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Churchill was voted out of office in a great shock to democracy.  The landslide brought him down.  The landslide brought him down.  Churchill, the great hero of the British, left office even before the conclusion of World War II as Clement Atlee and Labour replaced the Conservatives. 

The British people had had enough of privation and that privation was going to continue in peace under Churchill and the Conservatives.  Improving the economic situation of the people was considered an entitlement by Churchill and the Conservatives, a people that had sacrificed and suffered greatly.  In other words the war was carried out on the backs of the people.  Lynne Olson in Citizens of London writes that “Churchill continued to be bewildered by such demands (significant social and economic rewards for six years of sacrifice) and we really see today that Trumpism only after three years has so much social, political, and economic negativity attached to it that it, too, must fail.  And that failure could come at any time.  “Finis” Churchill wrote in the book as he left Chequers (the residence he often visited) after his final weekend there.  It was all over.

The fight was over greater freedom, justice, and equality in the world and against Hitler and the Axis.  Those wonderful expressions dissolved as Churchill and Roosevelt were in bed with the Stalin and the Soviet Union and the latter mastered the situation with advancing troops, lies, and a commitment that neither Churchill nor Roosevelt could comprehend.  They were unprepared, especially Roosevelt.

There have been warnings about the Trump decisions to share again.  This involves people that he has placed in positions of trust which we assume came after great vetting a la Trump.  He did tell us that he was going to vet lots of things.  And he has been much less than satisfactory.

Nikki Haley just reported that Canada is supporting an anti-Israel resolution.  Here is her spin on that.  She blames Canada without giving equal weight to Donald Trump’s great friend Kim who approved the resolution.  North Korea?  Yes North Korea and others presented the resolution before the United Nations.

I think that my readers will begin to understand all this much better after this point made by Bob Woodward in the book FEAR.  Actually there are some good points to make.  On February 10, 2016 before the Election of 2016, Trump was talking about that “bad dude” and he also said on the show CBS This Morning that he could get China to take out Kim.

Woodward references all of this by citing a Desert Fox raid in the Clinton years which did not kill Sadaam Hussein, but people in the White House were wishing it.  Then Woodward turns to the Bush Administration and pretty much the same kind of raid was put in place but at the final moments a report about Sadaam’s whereabouts came in.  That did not bear fruit as either Saddam had been there and left or he had never been there.  Nine months later, Sadaam was captured and the rest is history.

In getting back to Kim we see that although Trump was talking big stuff in 2016 about Kim we also see that Trump has really done nothing.  If he can talk to China about taking out Kim and he has not talked to China about North Korea’s movement in the United States against America’s number one ally in the world (Israel), how can Jews or anyone else feel that you can count on Trump?  He is clearly failing to make an important deal at the United Nations.

Woodward also writes in his book that in September 2017, that Kim conducted underground tests of a nuclear weapon which was more than 17 times more powerful than the bomb that Truman dropped on Hiroshima, Japan to end World War II.  And at this moment, according to the BBC, there are taunts and threats being made by Kim.  We have been warned about the “fifth grader” in the White House and things are not getting any better.  Maybe we can replace him with Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

And then there was Trump’s way of confusing himself.  In an interview with The New York Times he pointed out that he is “moving in both directions.” Meaning what? Trying to prevent a war and somehow getting it.  Then Trump spoke up about “Rocket Man” at the United Nations General Assembly about totally destroying North Korea.  And there were fears that heightened rhetoric could get US into war.  Trump chose friendship.  Israel needs a friend right now.

More on Nikki Haley and her performance on the Glen Beck Show.  She reveals that the Confederate flag was and is about the great sacrifices made by Confederate soldiers and its people to fight the Civil War.  I do wish to acknowledge that there were Jews who fought for the Confederacy as there were slaves too who did, but the Confederate flag is to African Americans what the Nazi flag is to Jews.  I do not trust much of what I have noticed about Nikki Haley.

