Bukele: Corruption Rules

Just as I started reading about the agreement between Donald Trump and Nahib Bukele, it was reported that U.S. Marines were invoIved in human trafficking and it appeared that $8,000 was involved. Everyone is not corrupt, but corruption is everywhere. And Jews escaping Hitler and other leaders involved in taking away the rights of Jews were also caught up in the corruption of their time. It saved lives as people broke laws.

I just read about the “tug of war” between Germany and Poland in 1938 over immigration. This involved the Jews of both countries. Poland was very anti-Semitic as the rights of Jews were taken away. At that moment, Poland was going to strip citizenship from Polish Jews who had left the country for 5 years and the purpose of this law would prevent the return of Jews to Poland as Germany was pushing Jews into Poland, therefore the tug of war.

As Jews were brought back to Poland, only 1,500 Jews arriving in Gydinia out of 4,000 were allowed to reach land and 8 000 were held in “gypsy camps” for about a year and those people were given aid by Jewish and Christian organizations. And we must keep in mind that the Gestapo was involved in pushing Jews out.

The German crisis grew as Hitler took over Austria in October 1938 and in the Sudetenland, dramatically increasing the number of Jews in German hands. It is important to learn about El Salvador’s knowledge of all of this history as it cooperates with the Trump Administration as it uses tactics in violation of international law which was reprehensible then and is reprehensible now.

About eighteen years ago, I was asked by Nelson Castillo, an immigration lawyer who was born in El Salvador, what can El Salvador learn from the Jewish people. At that time, I could not even think about what to do about an immigration crisis caused by American policy and complicated by a partnership with the government of El Salvador. A discussion of Trump’s system of imposing arbitrary and capricious obstacles in the way of humanity and perpetrating on Salvadorans much of what fascists imposed on Jews. But we can recall that Salvadorans had rights and continue to have rights even without T.P.S. protections.

Consider that Salvadorans traveled at great financial and emotional cost to get where they were going and Jews who were not in concentration camps went through the same thing. Even holding Salvadorans in Mexico in agreement with the Mexican government is an aspect that would have burdened the lives of Jews all over Europe in 1938 as borders were politically sealed by leaders at that time.

Nahib Bukele should reveal right now the full extent of his discussions with United States officials and reveal all comments and suggestions made by his own government. The obstacles have started and I can wonder if the lack of money to pay new fees will hinder Salvadorans returning to El Salvador in their quest to find a safe haven just as Jews without money were prevented from achieving asylum around the world. The best humane conditions and solutions are badly needed, especially since Trump admitted from the beginning that he was going to make things difficult and he did just that. Bukele made “a deal with the devil” and even though Bukele has immense public acclaim in El Salvador, much of which he deserves, but there are other critical things that require thorough examination. Trump is getting excellent cooperation from Bukele and you would think that he had enough sense to restore their T.P.S.

There is a bipartisan bill that will do even more than that as New York Congressmen Suozzi and King hope to provide a pathway to citizenship for those Salvadorans. Don’t you smell the corruption? How could Trump sign a bill into law if he is not ready to provide temporary protections? It’s like giving someone a million dollars when you won’t give the person even one hundred thousand. Trump and King could be up to something unholy?

I can assure my readers that I have made overtures at a high level in the Salvadoran government to help the people there. And of course the Salvadorans need the restoration of temporary protection which Trump tore up. I am connected to Salvadorans where I live and provide help to them. And I have spoken to those who have great faith in the future of El Salvador. But I have just written about corruption that keeps repeating itself and people think an election with a new candidate with new ideas causes the end of corruption which is not logical at all.

I am reporting from Puerto Rico where I have just learned that the wife of ousted governor Rossello won a humanitarian award this year for her work. She and her husband are gone. But do you really think that the corruption has ended? Several Puerto Ricans that I spoke to here had to make life changing decisions, starting a business or finding work to make ends meet. And keep in mind Puerto Rico’s huge poverty. And the enormous poverty of El Salvador.

In the mid nineteenth century, education started to reach impoverished communities in Europe. Often that progress was slowed down by the nobility. I learned that Jewish people started to excel and made greater progress than other ethnic groups. And that progress was made from merit, but that was often a source of resentment which fueled anti-Semitism. John F. Kennedy referred to this obvious progress in America when he sought civil rights solutions for African Americans escaping from hate, racism, segregation, and Jim Crow. That was almost sixty years ago.

Poverty, morality. politics, and economics have not really mixed well for centuries. Creating jobs means creating good jobs that keep huge amounts of people free of corruption and crime. There’s corruption about money and wealth and there is corruption about making bad decisions involving education, policing and public safety.

A careful analysis of both the United States and El Salvador would reveal patterns of vital mistakes even as those countries progressed. In El Salvador there is a lot of catching up to be done by people who have never been educated. There are people from El Salvador who came as teens or children who never attended school here either.

Yesterday I went to the beautiful El Yunque rainforest, passing the Luis Llorens Torres housing which is part of a vast network of housing in Puerto Rico. I read that in 2012 that the residents were going to get free wifi which could boost the level of education. This initiative is something that Nayib Bukele could take a close look at. I can tell you that a few years ago, I predicted in October hardly any change in the poorest performing school district on Long Island, a district with a large Salvadoran population (the article was published in October long before graduation in June in La Tribuna Hispana USA). The school district expected great results, but only two more diplomas were granted.

I recently learned from a graduate of Brentwood High School on Long Island that the school that she attended had one hundred fewer graduates than was achieved in the previous year. I did not verify the information, but I felt that the source was reliable.

I will be contacting the people in Puerto Rico responsible for the success of the families in the Llorens-Torres and other housing developments. We will soon see if there is that other kind of corruption by its top personnel. El Salvador could benefit much more from similar actions than from granting a thousand scholarships (becas). And Bulele knows that along with more jobs for people, he has to have his greatest impact on the poor through the education of those people. Small results can only diminish his presidency. even if his job performance remains high.

I wish that the White House Correspondents would take this to Stephen Miller for Q and A.  

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