Hollywood Helped Save America

Liberal Hollywood wasn’t exactly so liberal as Hitler was able to threaten the film industry and get his way. This was accomplished through the fear of losing all of Germany’s theater seats and the resulting loss of profits. And Hollywood is again being portrayed as liberal or worse again. There were communists in Hollywood in the 1930s but Fascists were planted there.

By the time that Hitler started taking over countries in Europe and was badly in need of financing to accomplish the overthrow of the United States, he was able to start moving $5 million into his organizations in America when the top people trying to prevent him and working with Hollywood moguls could only extract about $35,000.

If you think it was terrible about how Hitler was able to control Hollywood the way he did, read about how Texaco supplied him with oil in very liberal ways and provided him with agents around Europe that knew when allied ships were going to see that were sunk by the Germans before Pearl Harbor as though agents gave provided the information that was needed. The head of Texaco only received a slap on the wrist from President Roosevelt.

There were movies that were stopped by Hitler’s power and the German consul in Los Angeles was able to get content removed that Germany considered undesirable. My favorite movie with Paul Muni about Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair was targeted and the word Jew was forbidden in it. I only learned about that by reading Hitler in Los Angeles by Steven Ross which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Edward G. Robinson was nearly killed on the set of a movie due to an “accident” when it was known that he was targeted for death. And “liberal Hollywood” is on the lips of Donald Trump and his backing of the National Rifle Association should also be noted as the N.R.A. was ready to sell rifles to Nazis who were citizens. There was danger then and there is danger now..

Know history. These and other elements worry US about Trump as he has used that playbook of Nazis and others in propaganda without attacking Jews while making it appear that all Democrats are anti-Semitic.

I see Trump as I read world history long before his birth. I see him in Los Angeles in 1933 covering his controversial deeds with those lies that are part of the presidential record. I see him with America First favoring Germany then over England and France as Germany was strong and victorious.

We could go back only months to recall how Trump’s propaganda teammate Candace Owens told Congress and the world that Hitler started out okay as a nationalist and then turned globalist as he sought to take countries over.

The taking over of Austria was 1938 and about 5 years after the start of Hitler’s power. But Hitler sent Captain Robert Pape to Los Angeles in 1933 and four months later the effort started to build a base to overthrow democracy. And imagine all the publicity that Owen’s error received.

Brown shirts were shown in photographs in Los Angeles’ newspapers. There was already mass violence against Jews taking place that was being planned in America. Franklin D. Roosevelt took office at that very moment and Nazis protested the “Jew Deal.”

And things really didn’t get better with Roosevelt in the White House. By the end of the decade, Nazis were deeply entrenched with fascists from Italy and Mexico and with Japanese through networks of propaganda and espionage. And the studios that were doing no such thing were blamed.

People in power made these Nazis the chosen ones who were sworn to fight Communism and the Jewish menace. J. Edgar Hoover, lots of agents, high level police, congressmen, and others in government favored these new chosen people. An enemy was in the midst of the American people that could eradicate freedom. And these fascists linked themselves with several other organizations including veterans.

There was some violence and death threats against spies placed among the Nazis. There were plots by Nazis to kill prominent Jews and some others in Hollywood who supported the Jews, but there was no massacre as most of Nazi work was about propaganda and achieving the firing of Jews.

Eight years later and before the attack on Pearl Harbor, those Nazis were forced out by Roosevelt. There was a process to deport the Nazis, but it was slow work. And Nazis were ready to take their cases to the Supreme Court which would give them lots of time.

I just watched The Bill Maher Show who had Dennis Praeger as a guest. I called the Dennis Praeger Show years ago to warn him about the increase in anti-Semitism that I saw coming and he brushed it off by talking about when Abe Beame became the first Jewish mayor of New York City and his conversation with a rabbi then who anticipated a rise in anti-Semitism.

A couple of years later under Trump the massacres of Jews took place and our conversation on the air became only a tiny footnote of history. Dennis Praeger partners with Candace Owens and a lot of pathetic reasoning that is part of the propaganda.

It’s really timely that Trump wants to hold a Roosevelt Fireside Chat at a moment that the American people are calling for his impeachment. Anti-Semites met in Los Angeles to impeach Roosevelt but didn’t have time to vote for impeachment. They mentioned that under Hitler, Germans were assured of good jobs with decent pay, and two weeks vacation as an attraction to enter the movement.

There were other impeachment sessions later on. Hitler was called a “brother” and Japan was called a “glorious nation” at those meetings without that impeachment vote taking place. That was 12-6 just hours before 12-7-1941 as Japan ripped apart the American navy in Pearl Harbor.

Short of being a spymaster like Leon Lewis I am proud of the ideas that I share. Lewis was constantly seeing divisions among the Nazis and after seeing unanimous support for Trump in Congress, I find it completely unacceptable. But all Republicans can take the time to do what Trump says he is willing to do. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

Republicans should react to the suggestion made by Trump and hold town meetings with constituents and those congressmen should read the whole transcript of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader. Let’s have open forums open to everyone and end any notion that Republicans do not represent the best interests of the American people. There are Repugnicans who must be watched though just as we learned about those who were in Congress (anti-Semitic) when Jews were fighting to survive and hate was not really monopolized by Southern Democrats.

