The Mustang and the Rolls Royce Engine

“When they (bombers) came with fighter escorts over Berlin, I knew the jig was up.”

Hermann Goring

There was 2 percent unemployment as Americans started to enter Britain to help in the war effort and the performance of Americans was pretty poor, even as many American soldiers protested being there to defend Britain.  Some Americans obviously knew what they were there for and acted properly toward the British.

The British had an attitude pretty much what we see toward Donald Trump as the leaders of Europe mock him (today’s news).  American soldiers and the general staff were pretty unprepared for the fight and there were defeats early on.

One of the most important stories that students in the classroom can learn even now (we never learned it) was the Mustang and the Rolls Royce Engine.  The Rolls Royce not a Cadillac or Ford is that I’m referring to.  Americans felt that they had something better.  Why?  What they had was American made like Trump.   Not all Americans believed that the Americans had the superior product.

Then Tommy Hitchcock stepped in and he ran into tremendous resistance from people in power in Washington, D.C.   The Mustang was not acceptable to Americans.  Tommy Hitchcock had been a World War I ace in the Escadrille and the most famous polo player in the world.  There was evidence but Americans did not want to hear it.  And this happened at the sacrifice of large numbers of American planes and lives.  Hitchcock made an urgent visit to Washington, D.C. to convince the Roosevelt Administration and that soon happened.  A quick illustration of the effectiveness of the Mustang P-51B is in one intense battle Major James Howard took out six German planes and he was short on machine guns at the time.   That battle earned the major the Medal of Honor.  It was the Mustang that escorted those bombers over Berlin.

That Mustang was modified in terms of fuel tanks and it developed problems, but the tide had turned.

With the help of Tommy Hitchcock, the great Polish intelligence team that decoded so much of the German militaries movements and tactics (known at the Enigma Machine), other intelligence teams, and pilots from Belgium, France, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, the war prevented Hitler’s take over of the world.  Students in other countries have learned this history and for some strange reason we were denied a lot of these truths.

And the story goes on and on.  That modified Mustang did cause deaths and it reminds me of a Ford vehicle that we had about ten years ago.  My wife insisted that we drive together on the highway and predicted that the car would stall on a turn in Western Suffolk County.  It stalled and we took the car to the dealer.  The dealer, like Trump, said no deal and it cost a lot of money to fix the problem.  Then, fortunately, for this trumped up matter, there was a recall and the money was refunded.  It’s time for the great American recall concerning Trump, the bad deal maker.  Impeachment is needed and in thinking about Tommy Hitchcock there is an important lesson for men who have served in the military and who wish to serve our nation in the Congress.  Hitchcock could have gone along with all those other people who resisted the Mustang and the Rolls Royce engine.  The evidence was there of the superiority of that engine and today we learn about Trump supporters coming from the military who have seen the evidence, but support Trump. 

I call those people and even African Americans and others Repugnicans because they are repugnant.  They don’t stand a chance with me.  We have to distinguish between those Repugnicans and Republicans such as John McCain who was able to see through Donald Trump early on.  I wish that those Repugnicans would let others run for office to restore the balance back to this country which should be an evidence-based politics.  There were no weapons of mass destruction to find and a trillion dollars later Republicans one, but there were not repugnant even with that big mistake.  Trump like that Ford Focus should be recalled and we should get our money and our country back.

I thank Lynne Olson for Citizens of London, a book that I cannot put down.  It was really amazing to read the stories she shared about Princess Elizabeth of England and Bernard Bellush (who was one of my professors at the City College of New York back in the 1960s.

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