Getting Rid of Racist School Testing in the NY Daily News

My readers in the South Bronx can help change things in our cities schools right now as class begins.

This contest to respond to the New York Daily News attracted my attention and my response.  Here is my response which I hope gets published.  And if it doesn’t get published, we move on to helping people anyway.

Getting rid of racist school testing.

First of all testing is not racist.  The solution should not be in the hands of Congress which gave us “No Child Left Behind” and a major attack on schools that has led to more school closings.  Testing is needed to keep students on track, but with all the money being spent the results are not major.

Informal practice testing that is taken seriously by school districts would serve the same purpose as real testing.  That kind of remediation could still take place, but another solution is effectively reaching the parents at home to keep up with the pace of remediation when teachers cannot keep that pace up.  That happened with the Common Core and it happens in general.  Remediation through technology is badly needed now and it looks as though I can illustrate this in the South Bronx now where it appears that I am developing a base for change. 

Now that you have read this let me go deeper into it.  Even nations such as Haiti have national exams and they are high stakes exams.  Desmond is a Haitian that I met around 2002 in Punta Cana and he was selling tours in a hotel there.  Desmond was very adequately bilingual and probably trilingual or more (French, English, Spanish, and probably Creole.  He took the national exam for medical school and did not make the cut.  The cut was 100 and he scored 101.  He was that close to going to medical school instead of the beaches of the Dominican Republic.  I tried to help him, of course. 

Students are failing their national exams everywhere for all kinds of reasons and in many countries the educational system is far worse than in the United States and in other places it is better or much better.  African Americans whose children are enrolled in charter schools that are helping their children to learn would disagree with the premise of racism.  Others in charter schools and in public schools may surely agree with the premise, especially considering the high volume of school segregation that still exists.  But those people really have to learn new things to help students where they exist today and it is not all about money and funding new programs.

Here are some suggestions that will help.  Parents must earn their high school equivalency.  The numbers are staggering and in recent years even Mayor Bill de Blasio has not been on board to help.  That process will teach them about how to help their children because it’s the same process of catching up with school work.  Here is an illustration from the high school equivalency book that I looked at last night. He was reading Notes From Underground.  This choice among four choices is wrong.  The other three are correct so the method to help any person who selected the choice presented here does involve eliminating the right answers one by one when that light bulb doesn’t go off in the person’s head and says that you do not capitalize a preposition in a title.  Here is one of the correct choices to illustrate this well.  The English translation is being read.  Of course English is capitalized because it’s the name of a language (Polish, German, Swahili). The answer that I provided is in the high school equivalency book in back of the practice test.  And that my readers is a principal reason why I have told people that the high school equivalency book belongs next to the Bible on the shelf in your home.  It helps a person to catch up and match much of the knowledge of those people that know more.  Is there anything “racist” about not capitalizing from?  This methodology applies to all subjects in schools including medical school.  And when the information that I have provided reaches the home worldwide, all students will progress much faster.

If we can help students more and help them faster to catch up, they will take that gift on to the next level and maybe even be among the top 100 in medical school instead of selling tours in Punta Cana.  I would love to know how much Desmond failed by.  Wouldn’t you? 

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