TASC Test Study Tips

Let’s go straight to the best way to study for the TASC-HSE or High School Equivalency.

The TASC Test Mc Graw Hill book that I used was printed in 2014, but there are new editions.  Just follow what I am telling you here and apply it to the book that you have or will buy.

I have been telling people that if you pass the practice test easily, you most likely will pass the real test.

These pages tell you where the practice tests begin and end.  Start doing things this way and you will become stronger and more knowledgeable right away.

Language Arts                             begin on page 21

Answers                                        on page 28

 Continue to complete all practice tests as described right below.

Mathematics                               begin on page 137

Answers                                        on page 146

Social Studies                              begin on page 237

Answers                                       on page 244

Science                                          begin on page 323

Answers                                        on page 330

Do not do the practice test which is after each course right away.  The tests that you will take are enough for now.

Remember that you should not look at the answers until you are done with the questions.

You may wish to wait to answer all the questions first before you look at the answers and explanations.

I strongly suggest that if you do not yet have purchased a TASC book that you go to Amazon on the internet and find the Kaplan TASC book.  You can open the book and review the entire book.  Great news!  And you will find a very important math formula sheet on page 170.  Use the math formula sheet to guide you as you think over the choices for each question.  And make sure you know all of the formulas before taking the real test.

Courses begin on pages 134, 147, 245, and 331.  When you read the material in those sections, you shouldn’t read the entire body of information.  You should read the pages for the questions that you got wrong.  Reading things that you already know will slow you down and probably bore you as well.   And remember that studying should not be boring.

You may contact me if you wish by email martin@mygedhotline.com :

I have helped thousands of candidates for the GED and TASC over the years.  I helped two undocumented immigrants in Argentina, deported with their parents from Florida and they passed the test in Argentina.  I also helped a youth who returned briefly from Bulgaria who was able to take the test at the last minute in New York before returning to Sofia, Bulgaria and she passed.

If you have children that are in middle school, you may want to see how well your child or children do answering the questions in the book.  Very often this is material that students forget or failed to learn in school and that results in poor performance on state tests.  I gave similar questions to my nephew when he was 13 over a decade ago and his mistakes were quickly corrected.

The twelve states that offer the TASC Test are California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

In states that offer two or more of the high school equivalency tests, try to find out which test is the easier or easiest, especially if you only need to take the test to get a job or enter the military.

The GED Test offers ten college credits for test takers who obtain the highest marks on the GED.  That is something to consider for those people that are extremely well prepared achieve that.  In New York City that would include students who went to the elite high schools but had to drop out for some reason.

Consider this important detail as well.  In the classroom in the Jamaica Houses in New York City and in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, New York, I sent students to take the GED who were only in my class for four hours and they passed.  They took a similar practice test, passed with either the minimum passing score or slightly more than that, took the real test, and got their diplomas.  One Dominican youth that I did that for, became a CNA and started on a career that has helped her earn much more money.

My interventions also have helped tens of thousands of people in Florida and New York, starting with help that I gave to the office of Governor Jeb Bush in Florida.  And now you can read what I have done to start helping Minnesota.  This information is also for all elected officials, high school equivalency programs, and non-profit organizations so that they can start helping people in communities.