J’Accuse: Emile Zolá is My Guide

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I live and eat J’Accuse and that applies to people on both sides of the political aisle.  Emile Zolá has been a great hero to me for exposing the French military at the time of the Dreyfus Affair in the 1890s.  James Comey exposed Trump and there was his team of liars.  So this time it wasn’t the military trying to target people as it was people around Donald Trump.  There were seventeen liars according to what I read concerning Robert Mueller’s investigation.  That investigation was American investigation to find out the truth and it found out lots of truths that have partially cleaned out Trump’s swamp, but it isn’t over yet.  The Dreyfus Affair was not over, even after Captain Alfred Dreyfus was released from Devil’s Island off the coast of South America.  You will find out more about what happened later on.  I decided to release this new section of my book because of two things  One was that I learned that James Comey would be given my new article James Comey for President which is principally about, again, the Dreyfus Affair and no sooner had I learned about that did I read about the new motion picture by Roman Polanski called J’Accuse which is based on the novel that I had read by Robert Harris called “An Officer and a Spy.”  I was being Zolá without completely realizing it until Trump came along.  Incidentally Picquart was anti-Semitic according to what I have read.  But why did he go out of his way to expose the military that he loved which was plotting against a Jew?  The reason was to honor truth and justice.

 People ask today if Donald Trump is racist or they insist that he is racist.  Use the information of Picquart as your guide here.  Trump may be racist or he may not be, but we also know from watching Trump, particularly since his campaign started, that he is not interested in the truth unless it serves his own interests.  Does it really matter then if he is or he isn’t, especially when he has been elected the leader of our nation.  His supporters know who he is, but another thing to know is that since he supports so many of their positions they will let him get away with stupid things that he says and things that he fights for, even if they may not even agree with it.  They voted for him, they won, and we lost and that is pretty much all that matters.

Leakers are needed to provide justice and keep government clean.  It was not Emile Zolá who leaked the information about the French military, Colonel George Picquart gave the information to Louis Leblois.  On April 28, 2018 in Jewish Business News I wrote that the truth must come out.  I could be the only journalist in the United States who has shared this kind of information.  Even the website of the Central Intelligence Agency has posted the importance of the Dreyfus Affair to understanding investigations and that preceded Trump and his problems (see James Comey: A “Leaker” With A Higher Loyalty).  And shortly after that I wrote about how Comey prevented the president from making waterboarding an official policy and the hospital scene at Attorney General John Ashcroft’s bed reads like the famous scene where there is a conspiracy to take out Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather (Lessons From The Spanish Civil War).  This article also cites evidence of how Texaco aided fascists and walked away with a “slap on the wrist” from President Roosevelt.This new section or chapter is an attempt to share content that my readers around the world have read.  It started with Jewish Business News in Israel and then made a turn to my own blog The Force 2020 DDT or Defeat Donald Trump or DDT the insecticide.   And many articles have been read by people in Congress.  In fact my article some of my ideas have reached a level in the 2020 Election Campaign.

Trump Belongs in Hebron was my first title and it called for Trump to be somewhere else where he could build golf courses, stay there, and play there.  His election was a curse on Jewish and Christian values which we noticed in his exchange with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.  He believes in “An Eye for An Eye” and I wrote I spoke with a rabbi on the Lower East Side and he told me that we should be careful about urging “An Eye for An Eye.”  We have to absorb that lesson.  I also wrote about the killing of Talmudic students and others in Hebron as Arabs launched terrorist attacks on Jews in 1929,but I also feel that people have to be balanced and talk and write about the attack on the Arab village of Deir Yassin perpetrated by the Jewish military force the Irgun led by Menachem Begin. That attack in 1929 inspired me to write in the 1980s and I later wrote screenplay which is called The Sacred Oath: Ali Lakhdar’s Revenge.  I learned much more about that massacre of Jews recently including that Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn had been in Hebron with the Jewish community there shortly before the massacre. 

I have called upon Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib whose family is Palestinian to tell her constituents who don’t know about that Hebron took place before the Nakba.  It’s about being as fair and balanced as possible.

There is a lot of history in this book that I have shared with my online readers and now I hope that schools around the country will share this book as teachers and students learn much more, especially as The Force 20220 DDT approaches us.  As my new readers turn to the internet to search for content, they will surely learn about solutions to our problems.  College campuses can learn about fighting anti-Semitism, for example, by reading The Holocaust Chronicles or Uniting Jews To Fight Anti-Semitism.  I have not concentrated on my new articles in this book, but there are many that are worth reading as well such as the article Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter as we have learned about several suicides among police officers in New York City. 

Trump’s Divisiveness is America’s Divisiveness

Trump is more follower than leader and he has failed to bring people together in almost three years.  As time went by, some people who could not say Black Lives Matter or Latino Lives Matter tried to give us a pill to swallow and that pill is All Lives Matter.  Trump’s version of All Lives Matter sounds much more like Archie in All in the Family, taking us back to the days of imposed segregation and White Supremacy before Civil Rights.  Jews played a major role in instituting Civil Rights in states where that was possible at that time until the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  I wrote about Colin Kaepernick in my article Trump Silence About Jews and African Americans.  I wrote that the police across America could have built a bridge to communities through Colin Kaepernick, but the police chose their own option.  Police and prosecutors have conspired against African Americans over the decades and I did compare that to the Dreyfus Affair again.  I also called for a cartoon of Emile Zolá coming out of the mouth of Colin Kaepernick as he fought for justice for Black people. 

In the article Lebron James For POTUS, I write how Natalie Portman said “We’re humans.  We’re all humans.” We must unite and not divide.  And I had a role in helping members of the N.A.A.C.P. get arrested in the office of Senator Jeff Sessions who did not give those people an appointment.  I gave that idea and it led to the defeat of Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama.  Choosing Sessions was an integral part of that divisiveness.  Make no mistake about it.

