea that Trump will be causing more anti-Semitism among non-Caucasians in relation to Trump’s immigration policies and he rejected it outright.  So he was wrong.  I know that.  And Shapira writes about those attacks by “white supremacists” and I remember Charlie Hebdo where the or the attack in the kosher store in Paris.  Was Shapira listening to that show?

Shapira is articulate and it was nice listening to him talk about our savage nation.  His article clearly demonstrates not a misuse of the name J’Accuse but it does appear to be an exaggerated opinion. 

Michael Savage turned to the Nation of Islam again to guide his missile about anti-Semitism in relation to the Black Hebrews.  We do not know at this time if those two people who committed the atrocity were influenced by Minister Farrakhan but an investigation will inform us.  Or perhaps the information we seek died with those anti-Semites.  But we also noticed in the Covington High School students’ confrontations on the steps in Washington, D.C. the abusive attack by members of that whatever which was covered by a huge amount of the press and for a long time.  I did an outreach to the Covington community and wrote about it on occasions.  Perhaps those people who shouted insults at the students can provide information about the man and woman who killed our people and the police officer?

And about Israel, I have learned and revealed that the Nazis demanded that they go to Palestine and get out of Europe.  Trump says get out of the United States and Mexico and go elsewhere (Honduras, El Salvador).  But another thing among others to learn about 1919 is that France was willing to take over Palestine as the top nations talked about mandates.  France would have relished it based on the fact of its presence there during the Crusades.  Would that have created for them another Indo-China (Vietnam)?  There is evidence that a small percentage of French Jews were Zionists as well or “Jewish in sentiment but French above all.”  André Spire and Sylvain Lévy declared in favor of France in Palestine to protect Catholics there claiming that France would be “a great force for civilization” by taking possession of Palestine.  And the French previously supported Zionism during the war.

What I want to see from Michael Savage and Zach Shapira are solutions.  They had a six-minute talk about history, racism, anti-Semitism, and nothing that great to say about Trump or anyone in government that has a new initiative to help out.  Even the new executive order by Trump that includes the definition of anti-Semitism that prohibits equating Israel with Nazi German can surely be circumvented.  And that means a continuation of the problem.  People can find the words that would help them escape prosecution.  Actually what I am thinking about is being done all the time.  I expect to offer some solutions to the people of Jersey City.  And I can tell you that one of the most famous businessmen in America wrote to me years ago and told me that they don’t know what to do about the rising anti-Semitism. 

And I can also tell you that Trump’s conservative approach to the problem has not helped even if more African Americans have obtained jobs and been released from prison (only in federal prisons).  And Trump played the race card there even stating that he gave that to Black Americans when the truth is that it affected huge amounts of Caucasians.

And finally I quote the editor of Christianity Today in his editorial today about Trump today and yesterday “But the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”  This happens to be big news in the United States to absorb.

If Trump resigns, we pretty much know that he will be prosecuted in federal courts and the evidence presented should either vindicate him or put him in harm’s way without the protection that he now has.  The Christianity Today editorial is greatly appreciated.  And Trump once again has responded by calling attention to things that are unrelated to the impeachment, such as guns and his support of evangelicals.   Maybe he should create a Christian Breitbart News.

The Washington Post, Christianity Today, and The Force 2020 DDT all came out strongly against Donald Trump this week.  There is often a lot of truth in fiction, history matters, and so do moral values in our leaders.  I just hope that we can all coordinate things together somehow since are on the same page. 

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