An important part of growing up in America was listening to Marty Glickman who in his youth was denied access at the last minute to the United States Olympic track team, but who later presented information about the 1936 Olympics that we watched over and over.  Marty Glickman became a legendary sports announcer and was the voice of the New York Knicks and the New York Giants.  Just two years later, a short broad jump into history, Hitler expanded into Austria and Kristallnacht took place.  And today Donald Trump is asking for four more years or more.  Time out is called on the 30 yard line.  I just heard from a local businessman that we should “Just let Trump govern” and that “Everyone has some dirt on him” and that could be the consensus of businessmen in America today.  The charges against Trump are serious charges and there is a lot of evidence and the evidence is growing like a palm tree in Palm Beach.

I have written about the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey because it was a “red flag” to be cautious instead of moving forward with great force.  I thought that the American Embassy in Jerusalem could become a target.  That type of target became the United States military first as there was a shooting by a Saudi who was going to be trained there.  And keep in mind that there was a large attack on Israel, a rocket attack.  There will be no outcry like there was in Libya under Barack Obama.  But there should be an outcry.  And Trump reports that the Saudi prince is very angry.  Are we to believe that?  Have we not had enough about world leaders with anti-Semitic pasts and who are filled with contempt for people trying to reform government?

The attack in Florida should remind US of 9-11 since it was perpetrated by a foreigner directly connected with Saudi Arabia.  That much is clear.  And it reminds me of my own work about the coming of terrorism to America at the time of the Camp David Peace Talks

I was writing a treatment for a movie that was never made.  My late friend Mark Warren, an Emmy Award winning director for Laugh In (who was a pallbearer for Sammy Davis, Jr.), read that work and said it should be “required reading for all high school students.”  At least one producer of Heritage: Civilization and the Jews, which won an Emmy for best series told me that the treatment had Academy Award potential.  Amos Kollek, the son of Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek and others read the story.

On October 27, 2018 in Jewish Business News, I wrote “Foreign policy.  A photo of Trump on his cell phone has been published because Trump defies U.S. officials who know that Russia and China could be listening. He has not prevented World War III.
His reactions about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi have been off the mark.”  And again in the news today, we are learning that Trump has continued using his personal cell phone which he denies, of course.  The title of that article is Trump The Evil in America.

Angela Merkel has just visited Auschwitz for the first time in her life.  She expressed the “shame” she feels and presented a donation of excess of $66 million to conserve the site where about 1.1 million people were killed (mostly Jews).

J Street started up in 2007, but in the late 1970s I learned something from an Israeli in New York that suggested that something was wrong in Israel.  I visited Israel in 1984 while I was on sabbatical and it was an amazing experience.  I did not have the time to explore the thing that was wrong, but it’s all in history books if you wish to read and learn.  And I did learn.  The person that I just wrote about was taken from Poland to Siberia by Stalin, survived, moved to Israel, and then to New York.

I believed that there would be no peace in Israel and terrorism would continue to spread.  Republican supporters of Ronald Reagan disagreed as they felt that Reagan had taught Libya an important lesson.  They clearly deceived themselves. 

And today I make the claim that I know how to defeat Donald Trump and restore a balance that is needed both in American and world politics.  Lou Dobbs, Michael Bloomberg, and lots of others are wrong when they say that Trump will defeat any Democratic opponent.  There was a big problem in the Clinton Campaign that was not fixed before Election Day and the problem still exists right now, unless the Democrats are completely assured of victory.  I know what to do and I am nearing my goal right now to make sure things turn out well in 2020.  Trump was nothing more than the cement that held the Republican Party together in 2016 and his cement is wearing out.

I also have the treatment for a play about the Politics of the 2020 Election with two of the great characters of recorded history (one fictional and one non-fictional character).  My book J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide will open up lots of minds to the truth around Donald Trump.  Here is my article J’ACCUSE, J’ACCUSE about France and the United States.  The United States may be the greatest large country in history, but Jews and others do not feel safe as they do not feel safe even in great small countries.  Florida is going to wake up to more than an attack on a military base as racism and hate have been stirred by Trump over and over again.  And his capacity comes straight from Trump Tower instead of being trained by history and experience.