The article I’m In a Jewish State of Mind reveals how Trump turned people from El Salvador upside down as he eliminated temporary protections that had been in place for decades and removed recent DACA protections even though DACA had 70 percent approval.  To me it’s not about the polls, it was about Trump’s divisiveness and his inhumanity.  Jews had protections beyond religious freedom as George Washington visited the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island where he declared that we should not give in to intolerance in our nation.

I know that undocumented immigrants have lots of rights, including the right to open a business, get a social security number, and pay taxes. Donald Trump has stated that he wants to ban all Muslims, but months later he stresses that he will ban Muslims in countries of high terrorism. It is good that he has changed his policy statement, but it took him months to change it.

In Senator John Barrasso On Shutdown I wrote this.  A 30 percent fine should be paid by our government to all federal works who were not paid or furloughed.  The government shutdown was wrong and should be remembered. 

Relations With Mexico and the Wall. 

Viva Mexico was the first of my man articles about Trump’s wall.  I proposed that about half of the money for the wall could go to fighting crime in America, about half to helping veterans across America, and some money to aid Israel as it seemed that there was much more inflammatory rhetoric taking place in the Middle East and Iran.  Many cities the top dangerous cities voted Republican in 2016 and under Trump we see that he has paid very little time to addressing national safety concerns which have escalated and since he doesn’t know what to do or even say, he blames others such as Congressman Elijah Cummings and Baltimore. 

Carlos Slim, the wealthiest man in Mexico holds the key to helping Mexico and much of Latin America where he has great influence.  At one time he had more money than Bill Gates.  In Let’s Talk About Carlos Slim Multibillionaire From Mexico, I point out how the world’s wealthy including Michael Bloomberg and Magic Johnson could have done much more for the poor all these years.  Lebron James is mentioned for his donation to Akron to help some people with their high school equivalency test fees as a good example of hitting the bulls’ eye throughout the world where more education is in demand in the workforce.

In Breitbart Fake News I suggest the Putin pay for Trump’s wall among other things.  I also mention that there has been no great protest against Trump’s wall.

I received a nice letter from Senator John Mc Cain related to fighting domestic terrorism and gangs, but Mc Cain felt that a wall would not keep out immigrants coming to the United States (even President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador  recently said the same thing in a video that I watched).  Read John Mc Cain.

In Texas Senate Race, I wrote that Trump’s Wall had been breached 13 times in a week.

In Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador I write about reading the Mexican president’s book.  Here is important critical information from that book.  López-Obrador calls the opposition a “gang of thugs” and Trump seems to have mostly thugs around him that are there to profit from being with Trump.  López-Obrador writes about how the wealthy have depleted the Mexican treasury through tax deductions just at the moment that we are finding out about the tax scams of Donald Trump to enrich himself with tax deductions.  The president-elect of Mexico writes about Franklin D. Roosevelt and how the 32nd president expressed four fundamental human rights 1) freedom of expression 2) freedom of worship 3) freedom from want 4) freedom from fear. Trump has given us 1) freedom for Trump to express himself as he denigrates just about everyone else 2) freedom of worship except for maybe Muslims who pray for their loved ones to join them in America 3) freedom to cut the programs of the poor 4) freedom to invoke fear anytime he wishes, particularly in the blue states, sanctuary cities (his case was just overturned on funding to sanctuary cities) and more.

We have to be the Joshuas of the Bible as I wrote about Trump On 60 Minutes.  And there was a lot more to read about in those 60 Minutes.

Lucky Trump Equals Lucky Lindbergh And Lucky Luciano is a title that refers to anti-Semitism in the making and to crime.  We have learned from the Mueller Report that no “sitting president” can be charged due to Department of Justice decisions, but in that article I wrote Now we can get to my community and learn just how Trump is manipulating lots of information about MS-13 and the undocumented immigrants that deserve much better. They are an integral part of this community and businesses owe their growth to them. First of all, thirty alleged members of MS-13 that were arrested won their cases and were released. Justice matters!

I write about El Chapo and Carlito from Carlito’s Way in Trump Betrays Public Safety And Americans.  The drugs entering the “open border” end up in the hands of people who kill and people who are killed by the drugs. But most of the drugs are coming through legal ports of entry. We also know that border agents are accepting bribes to let drugs in.  And people know how to climb over walls is demonstrated.  So what use is the wall considering so many dangers?

Jewish world

I advocated for more money for Puerto Rico at a time when Trump was threatening cuts in aid to Palestinians and he was negotiating with Abbas who was paying terrorists to kill Israelis.  There was no mention of Trump and Abbas by the leading Zionist organization the way that I told it, just support for Trump because of other things related to Israel. 

In my article about a school in Vermont, I state that I wish a Jewish Lives Matter had been raised to unite people before the Holocaust. 

In The Fire and Fury President Part II, I denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan, but I denounce Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for being in power and doing the things that they do to harm the world.  Putin announced that maybe it was Russian Jews who interfered in the Election of 2016.  Jew blaming, maybe not at its best, but significant.  It’s about being toxic but holding on to power and I mention the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown as well.  Where is he today?  He became toxic with that shooting.

A bill sponsored by Democrats was killed in the Tennessee legislature that would have done more to prevent criminals in the White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi categories, Tennessee the home state of Donald Trump’s favorite president of the United States Andrew Jackson.  Read about that in The Fire and Fury President: Part III and remember that two Israelis were killed in the uprising after Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

My article called The Holocaust Chronicles is important and shows Jews who could have been members of my own family in the Przemsyl Ghetto and read about the German woman who wrote My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me which I feel can defuse lots of anti-Semitism among African Americans across our nation.  That is if the message gets out to the public.

In Trump’s Patton Impersonation And The Jewish People Patton called the Jews who survived the concentration camps that were just liberated “the greatest stinking mass of humanity that I have ever seen.”  That sounds a lot like Trump to me as well. 

As a reminder to Jews who support Trump mostly disregarding his harsh treatment of immigrants, I wrote Colonel Jose Castellanos’ Lesson To Us All about how this Salvadoran saved thousands of Jewish lives during the Holocaust and was later honored at Yad Vashem in 2010 as “Righteous Among Nations.”

