Der Fuhrer Trump and Kaput or Never Trumper

Imagine Hitler invoking “executive privilege” today or even in Germany before he had become a “globalist” as Candace Owens mentioned in Congress as she was sitting next to Mort Klein, the head of Zionist Organization of America.  Hitler and his American supporters were actually building up support to overthrow America as soon as Hitler came to power.  My point is that executive privilege to kill Jews or kill the Democrat Party is an unacceptable privilege that has to be expunged from the minds of Americans now.

An important matter to digest about our diplomacy first is to back up to 2016 and Donald Trump.  On CBS News as reported by Bob Woodward in his book FEAR, Trump called North Korea’s Kim “a bad dude” and would not underestimate Kim.  Now they are friends that respect each other.  He also declared in that interview on Feb. 10, 2016 that he would call upon China to make Kim “disappear in one form or another very quickly.”  Veterans and military should take note of just how Trump made the North Korean “disappear.”  Fox News should call for a national parade because Kim was eliminated as Trump kept his promise.  I was kidding.

Woodward quotes both Donald Trump and Lindsay Graham who were communicating about Kim and war.    Trump was talking about taking the families of American troops out of South Korea which was considered an act of war by North Korea.  Finally Trump asked Graham “Do you think I should wait?”  Graham who had been advocating killing Kim and having him replaced told Trump “I don’t think that you should ever start this process unless you’re ready to go to war.”  Woodward stated that dependents continued to go to South Korea.  That is Trump in a nutshell.

Woodard’s book was published in 2018 and he reported a recording of a senior White House official who spoke about Trump saying that “many of the president’s senior advisers, especially those in the national security realm are extremely concerned with his erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider his dangerous views.”

There was a quid pro quo in the book about Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest hours.  Franklin Roosevelt wanted naval bases in exchange for war materials and food as Britain was sinking fast.  That quid pro quo was to strengthen America at the expense of Britain.  It was not to destroy the Republican Party.

Let’s keep in mind that both John F. Kennedy and Gerald R. Ford had made donations to American First.  Joe Kennedy wanted to keep the United States out of war, was behind Adolph Hitler, and felt that it was “one thousand percent” that Britain was going to fall to the Nazis.  Kennedy was ambassador to England and he was despised there (except among the appeasers).  And the British resented the hard Roosevelt tactics. 

Kennedy cared more about his business interests than he did about the Brits and was using his political influence to ship liquor (one of his businesses) on ships which should never have happened.  Sound familiar?  Palm Beach was on Kennedy’s mind as Hitler took over Czechoslovakia.  Kennedy was happy that the crisis was over and that he could get back to that wonderful place at a wonderful moment for him.  And Palm Beach is making big news today and for the last three years.  The war was bad for Kennedy’s business and war is bad for Trump’s business interests today.

Roosevelt replaced Kennedy with a progressive Republican who vigorously supported the New Deal.  That man was soon repudiated by all Republicans including Alf Landon, the former progressive governor of Kansas who chose to gain conservative support in 1936 when he did a huge betrayal of his principles to declare that he would repeal social security.  Almost one hundred years later, social security has survived and all Americans should reflect on it.  Social security has helped make America great (I mean better, of course).  That man was John Gilbert Winant.  Winant, Averell Harriman, and Edward R. Murrow changed the poor relationship between the United States and Great Britain.

And remember that Republicans were cozying up to Nazis and others in America.  Please take a close look at it.  Democrats and Republicans were on the wrong side of history.  And businessmen all over America were warning employees of a one percent loss of wages if they voted for Roosevelt.  Workers were handed official looking flyers with their pay envelopes as the Republican National Committee supplied millions of flyers and those flyers told the workers that the Democrats would divert the funds as well to keep Roosevelt from victory.  Roosevelt won by a landslide and the rest is history.

The attack on Pearl Harbor had important results that we share each year.  A Nazi take over in America would have expanded the Holocaust to our soil.  And the take over of Britain by the Nazis, who encouraged the exodus of Jews to Palestine, would have expanded the Holocaust to Palestine before the state of Israel could even be formed.  Read and learn. 

