Hitler in D.C.

The actual title of the book I am reading is Hitler in Los Angeles by Steven J. Ross. The goal certainly included either letting Hitler take America over by force or to install a closely cooperating leadership. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, was a hotspot for Nazism. And there were nearby communities that got involved in places like Pasadena and Whittier (home of Richard Nixon who graduated from Whittier College).

This information comes to you at a time when I have begun to see others cry out to the Jewish organizations and our nation for more help as solutions are needed more than denunciations. The Jewish organizations that have focused more on Muslim extremism than on White Supremacists have made the same mistake that was made in the 1930s in regard to Nazism. And considering that budget cuts were essential because of the Great Depression, there is no excuse for this American government powered by it’s great economic engine. I have repeatedly called for action and specifically for a World Anti-Semitism Conference.

The book about Hitler in Los Angeles reveals the work of Leon Lewis, a Jew, who caused lots of things to be exposed and caused lots of action to take place to protect all good people. And he was able to power his engine on a budget. I just read about Mark Levin and a Christian organization raising $ 1.5 million to protect Jews and Israel and the largest checks given by the movie moguls to Leon Lewis were for $ 3,500. Louis B. Mayer was the highest paid executive in the United States at that time.

Nayib Bukele of El Salvador recently spoke about the need to adapt to modern conditions as he promoted technology through a self while he was giving a speech. He has a lot to learn about technology. He could have called for an international conference on fighting anti-Semitism at that moment and as a man and leader with Palestinian roots who supports Israel he could have made great international history. The United Nations lost a great moment and was delivered something far less than world class news.

In 1933 in New York City, Jewish leaders(1500 of them) were divided about what to do about Nazism. One group wanted quiet diplomacy and the other strong action. Even the movie moguls had to swallow a lot as their films could be prevented from being shown by Hitler. A boycott announced in New York City of Germany and seventy cities participated in rallies of support. The Nazis turned to increased brutality against Jews.

William Dudley Pelley had been a screenwriter of movies starring Lon Chaney and Tom Mix and his dream was to protect While America. Among other things, he published the hate newspaper The Silver Ranger and at that time the Silver Shirts took their position in the world alongside the Brown and Black shirts of fascist leadership. This information makes me think about what were the origins of the Lone Ranger, his horse Silver, and the expression “Hi Ho Silver” which we grew up with before and after the 1950s.

Those Nazi posts had important representation from police and war veterans and the plot involved gaining access to weapons in armories to overthrow the United States government under Franklin D. Roosevelt, which Pelley condemned for being “Jewnited.” This American campaign included opposition to Catholics and people of color who were targetted. It was known that Christians were purposely invited to join, increasing the chances of success.

Communists were targetted as well, especially by Christians who were much less attracted to Nazis and others who were un-American. Denouncing FDR was painful to one of them who soon decided to leak information to the Justice Department.

Among the notables who joined Hollywood’s efforts to defeat Hitler’s support system were Paul Muni (Emile Zola in the movie about The Dreyfus Affair), Edward G, Robinson, Irving Thalberg, the heads of studios, and others.

President Roosevelt intervened in 1934 and his Justice Department and F.B.I. were really no help, lacking personnel, training. the right stuff or staff to even intervene properly. Even as things seemed positive about helping Jews and others, the Congressional investigation was hampered severely, the police and most of the media cast its spell and again the focus remained on the Communists and their activities. Charlie Chaplin had 1900 pages of investigation and even James Cagney was.

It was dangerous for the men and women and there were threats and violence among lots of denials from the Silver Shirts and other organizations about their activities and their final goals. Those denials of foreign influence reverberate in our nation’s capital as Donald Trump defends himself. And just as Los Angeles and it’s people were under attack, Trump has chosen to do the same thing to Los Angeles and other cities for extreme political reasons. Hollywood has been attacked as well in that Repugnican plot because of its preference for liberalism (formerly there were attacks on communism). Most of the highest paid people in Hollywood will probably not accept socialism at a high cost to their income. But the Repugnican propaganda machine keeps rolling along like the Mississippi River. If you get what I mean.

Just as there are deniers of the Holocaust, there are lots of Jews who refuse to admit to the eerie similarities that people shrug off about Hitler and Trump. Similarity does not suggest or imply the sense of being identical or the same. Republicans and Repugnicans put the wrong man in charge. Even the Israeli ambassador speaking out about Turkey and its harboring of terrorists only days after Trump’s green light to Turkey to attack the Kurds should be a strong lesson about Trump. Dump Trump! Speak out!

Trump called Hollywood racist and dangerous this year as he criticized some content produced there. Police are racist and dangerous as well and he is soft on speaking out about that. Did I write soft? He is somewhere between liquid and fascist. Who is in D.C. right now? Scroll down and you will find nothing. Scroll up, up, up and learn something. Trump was doing exactly what the Nazis were doing to Hollywood in the 1930s. And Nazis were inside Hollywood getting Jews fired and seeking control over content in favor of Hitler and Germany. All of these things are an integral part of propaganda machines.