Evangelicals are going through changes at this time that cause consternation, but I wrote about Robert Jeffress in Trump’s Evangelical Leadership And More as Jeffress who said that Jews cannot be saved and spoke in pretty much the same manner as Minster Louis Farrakhan has in the Nation of Islam.

In Trump and Franco, I go further into the role played by Torkild Rieber of Texaco who was aiding Hitler as well, providing agents around Europe to destroy people that we later supported.  Rieber, naturally, considered himself a “patriot.”

In The National Anthem and Trump’s Throne (actually a torture chair in Bobolice Castle in Poland), I write that the President of Israel should not let Trump into Israel (knowing that countries decide who to allow in).  And I reveal how war veterans played a role in getting the Star-Spangled Banner adopted by Congress and that was resolved by the Hoover Administration which also gave us anti-Semitic immigration laws.

Michael Oren, former ambassador to the United States, wrote in Ally that the Republicans “appeared more determined to alienate these interest groups which included liberals, students, immigrants, and minorities.”  See Israel: Its Relationship With Presidents and People.  And he does point out that Obama gave Israel a $38 billion aid over ten years in his book (I would love to hear Trump repeat that).

In Trump Putting With Putin: Trump Mixes Fascism and Appeasement, I write about Neville Chamberlain and the powerful people around him in England, but I also show the anti-Semitism that pervaded English society and the support that Parliament gave to Chamberlain.  Hitler and Mussolini were considered “pretty regular diplomats” and Trump is a “regular” president by that definition.

Joseph Kennedy was okay with some Jews, but the rest stink reminded me of Trump his “some” Mexicans are okay.  For Kennedy, the persecution of Jews was kind of like “fake news” and he wanted it eliminated.  See The Lie About The F.B.I. that was perpetrated by Trump and his supporters.

There were 100,000 undocumented Jews in Germany who moved from war torn Poland that I never heard about until now.  “Undocumented” immigrants are being abused under our eyes by Trump.

Read Trump’s Very Dangerous GPS.  In Enemies Of The People. I quote the Bavarian Minister of Culture (“culture”) who said “From now on it is not up to you to decide whether something is true, but whether it is in the interests of the National Socialist Revolution.”  German Jews were loyal and had to live through this before the Holocaust took place.

I wrote the article Talmud Applied to American Law to show the lawlessness of Trump, but Peter Hays in his book on the Holocaust wrote that during the Holocaust people complying with a list was unacceptable under the Talmud which “amounts to taking on personal guilt.”  And I do not see Melania Trump’s name on a deportation list.

The United States would not even help 20,000 Jewish children come here as those children met the fate under Hitler.  In The Lesser Of Two Evils, I write about how Jews were protected sometimes and people risked their lives to save Jews at a time when 10 percent of Americans favored deporting Jews.

In Donald Trump’s Swamp Nation, I told how Hitler was telling his people “We either segregate Jews or we destroy our race.”  And Hitler was able to parlay a minority vote which was 16.8 percent including the nationalists in 1928 and then become victorious four years later.

In Kavanaugh’s Music Box I bring the movie The Music Box by Costa-Gavras together with the Dreyfus Affair.  The ending of the Music Box is superb as a woman who defends her own father in Chicago learns the truth about his terrible past killing Jews in Hungary.  I feel that the case against Trump and Russia is far from over, but Robert Mueller could not discuss things that were not in the report.

Wendell Wilkie felt that dealing with the “New Deal” was worse than dealing with Hitler, I wrote in Trump The Evil In America.  I also point out how Ben Carson put out false information about Jews not having guns in Hitler’s Germany.  They had guns, but those guns were of no use to them.

Righteous among nations for Donald Trump, I asked in Pittsburgh, an article after the massacre there.  I also tell about how I called the Dennis Praeger Show to speak about anti-Semitism.  Praeger was aligned with Trump so see his response to potential danger.

After the Pittsburgh Massacre 26,000 people signed a petition asking Trump to denounce White Nationalism.  In Trump Incites I denounce rabbis who are aligned with Trump, perhaps because of traditional respect given to our nation’s leader.  That makes little and no sense to me looking back at all the history that I have learned and shared.

In Trump Blamed After Charlottesville And Pittsburgh, I point out that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn started drug programs, advocated for world peace and solar energy (not good ole American coal), foreign aid to developing countries, and no land for peace in Israel so lives would not be lost among other things. 

We Are Not The Lucky Ones Now is a title that I lifted from a novel called We Were the Lucky Ones, a Holocaust story based on a true story.  And where did Jews go in 1946?

In M.A.G.A. Cement Falling Apart I gave the supporting details to the Trump conspiracy as he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Mathew Whitaker who had earlier criticized the Mueller Investigation.  And Abe Foxman, I wrote, reported how three neo-Nazi candidates for office just received support from voters ranging from 26.5 percent to 38.2 percent in Congressional elections.

In Vietnam On Veterans Day I write about Pierre Mendes France former Prime Minister of France who was called a traitor by Jean-Marie le Pen of France, a right winger and a nationalist.   Mendes France wanted to get France out of the colonialism business altogether which signaled comments about bringing down France.  As Trump tries to get us out of Syria and Afghanistan today, we have to ask what those right-wingers think about another display of American power without victory. And keep in mind that the French Assembly voted 471 to 14 to get out of Indochina.

Exodus (1947) Under The Honduran Flag is a reminder that there was a Jewish “invasion” into Palestine which was more dangerous than the arrival of caravans from Latin America.  There were 4,500 “illegal” immigrants there if we can call anyone seeking a new home “illegal.” The British were arranging to take the Jews back to Germany.

Italian Protectors of Jews is a great story Giovanni Palatucci who helped create a Jewish haven in Italy.  His fiancée was Jewish and she survived Hitler, but Palatucci died in Dachau Concentration Camp.

