Let’s Straighten Out the Mess Taking Place All Week Long

I just contacted the office of the president of Columbia University, Hillel on that campus, and various Students’ For Israel groups across the United States.  I feel that the president of Columbia should issue a statement based on the information I have provided and that statement should be his admission that he made a mistake inviting the controversial Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia.  I hope that the students that I contacted have learned new information about the Holocaust that I share with them as I hope that they share the information with others.  I later learned about the comments of Republican senators that found poorly conceived responses to belittle the “whistleblower” or leaker in the Trump Scandal of the month and those senators are Tony Scott (S.C.), John Cornyn (Texas), Bill Cassidy (La.), the senators who do not wish to give merit to the situation based on “hearsay” or for some other reason.  Colonel Picquart gave the written evidence to his friend Louis Leblois and that was the evidence to led to Dreyfus’ freedom and placing the blame on the French military.  Leblois could have doctored the evidence, but due to the respect that people had for each other, the attack on the military went forward and relentlessly forward.  And getting back to the people that I spoke with on the phone when I called the Columbia president’s office and the young woman on the phone at Hillel, they were amazed to hear the history that I shared with them of Adolph Hitler and Austria in 1938.

Since I have mentioned the new Trump Scandal involving the Ukraine and Joe Biden and his son, a quick restatement of my own opposition to Trump is in order.  I knew that he was going to divide our nation, because what was happening reminded me of France at the time of the Dreyfus Affair.  There was a “whistleblower” or leaker and the evidence came through a third party as “hearsay” for which the military had the scandal which has been labelled “The Affair.”  I noticed how Trump raised passions against the opposition the way that the anti-Semites and military raised opposition against a Jew.  And in both cases there was a rise in anti-Semitism and deaths that resulted.  I later found the CIA website with a very important statement for all trainees of that agency which was a study of the same Dreyfus Affair.  I also gave warning that Trump should have a body camera on him at all times.  Yes there was Russia and much more going on that needed that kind of attention.  Then we all learned that a CIA agent was the leaker.  I applaud it all if it is fair and accurate.  We always have to wait and see, but just like any other investigation action was needed and the action needed was not to cover up the problem in any way.  So the investigation has to proceed.  Do I wish to see Trump impeached?  Yes, but I have been calling for his resignation for a long time.   And all this material has been available online in Jewish Business News and recently in this article on my own blog.

The important details about Holocaust history that I have shared was published in my article Trump and Hitler: Austria and America.  The key eye-opening fact is that Hitler marched into Austria and visited a Jewish doctor in his hometown of Linz and the irony was detected by the people that I talked to.  That visit also resulted in Hitler’s sending Gestapo to clean off a desecrated sign that revealed anti-Semitism.  And there were other Jews around Hitler at that time. 

All of these comments and contacts reveal a lack of education on the part of others, but I confess that the facts revealed about Hitler were unknown to me as well until I read Austria 1938.  We can call the actions and statements of those people ignorant instead.  And the fact remains that I wouldn’t invite the prime minister of Malaysia nor Donald Trump to my home.  They both have good connections to the Jewish community that need change right now as well and they cannot use the Jewish community as a shield to hide behind.  Trump has done to non-Jewish communities what Hitler and the Nazis did to Jews.  And he has attempted to destroy or greatly impact important institutions like the press, the democratic party, Jewish unity. And other things in his own way.  We may be coming to the final innings of Donald Trump, but my critical ideas have to be seen by hundreds of millions of people and not just by a few hundred or thousand people.

Caught up in this vortex are others including the presidents of Central America.  President Nayib Bukele has made his deal with Trump and I have written that El Salvador should not copy the United States in achieving better things, including education.  I have written and talked to the Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations.  I know that my work has been passed along and not passed over, but I fear that my work will be passed over due to mental corruption.  At this time, Nayib Bukele is also a victim of the same ignorance as the others, but his ignorance is different.  I have learned that it is probable that Bukele’s wife’s family has Jewish Sephardic roots.  He is a practicing Catholic who has had converts to Islam in his family as their origin is Palestine.  Bukele is a strong supporter of Israel in a community of people who are very supportive of the Palestinian causes.  Where Bukele has fallen down, in my opinion, is that he has not taken into account the history of that same period in Austria.  Jews were blocked at borders and really had nowhere to go.  The Nazis like Trump made that happen and there was a huge dosage of anti-Semitism everywhere.  Jews were sent from the frying pan into the fire and that is what immigrant rights groups are accusing Bukele of as he intends to allow Salvadorans to return to a nation that they were escaping from due to the constant violence.  Blood is going to be on Bukele hands and he is probably going to accept it as he tells his people that he successfully accomplished getting the TPS for them.  I would like President Bukele to release all talks and correspondences that will prove to us that he already had a system in place to protect those people who may be killed in El Salvador upon their return.  Where is the proof?

Salvadorans need to be protected in the United States where Donald Trump has removed those protections.  Trump is to blame, but so is Bukele’s ignorance.  Also I have reported that Catholics in Austria were worried that they would be next.  Bukele is an improvement in many ways over Sanchez Ceren and other presidents, but this reporting should not be ignored.  Republicans could go to Trump now and tell him that the TPS or Temporary Protective Status should be restored and Congressman Pete King should lead the way as he is willing to go further than that to protect Salvadorans.  Salvadorans who know me well in Suffolk County know that I am one hundred percent behind their progress and the progress of their families.  And I am not writing about the Salvadorans who have heard my name and work mentioned over the years.  I talk to lots of Salvadorans always in restaurants and other businesses in Suffolk County because I am an integral part of that community.  Even in a posting on FACEBOOK, someone know doesn’t know me and probably did not read my article Bukele: Corruption Rules made the comment “FAKE NEWS.”  I sent him another article and I have not received a comment from him in days.  Did he only read the title and thought that I was accusing Bukele of the same kind of corruption that Bukele is fighting against (hundreds millions of stolen dollars by its former presidents)?

