Trump’s Nation: Border and Other Failures

Hunter Biden is Alfred Dreyfus.  Alfred Dreyfus was falsely accused and found guilty.  There is no evidence against Hunter Biden that has been released by anyone.  Now the Republicans are trying to get Alfred Dreyfus to testify against himself in public.  Oops I mean Hunter Biden.  Arrest Biden if he has done anything wrong and/ or provide the evidence.  I do not want to testify against Hunter Biden so don’t call me to Congress to testify. 

Dreyfus was Jewish, spoke German, and came from the former German territory near the French-German border.  The people who plotted against him knew that a huge part of the country would be supportive.  Trump knows that a huge part of the country will be supportive of anything that is mentioned about Hunter Biden because he is a Biden, the son of Joe Biden.  There was the Jewish menace back in those days and today we have the Biden or Democratic menace as portrayed by Donald Trump.  Know who the real traitors were then and know who they are now.  Those other French, non-Jewish officers were the traitors and a huge amount of the French population around the world went along with them.  They betrayed honor and truth while stirring hate.

There was surely “hearsay” evidence but there was also written evidence that had been collected.  The French military desperately tried to pin the actions on an innocent man, a Jew.  That failed due to the leaking of information and the rest is history.  Repugnicans are trying hard to protect the man in the Oval Office after a lot of evidence has been presented.

The traitor, Major Esterhazy fled to England and the quid pro quo man “Mr. Clean and Perfect” remains in the White House, unfortunately.

Border agents will probably be checking for electric saws soon and asking people with them what they intended to use them for.  Trump’s backers include men who founded Home Depot and does that mean that they are supplying the invaders?  And there are articles about whether the wall is a waste of money, comparing the wall to a prison.  The point is well taken even by one of Trump’s greatest foes.  But the wall went along with a lot of hate that is still not being addressed properly by the American people.  Even a marshmallow wall would not be okay.  For the record Trump has detained more immigrants before entering the US than Obama detained and Obama deported more people.  Something is wrong with that truth and it would be good to hear Trump tell it to the American people now.  A wall is not needed, but a wall will make Americans think that Trump is great.  Take another look at the last sentence and reflect on it. 

And Dennis Praeger was telling his audience that when you ban guns you get mass killings like in Mexico and he never mentioned our own recent massacres at all.  I went to the online newspaper that published the article about the electric saws that I read about and that site featured Conservative news programs.  In addition Praeger made it sound that a college education was useless compared to the common sensibility that uneducated people have, explaining that it’s all about ideology.  I called the radio station and left a message for the program manager to call me back to discuss my last article Hollywood Helped Save America.  It was a small group of Jews and non-Jews who worked hard to collect evidence against the Fascists.  The radio station is KLUP in San Antonio, Texas.  The radio stations listed on this conservative online newspaper included stations that broadcast Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and America First personality Sebastian Gorka along with Jay Sekulow, the White House lawyer.  I cannot say that I decided to call the program manager to leave my call back number because of that list.  Seriously, Praeger was on my mind but the idea grew on me and it makes it much sweeter.  Days later I still did not receive a call from that program director.

And it was just reported that far-right members of the Patriot Prayer in Washington State and three Washington State Patrol police officers are being sued for civil rights’ violations.  Joseph Robinson alleges that he was arrested without questioning by the police after the leader of Patriot Prayer handed him over to the police.  That sounds like good old Nazism or Fascism in Los Angeles as I have just reported in my blog.  The video showed people exchanging comments at each other and a sign that said America Was Never Great and a Trump sign that said Choose Kindness which I am not sure of its meaning, but I speculated that the holder feels that Trump is kind.  There was a scene where it appeared that tires were slashed as well.  The school where the demonstration took place has had its better moments, but freedom of speech is required on campus.  Incidentally Trump’s point of view is that a not so nice guy is needed in the White House as he limits kindness everywhere.

I have also provided my article Hitler in D.C. which is also about the Jews that saved our nation against foreign powers that were intent on overthrowing the United States and imposing fascism.  The struggle continues and home-grown terrorism is all around US.  The Zionist Organization of America has been unbalanced in its approach and that is expected since it is on the right where it lauds Donald Trump and his supporters.  Milton Klein sat near Candace Owens as they spoke out about terrorism in America.  They were fixated on Islamic terrorists and then you know what hit the fan as massacres took place.  Trump is now boasting about how our troops can be sent to Mexico to clean up the problem of crime when there is great danger all over the United States from guns, drugs, and people in great need of mental health services that are still not in place.  MS-13 is inside the local high schools where I live and play golf only one traffic light from where four bodies were macheted to death.  How do I know that there are new, young members of MS-13?  I don’t ask Trump or the police.  The students tell me.  And I know of police interventions that have not gone well because of my connections in the community.