On Long Island, where I live, I would like to see Congressmen King and Zelden take ownership of these town meetings where they can invite local press that have not been attacked by Donald Trump. And CNN should not be excluded either. Let the people speak out without hate for anyone, even Trump. Let the truth shine in open forums.

This is a crisis, regardless of whether the Republicans have the Senate votes or not to impeach and we should learn from what happened in Hollywood because Long Island and other places around our nation did not have Leon Lewis and others helping as there were acts of sabotage, for example, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

With mud on its face (and the right of Republicans to gripe about my comments), we see anti-Semitism rising and the city of Dresden, Germany is crying out for help against the anti-Semitism and other hate there. The Republican strategy to make itself the king of Israel’s support and creating a strong base among Jews has little merit.

In Steven Ross’s book about Leon Lewis and his supporting cast of spies, it was never just about just anti-Semitism as our nation also has recently confronted the comments of Congresswoman Omar. It was about hate of Jews, African Americans, Roman Catholics, gays, the British, and others. It was good old American hate uniting with various enemies including elected ones. The British did have spies in America who gave US the list of Japanese spies as those British were expelled. expelled but on our side.

The ones (so called patriots) who were not elected came from American communities and they served in World War I, joined veterans groups, and became police officers. And as those people rose in rank, they exerted enormous power that put them on the wrong side of history and could easily have led US to a bloody revolution here by 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor prevented that for sure, transformed much of American thinking, and led to other improvements to combat hate (slowly in most cases).

Steven Ross points out that there was an upswing in anti-Semitism as people who had not spoken out started blaming the Jews for getting US into the war. And he cites Republicans (California Republican Women’s Club) who wanted to get rid of Jews. I read about the talk of sending Jews to Palestine earlier in the book but there was talk about violence and revolution.

Obviously the talk about sending Jews to Palestine was not a religious favor. Talks between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem about the “Final Solution” should make you think about the line of reasoning taking place. And at the end of World War II 67 percent of Americans polled thought that Jews had too much power and influence.

Leon Lewis brought skills and knowledge to a world problem that we really do not see right now among Jewish and other organizations. He sent the spies in to collect information and interact with lots of hate groups. They provided the information that was badly needed by U.S agencies to put away the people trying to undermine our democracy.

And now Americans are reading about the fallout from the Democrat’s voting to move impeachment forward and all the references to Never Trumpers and the Left Wing in the Democratic Party. This is just an attempt to stir its base well as Nazis did.

I know how to defeat Trump and although impeachment probably won’t work (I want Trump to resign). The truth is important. Even actors did not totally fear the Nazis and they received threats that family members would pay the price in Germany. The movie industry adapted by placing fake names of actors in the list of credits.

Trump has been undermining our democracy and there is nothing to fear about impeachment. We have noticed his failures so far in Blexit as 4 percent of African Americans feel that he is doing okay in handling issues concerning them. The Jewish Exodus has not worked. And Trumpexit will not work.

The important African American vote which was dormant in key places in 2016 should make a victorious comeback, even against a man who has created more jobs (for African Americans) than all presidents combined. And I have the answer to defeating Trump and other Republicans.

Trump should get over his wall where smugglers have drilled away his great American steel so that he can make his great escape from the United States. It’s true that Trump and others knew that people would be able to climb over the wall (giving border agents time to react), but Trump is in the public court and he has to prove to the American people what he knew about this imperfection in his perfect wall. This is scandalous considering the price tag and the years he’s been deceiving the people.

His wall has the strength of France’s Maginot Line which collapsed quickly during WWII. This perfect wall perfectly needs national reevaluation, revealing just how perfectly he is protecting US. Homeland Security has known about the weak wall since early this year and now we know because of news reports.

And returning to Never Trumpers, we should take note that Trump has Jews in the family, but what is going on beneath the surface of that volcanic brain? The American fascist movement knew that the volcanic brain of Adolph Hitler was against religion so how could anti-communists promote that kind of fascism? They couldn’t. So they lied to the people to increase support. Christian fascist groups were permitted (Christian American Guard and Christian American Builders). Trump’s Jewish family has only stated that at times they do not agree with him and that is just a way to allow terrible things to happen that remind us of the terrible past. And that family rightfully warrants disrespect.

This is not a time to say I didn’t know that, sit back, and do nothing. Only a fool would wait to take action before November 2020. Trump is little more than scotch tape holding the Republican Party together. I often say cement, but he has Scottish DNA from his mother. Trump is not falling apart at all. Once he is out of office and can be prosecuted, found guilty with no opportunity for pardon, and sentenced to serve some other term, he will surely have the biggest inauguration ever, direct everyday access to men and women thanking him for criminal justice reform, and a free lifetime gift of TWITTER from honest Americans in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. He’ll have more time to tweet for life. A sentence devoutly to be wished.

Is anyone like Leon Lewis working with the F.B.I., C.I.A. or any comparable agency the way that Lewis did? My readers know that I’ve been asking for Trump to be watched closely and I did spell out that the C.I..A. has a role in it long before we learned about the whistle blower. It was all in Jewish Business News in Israel. No! I am not Trump’s “Deep Throat.”

People inside the Deutsches Haus caused its shutdown in Los Angeles because of un-American activies. Trump’s un-American activities have to be shut down and Republicans can regroup. Almost the same conglomeration of people will be affected that was affected in 1941. There was no Israel in 1941 and the communist threat is gone, but the fascist lives on in people who call themselves what they called themselves back then. Patriots.