My readers know that I have been in touch with the town of Worthington, Minnesota since I read that the life of a Catholic priest was threatened and that he was spat upon.  It has been several days now and the White House still has not issued an important statement about this attack on a “Holy Protector of Our Immigrants.”  That is exactly how things heated up at the time of Kristallnacht against the Jews and their supporters.  I have to ask out loud where are Americans?  And this is a chance for Bukele to learn as well.  He has “made a deal with the devil.”  I would strongly recommend that his foreign minister talk to Congressman Pete King to formalize action within the New York community with Cardinal Dolan to achieve a restoration of normalcy for the people of El Salvador and make connections around the country as well to advance the cause of asylum for people.  And remember that this is not the first time that people in American government are trying to force Americans to comply with a change or changes in policy that would give immigrants the daily protections that they should have.  At one point it would have been “illegal” for me to prepare undocumented students to take the G.E.D. test which was their right to do as tough policies were instituted against all immigrants after 9-11. 

There was a 1,500 percent increase in incidents against Muslims in those early days after the attacks.  Trump and Trump supporters continually point to the enemy as Muslim Jihadists and even the F.B.I. has been reported for downplaying incidents involving White Supremacy, especially during a time when massacres of Jews by White people have been taking place.  Running a justice department does not mean that there will be justice as long as corruption exists.  The Trump Administration has made things difficult for lots of minorities with his American First ideas and I would not invite him to speak anywhere.  Maybe he should sit down with Prime Minister Mohamad and President Bukele so that they can all learn more about how history matters in running a nation properly.

Bukele just appeared on Fox News, a network that one can easily detest for supporting Trump’s attacks on immigrants.  And consider that Salvadorans have allowed their TPS status to expire (maybe in most cases it was the cost to reapply).  But that is subject that Bukele should take up with the mighty Trump.  According to what I read, Bukele got $30 million in aid recently from Mexico that would help create jobs and on Fox News Bukele told Trump’s base that he doesn’t want to take aid from Trump as he prepares to do business with US.  He mentioned selling pineapples to the United States.

Geraldo Rivera (also with strong Jewish roots) spoke on Fox News about against the whistleblower in the Trump-Biden Scandal for speaking out and not knowing that whether it’s the French military or the Trump government corruption has to be rooted out.  Geraldo used to be a great whistleblower back in the Willowbrook (1972 of a state school in Staten Island) days when he was reporting.  And I seem to recall that I read that back in the day Geraldo “elevated” himself in an elevator with Bette Midler in a sexual romp (which I could not confirm right now searching on the internet).  Bette Midler is from Hawaii and she worked in a pineapple factory in Hawaii in the days before becoming world famous for all the things she has done.  Donald Trump, Nayib Bukele should know, is for America First and not El Salvador First.  Nayib take the U.S. aid money to the bank and keep away from our corrupt president.  Feed your people well, keep the cost of pineapples low so that your people can afford them.  So ask Trump to Dole out the money now for the support that you have provided Trump on Fox News.  Bukele commented publicly that Americans do not care about impeachment.  Even though there is a ring of truth about that statement as Americans get ready for the World Series and the start of the football season, Bukele did not hit a home run by opening up his mouth to protect people who are anti-immigrant (Salvadorans included) and I was told by the brother of Antonio Elias Saca in 2005 that I could see the happiness of the Salvadorans on their faces as we stood far away in bus going to Carnaval in San Miguel.  They must have been smiling about the corruption that pervades El Salvador as much as they were smiling about the annual event in El Salvador.  Bukele has to learn from his corrupt words. 

Check out The Lessons for CI (Central Intelligence) of the Dreyfus Affair on the website of the Central Intelligence Agency.  It says there that “scholars still can find new ways to look at the affair and draw fresh insights from it.”  And this is now called “Deep State” as if we the people should not learn anything new from it and “Let Trump Be Trump.”  No my friends, the French military was investigated for its actions against one Jew and Trump requires the same treatment, a thorough investigation into his conversation with the Ukranian president.  Trump is so toxic that he should resign and remember all the requests for resignations by Repugnicans including the call for Adam Schiff to resign.  Willowbrook by Geraldo was called “The Last Great Disgrace” but the last great disgrace was the Mueller Report combined with that Trump call to the Ukraine to interfere in our election process.

I think I’m going to stop right here and enjoy a piña colada with Mexican pineapple.  And I am not going to invite any of the people mentioned in this article that are ignorant of history and who perpetuate wrongful actions against people.  Okay I didn’t stop, because I wanted to know why Joe Biden’s son Hunter joined that Ukranian company.  Here it is from the Washington Post “Hunter Biden told The Post earlier this year that he joined the company at the urging of another board member, the former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski. In a statement, Biden said they shared a belief that Ukrainian energy independence was critical to rebuffing Russian President Vladimir Putin.”  Based on this statement, Trump’s going after Hunter Biden does remind me of the way that the French military went after Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  I just hope that this new matter gets resolved quickly. 

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