Even in Brooklyn’s Jewish community there have been many attacks against Jews that have not slowed down or stopped.  Read the reports as I do.  Jews are alarmed and rightfully so.  The police are handling things with the community there but the community is asking for more ideas.  Where are the feds that Trump boasts about?  When the feds did not know what to do in Los Angeles, it was Leon Lewis, a Jew, who taught them things and those men and women were trained by others who were experts in counterintelligence (the same counterintelligence expertise that just reported Trump for the quid pro quo with the Ukraine leader).  Trump has even placed Americans in danger in El Salvador by his quid pro quo with Nayib Bukele over the TPS for Salvadorans.  There is quid pro quo madness in America when there only should have been sports madness at this time (World Series, etc.). 

I expected Trump to be caught and defending him is allowed under law but the Repugnicans are harming our nation at this time just as they did back in the 1930s.  The CIA knows perfectly well what happened to Jews throughout its history in Europe as that is part of its training, particularly The Dreyfus Affair.  Yes.  They know about to watch for such dangers against anyone when there is no evidence and the potential harm that it could do to a nation.  Trump never considered that and it could affect him right now (I think that Alan Dershowitz convinced him that he could do whatever he wanted to do because he is the president).  And think of all those people who pretend that there is no evidence when there is evidence.  There is a time when a case cannot be solved due to insufficient evidence even though there is evidence.  More evidence is just needed.  Whether it is Russia, the Ukraine, Trump’s sexual predatory ways, obstruction, and his own stupid ways, there seems to be a flow of supporting evidence that America’s enemies state is no evidence. 

Did a Jewish journal state that Trump is clean or kosher on its front page the way the New York Post did?  And there was substantial evidence to the contrary.  The Jewish community in Williamsburg and North Brooklyn is right to ask for more help and this Jew born in Williamsburg and who spent the early part of his childhood on South Eight Street wants Jews around the world to focus on the solutions that are needed now.  After a week passed in the attacks in Brooklyn, a teenager was arrested and the news media mentioned that there was critical video surveillance which helped.

Andrew Bakaj, the lawyer for the whistleblower, reports that Trump, Jr. and others are putting the whistleblower in danger as people want to know the name of the whistleblower.  Revealing his identity would place the whistleblower in danger.  The Repugnicans are dangerous to all.  The Democrats are doing their best to protect the identity of the whistleblower to protect his life and his family.  Reject lunatic partisans in the Republican Party and protect US all.  And things are getting worse as we find out that Donald Trump asked his attorney general to make him look clean and tell the world that no crime was committed concerning the Ukraine.  And in relation to this whistleblower whose identity is either known or known, should anyone judge the content of his actions without hearing him out or is there already evidence against him for what he has done?  And Donald Trump has called this whistleblower a spy and alluded to the past treatment of spies.  Spies are still taken care of and that is a false issue here presented by Trump to stir his base.

And in Italy right now Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor, is receiving 200 hate (anti-Semitic) messages and threats a day after she proposed the formation of a commission against hate (its various forms including anti-Semitism).  This is significant and there is a strong right-wing movement in Italy and the threats are considered so serious that she has been put under police protection.  Trumpism is a part of that legacy and should be rejected at all cost.  Liliana Segre was sent to Auschwitz. 

And in Utah a student came to school dressed as Adolph Hitler.  The big question on my mind is motivation including whether that child comes from a Repugnican home or what motivated everyone involved to send that message to a community in Utah.  Both the United Jewish Federation and Black Lives Matter have expressed their outrage to the press.

Trump’s patriotism is in question, not only in Congress but around our nation as election results come in.  There are things that could have been discussed as early as 2015 and were not.  Trump’s willingness to tear down anyone who is not a supporter should have been enough, including his emphasis on “An Eye for An Eye” which a rabbi on the Lower East Side warned me to be careful of years ago.  There are consequences and great damage has been done to our nation beneath the roaring economy that has put millions of people back to work.    Will Trump place a ban on electric saws within miles of his perfect wall or will he just tell the American people that it is not the saw and only the person carrying the saw that matters?  I just told an acquaintance about this and he remarked that it reminded him of the gun ban controversy.  No.  There are no electric saws in the Constitution.  The Founding Fathers barely knew about the power of electricity at that time.  But let’s see if Trump comes up with an electric saw tariff or an electric saw invasion angle to protect the wall.  Even as I expected ladders at the border or flying vehicles, or inflated stairs, but never an electric saw and maybe there will be magic carpets soon produced in Iran and sold to people fleeing their countries, there could be people fleeing America soon to get to the other side, especially if Trump gets his Civil War.