I wrote the article Melania Trump and I have watched people closely including former Ministers of Education in the Dominican Republic. They bring nothing to schools that they speak in, except hot air. Think of something that Melania Trump could have brought to those school children and their parents during her Africa trip. I know you can think of something good.  I could have been the educator of low-level members of MS-13. I was the teacher of the Consulate of El Salvador and I knew what to do, but the FMLN won the election in 2009 and has retained power since as my own influence waned.  On my business card at that time, it was written “no person left behind” when all George W. Bush could give US was “no child left behind.” I meant business.

Uniting Jews To Fight Anti-Semitism is an article, but it is also what is needed now to fight anti-Semitism.  Nobody calls upon me and my ideas and I write to leading Jewish organizations often.  Check this out.  Antisemitism by Muslims ..? The Covenant of Protection from Prophet Muhammad Commands the Muslims to Protect Jews and Christians Until the End of Time. 

The Conspiracy of Hearts and Minds portrays the worsening condition of the United States.  The conspiracy of the Hearts and Minds today is playing in theaters near you all over the United States and the world. Anti-Semitism? Yes. Anti-civil rights? Yes. Anti-immigrant (undocumented)? Yes. Antilogical? Yes.

In 1963 John F. Kennedy was very worried about the “backlash” over his civil rights position, but he believed that it was the moral thing to stand up for. Trump, like the word tromper in French, tells us of a man who cheats, deceives, and disappoints and he does it amazingly well. Boy does that word’s meaning fit Tromp great. We must tromp on Tromp in any language. In Spanish, we have to give a political trompazo to Trump. In other words, Dump Trump and what he stands for.  I watched the movie the Conspiracy of The Hearts where Jewish children were saved by Catholics in a movie theater called the Palestine on the Lower East Side in the 1950s.

Donald Trump (Toxic) is an article where I strongly criticize the Zionist Organization of America.  Then we have the leadership of Jewish organizations in America where things are problematic. Take, for example, the Zionist Organization of America stating in a massive email effort that the man arrested for the Pittsburgh Massacre that “Tragically, a Trump-hating anti-Semite murdered 11 Jews while they were praying in a Pittsburgh shul.” This clearly takes Trump out of focus. Then days later, the Jewish publication Algemeiner printed the comments of French Jew Bernard-Henri Lévy who said, “Antisemitism is back. Everywhere. Openly,” Lévy said, as he reflected on a year that saw numerous instances of deadly antisemitic acts, among them the murder last March of Mireille Knoll, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor living alone in Paris, and the slaughter by a neo-Nazi gunman of 11 Jewish worshipers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh at the end of October.”

In Trump’s Insane Asylum Ending Soon I told many stories including this one about the Displacement Camps after World War II.   The other side of all this is the immigration issue and asylum for people of all nations. And the wall issue has been pushed to the fore ground by Trump. Romney, remember. decided that he wanted immigrants to self deport, which for some or many would mean self-destruct.  The immigration-refugee crisis of the post-World War II Era was so immense and the United States did not call for a national security emergency at the border. Trump’s border crisis is minor by comparison, but still important.  Herbert Lehman was put in charge of UNRRA or the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration but was replaced by Fiorello LaGuardia (former mayor of New York City and a Republican). About 7.7 million people needed help. The Displacement Camps included Jews, slave laborers, soldiers, and refugees. There were people from the Soviet Union, Poland, others from Eastern Europe, France, Norway, Holland, and Belgium. Relief cost tens of billions of dollars.  Isolationists in Congress were opposed to paying the costs upon hearing about the waste and corruption, but human lives were in big trouble as soldiers and relief workers were at each other’s throats. There was no return to normalcy for a long time and people found themselves in conditions that were often worse than they experienced before the war ended.  Sex among the displaced persons were more than common. It has been explained as “an act of defiance against extinction.”750 babies a month were born in the camps 1/3 of the Jewish women were either pregnant or had given birth And most of those Jews were not survivors of the concentration camps Reports went back to Truman that the camps were failing the people.

In Magoo’s Magi Keeping America Great, I chose to write about the Polish Jews.  A quick look at responsibility in the book 1946 is about the Pogrom of Kielce, which is not in Germany. Kielce was the worst of the anti-Jewish massacres of the Post World War II period. There were only 380 Jewish residents of Kielce when before Hitler there were 20,000. There were 130,000 residents of the town when the pogrom took place. Forty-two Jews were killed that day and eighty were badly injured. The scene was typical of what Jews had experienced under Hitler. And pogroms were not limited to Poland then.  There were all kinds of forces at play in the pogrom. And among those forces was the idea of Zydokomuna or Jewish Bolshevism as there were some Jews among the Communists who took over Poland and these Poles were not considered “real Poles.” The Catholic Church did not do anything to challenge this to prevent Blood Libels and other incidents. The Bishop of Czestochowa, Teodor Kubina, was not one of those who conformed to the statements and actions of the vast majority in the Catholic Church. And Kubina was ostracized by others. Cardinal Hlond who did not make a statement against anti-Semitism when the British Ambassador Victor Cavendish Bentinck asked him to. It was felt that such a statement could weaken the support for the Catholic Church in Poland. But it was also strongly believed that the Church was anti-Semitic (but there were many important great deeds during the Holocaust by various archdiocese).  The Communist Party also took no action against this anti-Semitic act, adding to the political insanity of its time. There were 75,000 Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust and it was probably made perfectly clear that the Jews would be better off leaving the country. Jews left for Germany to live in Displaced Person camps.

Huckabee Huckabee is about two Huckabees.  I wrote about the former governor in that article.  Huckabee in his presidential campaign wanted to build a border fence and get the undocumented immigrants to return home in 120 days. Danny Danon of Israel has strongly defended Huckabee against criticism by Jewish organizations including the A.D.L. or Anti-Defamation League. Huckabee compared the national debt with the Holocaust. And even today (two years after Obama has left office), the Huckabee criticism of the Iran Nuclear Deal shows us that Iran is in compliance instead of creating nuclear missiles.

