Jews: Still Learning from the Holocaust

With the call to boycott Home Depot because of Bernard Marcus’ donations to Donald Trump, Jews have to be on guard against anti-Semitism, although Jews will also be supportive of the boycott.  Of course I would write about Bernard Marcus as well, but with that important caveat about anti-Semitism.  The world witnessed Donald Trump’s quick […]

Forrest Trump : Stirring the Pot of White Supremacy

A prominent Republican organizer was shot by the KKK in 1868.  Oh my things have changed. The White House silence about Nathan Bedford Forrest and white supremacy in America hurts African Americans (and Jews in my opinion considering the recent massacres in our temples), but Trump appears to know the Holocaust without really knowing it.  […]

The New American Business Model: From Rosie the Riveter to Rosie the Robot

In 2017 the poverty percentage in America was 12.3 percent affecting 45,950,000 people.  Elvis Presley was portrayed an article that I read as a “poor white” from Mississippi. This article really is about what has happened to the United States since World War II. And things were not too good before World War II.  The […]

A History Lesson for Our World War I Veterans

There were 40 million casualties during World War I.  There were about 23 million wounded and the rest died.  In earlier wars disease played a major role and disease accounted for about one-third of the deaths. American losses were put at under 120,000.  Do you think that Gavrilo Princip deserves the statue in Belgrade or […]