J’Accuse, my new book, received its most amazing reaction in its brief life. The young woman who reacted in Florida is from Marseilles, France and her face lit up during the conversation that took place.

She told me that in her school in France it was required to study the Dreyfus Affair and that there was no hostility from other students. I would love to know much more. I also told her that I had been in touch with Costa Gavras, the French film maker and I have sent messages to a French senator from Paris on FACEBOOK. Among her expressions was “wow” and that to me was especially pleasing. She said that she would check out my book on Amazon.

Here is the theory that I am circulating around the world. This article has also been made friendly for iphones and/or androids at the below the first presentation which mimics the tale of the tape before a professional boxing match.

The Dreyfus Affair in                                   The Dreyfus Affair in
France                                                            the United States


The traitors in the  French Military                      The traitors in the                                          
White House

Colonel Picquart                                         F.B.I. James Comey
investigation                                                investigation

Louis Leblois                                                   Dan Richman
leaker                                                               leaker

Military finally                                                White House
disgraced                                                         disgraced

Military intimidated                                      White House
Madame  Dreyfus                                          prevents testimony                                                                      

Divided nation                                                Divided nation

Lying                                                                 Lying

Violence in France                                         Massacres in  America

Hate against                                                   Hate against
Jews                                                                 Jews and others

J’Accuse is written                                        J’Accuse is written
by Emile Zola.                                             by Martin N. Danenberg

Emile Zolá fled                                            Witnesses are being
for his life                                                      protected                           

There was no                                               There is evidence
evidence but                                                 but the White House                                                           
the military said                                           says there is no
there was  evidence                              evidence                                                                                                              

Jews continued                                             Minorities continue
to be mistreated                                           to be mistreated

Jews thought more                                      Some Jews support
about leaving indirectly  if you don’t like
France                                                         America leave

The Dreyfus Affair in France. The Dreyfus Affair in America (Trump)

The traitors in the French Military. The traitors in the White House

Colonel Picquart investigation. F.B.I. Investigation James Comey.

Louis Leblois leaker. Dan Richman leaker.

French military finally disgraced. White House disgraced.

Military intimidated Madame Dreyfus. White House prevents testimony.

Divided nation. Divided nation.

Lying. Lying.

Violence in France. Massacres in America.

Hate against Jews. Hate against Jews and others.

J’Accuse is written by Emile Zolá. J’Accuse is written by Martin Danenberg.

Emile Zolá fled for his life. Witnesses are being protected.

Jews continued to be mistreated. Minorities continue to be mistreated.

There was no evidence but the military said there was evidence. There is evidence but the White House says there is no evidence.

Jews thought more about leaving France. Some Jews support indirectly if you don’t like America leave it.

Picquart did what he did out of concern for a sense of duty.

Comey did what he did out of concern for a sense of duty.

Vindman did what he did out of concern for a sense of duty.

Loyalty to our nation is more important than loyalty to the military or to the White House.

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