Beto Vs. Trumpanik starts with some Yiddish.  Trombenik in Yiddish is a lazy person or a person who boasts a lot or a loudmouth or a bullshitter or he who Trumpets himself or Trumpanik. Perfect! And he should resign and leave Congresswoman Omar alone. She was elected and she has time to prove that she is worthy. And when Trump trumpets his partisans panic (k). Trump panic!  Americans do not know their own history well and even the three branches of government, people in Europe know little of nothing about the Holocaust, and apparently, Trump knows very little himself. We cannot fault him for saying this last week that good people fought to abolish Civil Rights as context does matter. Trump has had two years and he was never worthy!

In Nakba Awareness Among Republicans Coming I was just kidding.  And in pursuing his point, Congressman Meadow was touting his record and does not want to be considered a racist for what Congresswoman Tliab said.  And I have to agree with the congresswoman that hiring a Black woman and getting along well with her does not exclude the possibility that Trump is racist.  Hitler, in his early days in power (I repeat from another article) protected Jews who were attacked) and we know that Hitler was a racist.

I called the office of Congresswoman Omar and her staff searched for my article on the Holocaust Chronicles and found it to show to her.  That article details that people of color, but particularly African Americans and other Black people probably would have been next in line to be exterminated.  Even one of my readers was quick to point that out to me.  Black History Month just ended and Jews share too much in common for people to divide the importance of the commonality of our history.  This should be shared of course with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and with students on campus across America.  It would take great courage on the part of Omar to make this well-known in her district and to her supporters around our nation.  By not doing that it portrays a politician who is less courageous for now and more partisan. Read Congresswoman Omar’s Mistake.

Puerto Rico and Trump

I urged help to Puerto Rico early on citing the murder rate in Puerto Rico just after Hurricane Maria.  This is another example of his failure to improve public safety.

Trump and the American People

He took away wage increases of management level employees and froze the wages of federal employees.  And then there is the Tax Reform that was passed which hurt people in big states and did not take into account the needs of large families in all states as the standard deduction clearly hurt large families as personal exemptions were eliminated.  Bernie Sanders countered Trump by pointing out that the lowest level of job creation since 2010 has been under Trump and there will be on that later. 

In Tom Perez and Governor Rosselló Speak At the NAACP Convention, I pointed out that Rosselló had a person in charge of education that I compared to Betsy DeVos and they were committed to charter schools instead of making things better in neighborhood schools.  The statehood question resulted in passing a resolution in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico which was later rescinded by the NAACP.  Tom Perez asked that we “turn on the light of truth” in America.  Since then both the Secretary of Education of Puerto Rico and its governor have resigned.

With roots in Spain, many Puerto Ricans ought to know that after the famous attack on Guernica, made famous by Pablo Picasso, the Fascists started to blame the tragedy on the Republicans.  Read Fake News And Once More In One Nation Under Trump.  Keep in mind Trump’s many spins of Hurricane Maria, including the number of deaths. In Springtime For Hitler In Times Square I ask if Jews would tolerate a statue of Hitler there, thinking about African Americans and Robert E. Lee and others.  Lord Nelson’s statue was destroyed by Irish who blew it up.  Mar-A-Lago could be a great place to house detestable statues. 

I was told a long, long time ago that my family roots (Kurzweil) were from Spain.  Elizabeth Warren was told she had Native American roots and she does.  I would assume that the Kurzweil roots go back before 1492 when Jews were forced out of Spain.  There are interesting roots of others like Muhammad Ali and Bryant Gumbel for readers who are interested in Elizabeth Warren vs. Donald Trump.

 Black Lives Matter.

See the article on the raising of the Black Lives Matter flag with permission at a school in Vermont which was a show of unity.  I wrote that we should kneel together for peace in communities in that article Black Lives Matter Flag Raised in Vermont.  And I point out that White domination should not be confused with White Supremacy. 

As I have written about Colin Kaepernick often, take a look at Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Right Person for Fox News Interview But Wrong and his comments about the Colin Kaepernick Matter as he expresses his preference for symbols including the American flag as though Jesus created that flag. I was thinking of his resignation as I thought of my mentor Emile Zolá who gave me the new title of this book.

General Forrest and Katyn Forest asks about the tolerance of Jews for a statue of Hitler.  This play on the word forest also reveals that between 700-900 of the Polish Army officers killed were Jews and that a statue of Stalin who signed the order had been taken down.  Jewish and African Americans have been hurt by the demand for “culture” that is historical but extremely oppressive.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump is a racist or not, his policies are hurting Black people around our nation.  Charging much higher rent in HUD is just one example and in Donald Trump and Pastor Darrell Scott I addressed these things and more as Pastor Scott has failed to help in many expected ways, but remains a hardline supporter of Trump. 

In NAACP Convention Speaks I present the photo and story of Emile Zolá fighting for justice.  And I point out that Trump hides behind the flag and the military instead of fighting for justice for all people.  No flag should take on more importance than the struggle of people for equality and justice.

Although Stand Your Ground laws are for everyone, Florida’s history including Broward County, Chris Mancini has told me, has been full of racism and injustice for decades.  In Florida Stand Your Ground Law May Be Unconstitutional, I call attention to the old duels that our nation used to have.  Fans of Hamilton, the Broadway Show, can read my view on those duels.

Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore for the Senate.  In Doug Jones’ Historic Victory in Alabama and Roy Moore’s Recent Claim of Equality in Alabama, everyone should take notice of the fact that it affected my Jewish State of Mind to read about Alabama’s clean history.   About 98 percent of Black women voted for Jones and 96 percent of Blacks overall and that vote was a rebuke of Trump as well.

In Contamination Of The White Race, I wrote that from the Mississippi to the Rhine River, Hitler in Mein Kampf, Jews and Black people were going to share the same fate.  Germans could not even tolerate King Kong holding that German-type blonde in the movie.  Black people fell under the same Nuremberg Laws as Jews and others and were sent to concentration camps.