The broad jump from now to two years from now is not that famous broad jump of Jesse Owens or whatever “broad jumps” Trump has taken in the past that have been revealed.  Those Stormy Days seem to have been put behind US.  The world has not been a better place since January 2017 and Jews and others know it.  I just intervened in a BDS situation on a college campus (not going to reveal the name of the institution right now nor the names of the organizations involved).  My reading of what is going on shows some nice things to contemplate, but both sides lack the balance that I showed in the 1980s.  It is true that the world has changed a lot, but those people are not guided by Emile Zolá.  A lot is being left out in those discussions that people should read. 

In 1943 an American president chose to grant tremendous future power to Joseph Stalin and two years later the world stage witnessed what many countries were trying desperately to avoid.  The Soviet Union became a power that influenced various continents including the United States.  Poland was granted to the Soviet Union and then other countries were swallowed up.  Two years from now!  Trump is deeply involved with Putin in generating a new world where former allies mean much less than they did before 2017 and two more years to create a neo mess of things in the world is possible.  Why?  It’s all about Trump and his poor qualifications that have not gotten much better.  He has trusted Putin the way that Roosevelt trusted Stalin.  Roosevelt believed Stalin’s word and Trump and Putin share that in common with Roosevelt and Stalin.  You’ve heard it from Trump himself.  Putin said he did not interfere in our elections (our democracy and freedom).   And there was no “quid pro quo” either.

The American people were totally unprepared to eliminate the Soviet threat in 1945.  Both Churchill and Roosevelt should have been replaced sooner, but it was too late.  Poland, Cuba, Vietnam, and lots of other places were severely affected by their decisions as Communism swept around the world. 

And the American people were set up from the beginning by Trump who has made a mockery of democracy with his think tanks by basically stating “I won’t reveal my taxes to the Axis.”  The Axis or “Deep State” or Democrats who expected the rules of the game to be respected.  And today although Germany is no longer an enemy, a request has been made to the Deutsches Bank for Trump’s financial papers to assess possible criminality.  And does it matter if you agree completely with me? 

Trump supporters will continue to say “Just let Trump govern” and cannot say “Finis.”  Those supporters are in the United States Senate as well as in communities.  The Force 2020 DDT will soon make the voting plan known that will prevent Trump’s return to the White House forever. 

Before ending this article, I sought out information about Bernard Bellush who served US on D-Day.  He was called upon to say the prayer before the attack and he called upon Catholic and Protestant help.  He spoke about the Warsaw Ghetto where men and women fought to survive, which he had learned about in Europe and which was virtually unknown in America. 

He wrote that he and others were spared, “fortunately” he said, moving onto Omaha Beach by delays at a time when the Germans had the upper hand.  The Germans had masterfully created obstacles that prevented American progress as American lives were lost.  Rhino ferries were getting hit by German guns and Bellush feared for his life as he expected to jump off the ferry to swim to shore.  Democracy and freedom were at stake as well as lives.  Destroyers then took out the German guns and those obstacles fell in the hands of the Allies.  Months later Bellush was playing baseball in Europe against other Americans. 

We are in great danger under Trump.  He has created obstacles just as the German’s did.  Puerto Rico, California, the Ukraine, El Salvador, and others have had to face his obstacles.  According to Mike Bloomberg, Trump declared bankruptcy six times and we do not wish our nation to experience the moral bankruptcy that has afflicted the world.  And just as I started writing this sentence, this came up on the internet from the New York Times “Confidential documents reveal U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan.” The article reads like all the lies told about Vietnam and other wars, including World War II.  The U.S. government was sued to get the documents.  And we put our nation and our soldiers through this ordeal full of obstacles of untruths.

John Gilbert Winant, the American ambassador to England, was a hero to the British people who faced the Battle of Britain over and over for six years.  You probably know that according to Donald Trump’s definition that ambassador would not be classified a hero.  And among his heroes are those who have committed despicable acts that Repugnicans accept.  Winston Churchill said “He (Winant) is a friend of Britain.  He is more: he is a friend of justice, freedom, and truth.  He has been an inspiration.” 

The Trumps of the world know how to cause democracy to erode and erode until little or nothing Is left.  The “Battle of America” is taking place and “justice, freedom, and truth” must prevail.

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