Trump Had A Book About Hitler By His Bed

I have had lots of books by my bed about Hitler. But the point of it all is below to read and share.

“In a few days these troops (German) will liberate us from the nightmare of Hitler,” said Fritz-Dietlof Grof von der Schulenburg. There were plans in 1938 to assassinate Hitler. Another plan was to arrest him and lock him up. Locking up the opposition was part of the 2016 political landscape. We are only three months away from 2020 and Trump is expected to be around. So we can count on more of the same.

At that time Hitler had Jews around him and even a one hundred percent Jew named Stephanie zu Hohenlohe who wore her gold party badge.

The Fuhrer spoke his mind about things as Trump has and spoke “what he knows to be right (with emphasis on what he).” The Germans plotting against Hitler wanted to lock him up in a lunatic asylum. They wished to keep him out of war, but Hitler already had plans for Romania and the Ukraine after Czechoslovakia. And never forget that what Trump thinks is right is not what our nation needs.

Czechoslovakia had serious internal divisions which were consistent with many nations. The Germans there were fighting for power against the Czechs, for example. Konrad Heinlein wanted to be declared Minister of the Interior. Premier Hodza suggested to Henlein that he become the person in charge of the colonies, which was impossible since Czechoslovakia had no colonies. Hodza upon hearing from Heinlein that it was impossible, cleverly spoke, “Has not Italy a Minister of Finance and Germany a Minister of Justice?” And now we see that our own Department of Justice is fading out of loyalty to Trump. I wish that some of these ideas should be taken to the department to see if its leadership will change its loyalty to the people instead of to Trump.

And right now we see another low moment for Trump as “someone did something” in Saudi Arabia. It has already been written that billions of dollars of protections were useless in protecting the oil and I have spent two years saying the same about Trump’s wall. Hitler, too, had his wall. Could it be that Trump read about that as I did? Things can only get worse from here as that attack has already been called Saudi Arabia’s 9-11.

It was reported that there was a loss of almost 6 million barrels of oil. I have not seen the estimate of total damage. but Trump’s aggravating role in regard to iran has been priceless.

And what about Israel and its defenses? It should be clear that Trump has already destabilized the situation in that region and we don’t have to look for weapons of mass destruction this time. Trump ignited a flame with his embassy move and his suggestion that Israel annex territory. Even the elections in Israel have not caught up with these new revelations.

And now we learn that Trump will add new sanctions against Iran. What is going on right now is much worse than the attack on our embassy in Benghazi (except for the loss of American life there) and Trump steered that discussion too. It would be wise to take the wheel away from him.

Hitler’s wall was referred to as the West Wall, which was designed to keep invaders out. It wasn’t ready in the Spring of 1938, but it was designed to keep out the French Army just in case France decided to defend Czechoslovakia. If Trump learned about Hitler’s wall, I would conclude that he probably told himself that he was a better general than Hitler and that he would do things better his way. The Saudi 9-11 shows that things are unraveling just as things did for Hitler. No wall for Trump as well.

As Hitler moved quickly toward controlling the Sudetenland, Jews in Dachau were worried that if a war broke out that their lives would be at risk as international law would go out the window. The oppression that they experienced was briefly diminished as their young, sadistic SS guards were sent to the Czechoslovakian border and replaced during that short period by older, kinder guards. All the violations of international law under Trump have to reach the American people now.

At this time there was great revulsion against Hitler and he was losing support. Even Hitler was noticing it from a balcony in Berlin and he quickly moved from it. His propaganda machine continued its spin. And it was strongly believed that Germany needed a change of government and not a war. Americans are waking up, but more has to be done. The Republicans opposed to Trump have to do much more.

Goring berated Hitler’s biggest war hawk, calling Ribbentrop “a criminal fool.” And he strongly suggested that Ribbentrop sit beside him in the first bomber plane. Such divisions are needed now, strong divisions where fellow Republicans can blast Repugnicans.

Jews had little concern for the Czechs since the previous five years were years in which leaders there were saying “Better Hitler than Hapsburg” as Czechs did not wish for the restoration of the monarchy. And the fate of Jewry got worse as people were more cognizant of what was about to take place.

Pope Pius XI spoke out against anti-Semitism and racism in those days. He told the world that “Spiritually, we are Semites.” Hitler became agitated when he was informed that the Czechs rejected his demands saying “The Germans are being treated like niggers; one would not dare treat even the Turks like that.” Trump has gotten into big trouble for his racist comments.

This is a moment quite like September of 1938. The leaders of Europe did not want war and Trump prefers sanctions against Iran for now. Mike Pompeo has called the attack on Saudi Arabia an act of war and the Iranians have expressed that it is ready for total war. There were various compromises, but Hitler had his mind made up and the date to take action. That date was October 1, 1938 and he accomplished his goal. Trump is another story altogether and Austria-Germany is not the same as the United States. Trump’s hostility to Iran is understandable, but his diplomacy is incomprehensible to me.

It should be clear to our nation that mistakes have been made in the last two and a half years and this calls for Trump’s supporters to move the needle in the direction of negotiations, particularly at a moment when Trump has appointed a new National Security Advisor who I just read about in a post by the Zionist Organization of America.

This is a moment for negotiations and probably nothing else. Keep in mind also that the destruction that has taken place in Saudi Arabia is now part of the accounting and we can easily conclude that Obama’s deal with Iran was far cheaper than what has taken place now. And the attack was not nuclear. Trump’s supporters have a lot to explain or spin right now. Watch them carefully to see if they cannot comprehend both the errors of 1938 and 2019.

England and the other nations backed off of guarantees of support to Czechoslovakia, but it only kept war away for one year as Poland was attacked in 1939. I don’t have any real Polyana views and conservatives should take note of that. In the final analysis, it’s really up to a better informed people to decide what’s best and the answer to that is a full open discussion in which we seek more knowledge and not the rehashing of old Obama reporting and current Trump talk.

The year 1938 came about by the election of Hitler and problems related to the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. The situation now pertains to decades before Obama that still go unresolved. Hitler was wrong for Germany and Trump is wrong for US. He could step down, but Pence does not make any sense. And we cannot call new elections as Israel has. But it’s more than systemic. Considering Russia’s power, Putin may have to step down as well to help speed up great, peaceful change.

Trump has had evangelicals around him that should have kept far from the White House, but he allowed Robert Jeffress in whose comments about Jews and heaven remind me of a Sturmer anti-Semitic cartoon of a corrupt Jewish businessman going to heaven.

Trump has kept the Republican Party together. but the cracks are showing. We cannot expect a seismic shift among many Jews in Israel after the recent election there as Netanyahu continues to be diminished. The Democrats have surely made gains due to Trump’s mistakes since January 2017 and the massacre of Jews. I will predict that we will see footage during the campaign of Trump’s condolence calls made with his Jewish family members attending and mention of things that he has done to fight anti-Semitism. And that Zionists will shout eight more years (of course I mean four but we know Trump’s mind well as I make this important point).

There may not be a great candidate among the Democrats and politics may not be dominated in 2021 by liberal-socialists. There will be a swing back to greater justice and Trump out of office will no longer have the protections afforded him by the Mueller decision. Hitler overcame his opposition which you have read about in this article. but America is different from Austria-Germany and the clock is running out for Trump. Even if he takes US into war, the old slogan about not changing horses in midstream of FDR will not apply to Trump. He has done very little for the average American or even gone negative for US.

Ivana Trump said that Trump had a book about Hitler by his bed. I have books filled with information about Hitler, but I’m not like Trump. Now if we could only find that book to see Trump’s notes.

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