The Electoral College should have been removed after the Civil War was won, but it wasn’t.  In Enough American Propaganda I wrote that the Electoral College was one of two things that got Trump in office and the other thing was lying which should have resulted in his being shown the door of the White House or never got him into the White House in the first place.

The Occupation Of Paris in 1940, African Americans had to sit in the last car of trains as Mein Kampf was German Jim Crow.  “Better Hitler than Blum, (Blum was Jewish and he had been prime minister twice during the 1930s)” was on the minds of right-wing Frenchman.  And Josephine Baker, who was in Paris, lost favor because of Hitler’s racism and control over the minds of people.  Her nightclub act was considered decadent.

There is a link between the word “pig” in Jewish and African American communities to find out in The Holocaust And Black Lives Matter.  And keep in mind that the massacre of Haitians in the Dominican Republic predated Kristallnacht by a year and nobody stopped Hitler and his assault on Jews in Europe at that time. 

Would Rabbi Schneersohn Have Praised Hitler is an article that led me to learn later that Rabbi Schneersohn in 1929 had been in Hebron with the community there just before the Arab Massacre of Jews.  This article was written just before Trump’s moving of the American Embassy in Israel which could have waited until peace for sure.  It could have waited.  African American and Jewish fears are the same.

In Camelot’s Unethical Plot about the last days of John F. Kennedy, I wrote, “On the other hand, Kennedy’s second fulfillment wish item has not turned out as well as people expected. Civil rights critics just like Holocaust deniers abound in America. African Americans still need the kind of communication that we Jews had as Zionists met and finally started a homeland for Jews that was approved by the United Nations. In addition, African Americans need voting protections in states and to feel much more confident in America, confidence that has not happened in One Nation Under Trump.”

In The Republican Party Is Dying I revealed things about the Kennedy years.  The people around Dr. King wanted to end discrimination in hiring and Kennedy was not ready for that. He spoke to the organizers of the March on Washington about how the Jews had escaped discrimination through education (something that started in Europe back in the 1800s). Education was important, of course, since only 25 percent of African Americans were graduating from high school in 1963. And there are people that think that things have worsened since those days.  The rich combination of jobs and education was the key, but the United States has failed. I would have been of no help to John F. Kennedy or Dr. King, but by 2002 I knew where they and Republicans had gone wrong. The G.E.D. to lift greater numbers up each year. I learned after 2000 that there were 40 million affected people in America and things were getting worse. And continue to be worse.  Dr. King told Kennedy about his plan of action and A. Philip Randolph told Kennedy that young Black youth were “running out of hope.” And keep in mind that although Eisenhower had acted sometimes, there was a mentality based on the conditioning taking place all over America and that Kennedy for two years was not the Kennedy of 1963. making made this comparison. Kennedy should not “substitute an inadequate approach for a miserable one.”

In Voter Backlash (1963) turning to Birmingham we remember that there was a bombing, an assassination of Medgar Evers, and white police tormenting or terrorizing African Americans. John F. Kennedy sent two men to intervene for him. They were Earl Blaik whose West Point football team we used to watch play Navy and General Kenneth Royall who Kennedy believed integrated American troops while Truman was president. Not a single African American played in 19 years for Blaik and Royall opposed integration of the Armed Forces. Sound like Trump?

People that I know participated in my article Twelve Angry Black Men.  I wrote this as a wake-up call.  I think that Black Lives Matter and other organizations have to have a big meeting and make things better now because things are actually getting worse as they get better. The children are benefitting more, but the adults are suffering. Everyone needs to be educated. Education is what John F. Kennedy wanted to give to African Americans (that was the deal he pushed through) because he knew that integration was going to be a problem. Unfortunately, Kennedy and the people who followed him have not done a great job. And I have long felt that I am continuing the work of Dr. King.

In An Educational Report For Our Nation, I exposed lots of things and this is one of my favorites.  New York, for example, has ranked at the bottom of the barrel with Alabama and Mississippi on the passing rate for African Americans and the gap is about twenty-five percent between Whites and African Americans. This impacts on communities and clearly presents problems such as low educational attainment, job opportunities, and crime in communities. And all the above affects the tax base. Wyandanch, Long Island is now struggling to retain teachers for the next school year at a time when it needs to do the best for the students and the community.

In I Didn’t Need To Do This Wall I wrote about an America that could have gone insane for Hitler.  There was a great support for Hitler back in those days, political, economic, and more. World War II may have helped the US avoid death camps in the United States and lead the world to recognize the existence of the State of Israel. And Jim Crow would have gone out of existence as well at the hands of National Socialists in power here. National Socialism would have made it unnecessary to fight for the White Race today and I would not be writing this.

In relation to the African American community, it is not about teaching them only about dreidels, the hora, and latkas (which was what Ambassador Michael Oren of Israel was doing as he tried to build bigger support for Israel). It is about the side that Natalie Portman has talked about. The cause of justice affects us all. Dreyfus did not have to say “I can’t breathe” to start a mass movement. Their (the African American community) cause is our cause, but only when they and we are right. Two-thirds of youth going to prison are “special ed’ students, maybe some of them fit the ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder which is and was the DNA of Michael Oren. Learn about Toya Graham whose son was dressed much like the Palestinian youth committing violence in the Middle East. Her son made front page news in Baltimore and I held up that photo of Ms. Graham whacking her son alongside his head during a demonstration in Baltimore at the headquarters of the Department of Education of the City of New York in front of a group of parent leaders.  Read The Year Of With Justice For All. 

Trump used the word racist in reference to Spike Lee and his lawyer Rudi Giuliani thought that Black Lives Matter sounded racist when he heard it.  These “brilliant” men may have misused the word, perhaps intending to use racial which is not racist.  We do have our racial differences, don’t we?  There may be some conspiracy right there between Giuliani and Trump.  I can imagine Giuliani telling Trump that he purposely misused the word to appeal to the right-wing base.  Read Spike Lee’s Racial Remark.