I have called upon various Jewish organizations to look closely at the book where some of that information has been taken from and my idea has been rejected.  I just watched a wonderful presentation of Sasha Baron Cohen denounce FACEBOOK which I had to discover on my own instead of having had that video on Now This emailed to me (and others) for review.  Cohen wants Marc Zuckerberg to review the advertising and posts that generally fall under the category of free speech but specifically generate tremendous hate in this country.  And that effort would eat into the profits of the social media giant.

A top law professor at Harvard tells us that there is evidence in the case against Donald Trump.  In the supermarket where I just bought some lox and cream cheese for breakfast today, I spoke with Italian American who told me that the Vietnam War was his war and he now knows about the lying that took place.  He says that we Americans were naïve, but I corrected him and said that we were just not well informed.  I went on to share lots of things that I have shared with my readers around the world and he enjoyed learning new things.  In the end he asked me why so many actors are against Trump.  I had to leave but his question must be on the minds of people all over America who just do not know or do not want to admit that there is lots of evidence against Trump.  He was acting if Trump is innocent, but he knew that Lyndon Johnson was guilty.  Liars both.  The man’s reaction shows that people cannot apply information in a new setting and that we are in trouble.

Trump’s act shows me that he is the old Trump taking on people in court.  But how many cases did he actually win?  Trump to me in mostly a Twitter president using the people and developing his propaganda the way that Hitler did.  I just discussed the Theresienstadt Ghetto with a family member who worked on a musical score of the same theme.  That “ghetto” was a lie as there were concerts and other supposedly great things going on there for Jews.  Enough is enough.  The fabric of America is being torn apart by politics and this is the nastiest politics of the 21st century and is a continuation of the lies and attacks made against Barack Obama for eight years. 

This country did not turn communist, for example, under the man who the media portrayed as a Marxist by association with others.  The bad economy handed to Obama by George W. Bush recovered under Obama and the baton handed to Trump was solid.  And I just found out that new companies such as Door Dash and Uber have created millions of jobs and those companies were set up before Twitter Trump.  They were set up during the Obama years and lots of jobs have been created by fast food places to will take your food to your table today instead of having people wait online to get the food.  Good jobs just have not been created under Trump through his own ideas.  His idea is to destroy an important democratic institution or institutions right now.  It’s all disturbing. 

He should have been arrested instead of being allowed to pursue his mischief because the Justice Department says that a sitting president cannot be indicted.  That has to go kaput with der Fuhrer Trump.

And right now there are lots of unnecessary reports about what the American people think about impeachment.  The latest poll in the Washington Examiner which supports Trump is that Trump is gaining support.  What matters are the votes in the Republican controlled United States Senate and nothing else.  The American people really do not matter.

And revealing the latest about Trump’s Wall should open up eyes.  The wall was cut open and a truck drove through it as men and women entered the United States.  Good wall.  Perfect Trump Wall as people are playing cat and mouse with the authorities.  Those people fled for a while, but they were apprehended after a great chase.  All that could have taken place without the wall.

And Trump just justified the entire vaping industry that people are trying to eliminate.  He stated that people are going to get products illegally if we eliminate the companies that sell the products (thinking about abortions also).  Even after the discussion was turned to just the flavors, Trump used the same argument about people getting “illegal” flavors.  This was an opportunity to say that we are going to keep our nation’s youth away from the vaping addiction, youth whose lives are being destroyed.  Even Mitt Romney came forth and pointed out the tremendous addiction that comes with the flavors that have nicotine and the kids don’t know.  Dump Trump and his nicotine.  This may call for a Nicotean Party in Boston Harbor with teens dressed as Indians.  Trump cannot handle any crisis, except on Twitter.

And Americans put up with bad leadership and Trump’s corruption and worse.  Combine this with the administration’s attempt to squash all criticism (impossible to do) and you have a basis for the decline of America if this continues.

And getting back to those patriots, there is now a revelation made public in which Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, spoke back in early 2017 that Trump was bad and divisive as he caused people to side with him against the football players who kneeled down during the playing of the National Anthem.  We cannot turn the clock back, but we can bench Trump and prevent him from participating.

