M.A.G.A. Is Dead Along with Thousands of American Soldiers in Afghanistan

Forget impeachment since it most likely will not work with the United States Senate lined up to support Trump.  But the dust has not settled yet across America as a report has been issued about the lies of three administrations.  Yes Bush, Obama, and Trump have been implicated in the lies told about the War in Afghanistan but the problem is that Bush and Obama are not going to be candidates in 2020. 

American soldiers and veterans will have an opportunity to show their true colors.  The number of deaths, the years of fighting a cause that could not be won, and the great expense demanded by people in Congress who helped orchestrate this mess will take their tolls.

It is true that the Repugnicans can put a spin on anything and it is also true that Trump said that the people are stupid but it is also true that people can learn truths and begin expressing truths.  I would not deceive myself or anyone else that I think that the vast majority of our soldiers and veterans will vote against Trump or even ask that he step down.  I know the various issues that generate the responses of soldiers and it is never unidimensional at all.  And I know that the Repugnicans will bring out any topic to avoid talking deeply and even honestly about what we have just learned.

Veterans will point to Bush and Obama and the Clinton Libya disaster is probably going to resurface and there will be talk about those “lies.”  But the news will affect enough soldiers and veterans to count for something, that “something” that affects elections.

Lyndon B. Johnson knew when his time was up and he got out.  Trump probably does not know this at all but the Republican Party will know it.  There is no playbook that will permit Trump to spin out of this situation.  Churchill you will see was taken out of office shortly after being one of the great heroes of his nation and for good reasons.  Read and learn.  History Matters! 

As all of US know, this has nothing to do with impeachment but it does have something to say.  I know that Bush and Obama are at fault in this report and it bothers me.  Wilson, Roosevelt, and Truman bothered me as well as I read about them at night.  They are not the candidates right now who we should keep away from US.  How can our soldiers come home and deny the truth?  How can they not make their voices heard knowing that the commander-in-chief really did not have their backs?  Trump does not have my back and I know that.

The Repugnicans are going to rain thoughts about socialism all over the US like cluster bombs or the bombs that I read about that the Nazis terrified the British with.  The Democrats are not going to destroy America by any means and they surely will be on the attack now and rightfully so.  I just hope that our soldiers and veterans are not going to throw that “fake news” line in our faces again that I hear from Trump supporters.

One of my articles in Jewish Business News in Israel was Vietnam on Veterans Day in 2018 and it detailed the struggle of France to win in Vietnam.  I had read Stanley Karnow’s book and presented my readers with lots of material about the time.  This is part of what I shared “The French Assembly supported France’s withdrawal from Indochina by a vote of 471 to 14. Our veterans who served in Vietnam are aware of the French defeat at Dienbienphu in 1954 and that only 7 percent of the French electorate wanted to continue the war. China’s stationing of two hundred thousand soldiers at the border had a great impact as the French were losing. The Chinese were sending in huge amounts of provisions to the Vietminh as well and the French were poorly supplied.

The nationalists and Roman Catholics opposed abandoning Indochina even though the vast majority of the French people had had enough. Military and political leaders were confident of that quick “win” that we have heard about in the United States, but the French had lost about 76,000 dead and 64,000 wounded with 40,000 captured and had to depend a lot on the United States to support their own military (billions of dollars in only four years or eighty percent of the costs of the war). And France was more interested in preserving Algeria at that moment as violence was affecting French and Algerians. In December of 1955 there were 1,000 violent attacks registered, which was a high for that year.”

We have just been informed about the lies of the Trump Administration once again and there will be more about his treatment of veterans who are in great need of help, veterans who served in Afghanistan.  As with so many (too many) other things that Trump has talked about, he has talked a good game about issues.  Even as he spoke about wages in 2016, he said that they were too high one day and too low another.  In speaking about the Middle East, he spoke that he was looking at a one state and a two-state solution (and deceiving the American public and the world). 

And now M.A.G.A has to be completely reevaluated by those who have served our nation, their family members, and friends about the new revelations that could easily shake the politics of our nation.  We could turn to Fox News and easily decide if that news has been the same kind of propaganda that the BBC was putting out before Edward R. Morrow, the great CBS journalist, started to tell the truth about the conflict affecting the free world in Europe.  It’s time for a new period of enlightenment and not a moment to hear that the American people are smart again and that is why they voted for Trump and will vote for Trump again.  If the Trump years had defied what was taking place under Bush and Obama, I wouldn’t have a single thing to write about here.  He just went along with the lies.

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