I will expose anyone and any organization as well as elected officials.  In The Battle of Parkland this is what I wrote among other things.  I know about racism in schools and it does work both ways.  Puerto Ricans in my old school district were fired who were out to get “Jews” and it was witnessed by a Mexican, a Sephardic Jew.  That is evidence based.  I witnessed an African American businessman in Nassau County tell his audience that his company was Afro-centric in hiring and would keep out Hispanics (it was a library that needed renovation).  I have said nothing racist about Runcie, nor will I.  I need answers from people in the Parkland community and I have called Dr. Osgood and written to the NAACP in Ft. Lauderdale and nothing has come out of it.  We are all part of the problem and we are all part of the solution.

MS-13, El Salvador, and Central American nations.

It was pointed out that linking MS-13 to the overall immigration problem is wrong.  This kind of strong rhetoric leading to policies stigmatizes people just the way that Jews have been the target around the world.  I lived through this problem in Brentwood, New York and it resurfaced on a national scale with harsh policies under Trump.  I wrote about Trump’s talk about zero tolerance for MS-13, but he did little or nothing about most gangs and profited from the news coverage of MS-13.   In fact all immigrants who crossed the border without a visa or who overstayed there visa have lots of rights in our country that have to be respected which I wrote about in Donald Trump Horrified About Machetes Killing People. 

In Trump Hides Behind MS-13 (His Human Shield) As Our Nation Demands Action, I point out how Trump’s inaction is stressing our nation as he focused primarily on MS-13 and fails the country.

In Three Suicides Marco Antonio Muñoz, a Honduran, had his child separated from him while he was being detained and he found dead in a pool of blood as he committed suicide.  The ripping of children from parents’ arms and the suicide of parents happened in the Holocaust as well. 

In denying domestic violence victims the right to asylum, the article Himmler Is To Sessions What Hitler Is To Trump and the hypocritical stance taken by White House lawyer Jay Sekulow is exposed here.  Sekulow writes about violations of international law in his book on ISIS, but he remained quiet about the violation of the rights of domestic violence victims. 

A secret meeting took place in 2015 and a recording was made of that meetings that involved the MS-13.  In the Coalition For A New Chicago And Four More Killings, Donald Trump is apparently taking credit for a work in progress as our nation’s police and F.B.I. had been working on the information that was passed on to them by a member of the Eastside Loco Salvatrucha.

Extra Extra: Read All About The Police and MS-13 is where I tell how I wrote a proposal to help gang members with the GED and keep in mind that I warned the National Police Chief of El Salvador in 2005 that “zero tolerance” would not work.  And I Accuse various elected officials in Suffolk County.

In A Sucker Is Born Every Minute, I wrote my views on the future of El Salvador under President Nayib Bukele.  And the next president of El Salvador will inherit this mess, if and when it happens. Nayib Bukele is the leading candidate right now and he should be preparing a “white paper” to show his people what can be expected with less money. Candidates, we know, do not mind deceiving their voters and their campaign workers go along with it, because they all expect jobs that pay well for their campaign efforts. The same thing applies to the other candidates.  I know Bukele has, among other things, promised (but with no active plan) to increase teacher salaries and to reduce gang activity through things that have been tried unsuccessfully all over the United States. Oh he or some other victor will continue on the same road to nowhere. Do you see a great reduction in gang membership based on the financial constraints just spelled out? And his partisans will lie to protect him. I have watched Bukele and I liked the fact that he did not fire workers who were appointed by the previous administration in San Salvador. That was solid. Then he had a plan to provide improvements to communities each day which is required of all in government.  I read that he was going to provide tax relief to small businesses when salaries are extremely low for workers (about $4-$8 a day). He has taken a page from the books of other politicians in Latin America including Antonio Elias Saca who wanted to give out scholarships (becas in Spanish) to students to study foreign languages. When Saca left Arena and moved over to GANA, I urged that the whole nation learn new languages and I could have given the plan needed. The people do not win (gana in Spanish) when its leaders have very limited vision of what the people can achieve.

Education Under Trump

In my article Divorce DeVos and Trump I point out important things about charter schools that you probably won’t read about anywhere else.  Here are four critical points.  Do your math.  If a fraction of the school population is problematic and either dangerous or potentially dangerous and then many students leave that school, doesn’t the fraction of problematic students get larger?  Example doesn’t 3/16 now changed to 4/16 make things more problematic for that school?

Four critical things to know about charter schools. 1..2..3…4.. As easy as ABC

1 Charter schools in New York City and other places have never taken over an entire school that was closed down and therefore it has been misnamed.  Charter classes would be a more appropriate designation.

2 Charter schools take students from an entire school district and they are selective.  There can be several neighborhood schools in a district and charter schools take students from various schools.  Parent leaders could be taught to do the same thing to prove that they could get equally good results.  And this would save our nation lots of money.

3 Charter schools are not judged properly by everyone, especially by the general public.  Quickly think of a corporation that has various companies that are not performing well and suddenly…suddenly…suddenly that corporation buys Microsoft and starts telling people that the company is solid.  Taking good students all of the time from neighborhood schools make charter schools better, but obviously those students that were doing well could have continued to do well in their neighborhood schools.  By moving those students who fit that description back to the spreadsheet column of the neighborhood schools for a moment would make the neighborhood schools look much better and that gap would be smaller.

4 Charter schools are making neighborhood schools more dangerous and this reason…public safety…demands that everyone act out of integrity instead of acting based on self-interest.  As more and more good students are taken from neighborhood schools and placed into charter schools the percentage of problem causing and even dangerous students become a larger percentage and this is very problematic.  It’s just like a larger debt that has to be paid back.  Three students with loaded guns entered NYC schools last year, but a Columbine Massacre was prevented.  Again your personal integrity demands that you understand all of this and share it with others.