The military is going against Trump in regard to his pardon of Navy Seal Edward Gallagher.  Do I expect the military to win against Trump who has the power to pardon even the worst people in America and who relies on a conservative Supreme Court to defend him?  No I don’t.  But I do hope that our soldiers and veterans learn that it is not their duty to follow a corrupt president.  Being a commander-in-chief is something that Trump has repeatedly failed at as he continues to promote his military accomplishments. 

Now Trump is using park rangers to find immigrants that have crossed our border.  This shows that he is “trying” to Repugnicans but his efforts are chaotic and mediocre, reflecting the man that he is. 

And now Jews throughout our nation are demanding the ouster of Stephen Miller who has been classified a political monster for years and whose record under Senator Jeff Beauregard Sessions is not beau and not held in good regard because of hundreds of racist comments.  Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are men who have denounced others as “racist” have not denounced Miller even once.  And that is highly suspicious to me.   The outrage should be greater among all minorities and people committed to protecting this nation.

My new book J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide is being seen on sites around France right now.  The truths written about go against all the falsehoods being written and spoken about among Trump’s supporters.  We should be able to recognize an honest mistake made by the press or any writer in assessing truth as well.  I have written a lot about Trump for two years or more and my theory about how the Dreyfus Affair is playing out in America is well established.

Trump exhibits the worst among leaders, whether they are fascists or democratic.  Franklin Roosevelt was mentioned within that context and we could cite hundreds of people in the Congress and government at that time, maybe thousands, who did things based on falsehoods that hurt the world.  The rescue of Britain and the rest of the world came later than it should have.  And Roosevelt was reelected with all his errors.

Trump and Colin Kaepernick come to mind right now after the football workout that has taken place.  It is highly unlikely that either man will succeed as we discuss their futures.  Kaepernick to his credit kneeled in great protest and Trump will be kneeling to voters to give him another chance. Enough is enough!  Never again!  It is kaput for Trump.  The evidence is there.

Mitt Romney is still in the Republican picture.   He’s a former presidential candidate and now a United States senator.  In imagining the Republican Party choosing Romney over all other candidates in 2020, I have this to explain.  Romney was not talking about building a wall that would be expensive and destabilize our relationship with Mexico and Central America.  He could campaign again under a platform that asks undocumented immigrants to self-deport which I discussed with Mormons in the Dominican Republic years ago and which those people rejected.  But I can see Romney holding the vast majority of the Republican Party together just the way that Democrats see Biden holding the party together.  And that is what Trump has done while generously stirring the hate in our nation.  Enough is enough!

Edward R. Murrow reshaped news which was dominated by the BBC in Europe and which only showed the British government in a positive light.  Murrow had witnessed the burning of synagogues in Austria during the Anschluss, a rabbi forced on his knees to scrub the streets, and even a suicide.  He resented Joe Kennedy immensely and felt that a meeting with Kennedy was like being with Hermann Goering, Hitler’s deputy.  The new news broadcasts that he developed for CBS presented the views of the minority government that included Winston Churchill.  This information contributes to a much better understanding of Fox News and its objectives.  And keep in mind that the executives at CBS then were in favor of neutrality in the war.  And Morrow sensed that Hitler could soon be in New York.

In other words, people all over the world were kept from the truth.  And as soon as the attack on London started and the BBC hired new people, the truth was finally going to be told in London which affected Europe.  Truth is a choice among news people and the lies today have greatly affected our nation’s public opinion.  The lies almost led to the fall of Europe which could have changed America.  And today America needs great change and it does not need Make America Great Again.

Can you imagine a flotilla of American ships with American soldiers approaching Europe in 1938 before Hitler’s attack on Poland and the subsequent attacks throughout Europe and England?  Can you see peace instead of destruction as Hitler decides to back down instead of commit to war and hate?  Right now we have a large part of our nation that is off course as well and Trump has not backed down.  Why?  He has the Senate and the Justice Department ruling that a sitting president cannot be indicted. 

There is great danger that the American people cannot see just as the people were not willing to see things in 1938 in Austria.