New Hempstead School Report: Unsatisfactory

Of course the Hempstead School District could have done much much better!  And so can the Board of Regents.  And so can the State Education Department.  And so can the legislature and governor.  Please read the press release at the bottom of the Eric Stevenson Exploratory Campaign for Congress – 15th Congressional District. The politics […]

The Most Anti-Semitic and Anti-Negro Legislation in the United States

Milton Friedman, the conservative economist and guru, coined the Minimum Wage Act as the most anti-Negro legislation of American history.  I’ve known about that for a long time, perhaps a decade. So what was the most anti-Semitic legislation in history? I have to write about history.  This happened when the Southern Democrats were backing anti-Negro […]

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez and His Holocaust Moment

I am comparing the Nazi concentration camps to the border concentration camps, but one could say that those camps are a modern version of Hitler’s work in progress that was destroyed by his defeat.  I did contact Pastor Samuel Rodriguez’s office many years ago to fight for Hispanics to get educated and I got nowhere […]

God’s Hand Played a Role on July 4, 2019: Trump Revealed by God

Can you imagine George Washington resting his horse during the Revolutionary War before going to the airport? Donald Trump called for his Trump Parade in Washington, D.C. just at the moment that it was revealed that Obama leads Trump in job creation as Trump is 1 million short in job creation during the same period […]