Melania Trump was written after her trip to Africa.  Here is another example of the failure under Trump and his education team.  I have watched people closely including former Ministers of Education in the Dominican Republic. They bring nothing to schools that they speak in, except hot air. Think of something that Melania Trump could have brought to those school children and their parents during her Africa trip. I know you can think of something good.  I could have been the educator of low-level members of MS-13. I was the teacher of the Consulate of El Salvador and I knew what to do, but the FMLN won the election in 2009 and has retained power since as my own influence waned.  On my business card at that time, it was written “no person left behind” when all George W. Bush could give US was “no child left behind.” I meant business.

In Post-World War II Crises, I continued writing about Trump’s wall.  DACA for the Wall is not right at all. Trump removed those protections from the young immigrants who came to America with their parents. Hitler removed protections from Jews which led to Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. Now Trump wants a wall that Democrats say is a “waste.” And I agree with the Democrats  .The border wall does seem to protect us, but people are climbing the wall all the time. Go back and see the video (King David Hotel) of Jews entering or attempting to enter Haifa in Palestine, Jewish caravans by the thousands that found ways to get in against great security (of its time). Learn from it. An additional question could have been asked by Scott and should have been asked. What do you think the immigrants will do when the wall is completed? Climb the wall or return back to their countries?

One final word in Whatever It Takes.  Whether it is Parkland, Newark, Chicago or any other place, there are important universal messages. With all the success of students in schools (particularly African American and Hispanic), in New York City there has been no improvement in the percentage of African Americans and Hispanics attending the elite schools.  There is a war going on there.  The mayor wants to stop the testing as the key point and that either has led to or will lead to a lawsuit by Asians who feel that they have earned a right to the seats (this is all based on the way things have been done for more than 60 years.  I have tried to get people to concentrate on opening annexes of those schools in communities to increase the number of African American and Hispanic students in those elite programs.  Charter schools seem to not care about getting their students into those elite schools.  I believe that charter schools with the great influence of hedge funders or multi-billionaires have found ways to get the students into private schools.  But wouldn’t it be nice to find out just how well African American and Hispanic students in charter schools would do on the same test for elite schools to see if they can compete effectively or not?  At the very least we would know that those students would have increased the low percentages and we would possibly learn more about this process to help others attain a better education.  Also I can share this with everyone.  College placement exams also show us that a huge percentage of students are not prepared.  The Suffolk County Community College in my county in New York used to teach an entire course to students who failed the placement exams.  Finally they learned somewhere somehow that they had to teach to the test the way that G.E.D. is taught.  I am here to help make the Broward community stronger and safer or safer and stronger.  I hope that everything is open to discussion.

Mass Shootings in America Under Trump

In Emma Gonzalez Has Unleashed The Force I predicted an American Spring and I still predict it.  The Force will prevail over as high school students come of age who know the truth and will not be deterred by anyone including their own parents.  I wrote that the Parkland students have more power than the millions of dollars donated to the National Rifle Association and there have been some successes although Donald Trump has flip-flopped over key things associated with mass shootings.  And after that article I wrote Stop the Wall and Protect Us All as we hoped for great action from Trump which was not forthcoming.  I wrote in February 2018 that the F.B.I. had messed up in Miami on the Parkland shooting and there is now a lawsuit which you will read about later.  I asked that schools have a new wall with metal detectors to protect us all, but that is not the kind of wall that Trump wants.

Related to Parkland and other mass shootings and less than mass shootings, we learn that in Israel that one person in a thousand is the victim of gun violence in the article Zero Misuse of Guns in Jerusalem While Donald Trump Remains Confused or Worse.  We should be able to learn a big lesson from that if we only had news media that tried to help in this matter.  I also supported Alyssa’s Law to provide all schools with panic buzzers to alert the police in case of a threat against the schools.

In Cold Blood, I give accounts of threats and potential violence that I became aware of in the school district where I worked in New York City. And there was the stabbing of Marcelo Lucero by a student in the Patchogue School District on Long Island.  One of the students asked if the killing would affect his wrestling season at school.  Would you mind discussing that one in schools across America?

In the first of three The Fire and Fury President, Trump passed on gun control and passed to the states.  And I mention that Trump could have started talking about metal detectors in our schools instead of his wall which at the time of writing this still does not exist.

In From Moses Defender of the Ten Commandments to Defender of the Second Amendment I wrote how Charlton Heston supported gun control after the murder of Robert Kennedy, but he got involved in a “culture war” later on and made the famous “From My Cold Dead Hands” speech.  And during those years whatever gains cities were making in relation to gun violence fell off. 

In my article Trump’s Speech in Nashville Reveals American Stupidity, I exposed the safety measures put in place in my home school district as children and staff members were taken to a field just yards away from the location where four bodies were recovered that were macheted to death.  The security guard was stationed in a car outside the fence that separated the students that he was watching far enough from them that harm could have come to them.  Trump spent his time in Nashville talking about high taxes and the high crime in California even though a policeman had recently been killed in Tennessee and there had been a shooting in a Waffle House there that made national news. 

Trump was talking about the border crisis, but evidence in my article from the border patrol information indicated in June of 2018 that there was no crisis (based on earlier figures).  Where In the World Is Donald Trump is the article to prove that Trump was manufacturing the border crisis that did not exist under both Obama and Bush.  He made the crisis and the humanitarian crisis which still exists.

Prison Reform

A Tale of Three Prisons is an article that teaches us that people can learn a lot about the people that they have destroyed.   And it’s not just about the murder of Jews by Palestinians.  There have been murders of Palestinians who have collaborated with Israelis and there was a cell break out in Texas where corrections officers were protected by inmates from becoming victims.  And there is information about positive things that took place in Rikers Correctional Facility as Christmas and Mother’s Day cards were handed out for years, but that jail continued to get negative reviews leading to the demand for its closing. 

In Zero Tolerance For Gangs, Dangerous Cities, And Trump I write about banning the box for the former incarcerated citizens and requiring employers do a full interview of everyone including people who do not have a high school equivalency diploma.  These important changes would level the playing field.

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