National Night Out in the Bronx

In the South Bronx.  I have attended a similar event in Wyandanch on Long Island and it is critical to Stop the Violence across our nation, but it is important to report a new source of light to help Bronx residents, particularly in the New York City Houses.  Eric Stevenson went into those houses to help the people and to reassure them that change can and will take place.  Better policing and education are required.  And that could also mean more police and high school equivalency and other educational programs that still are not reaching our adults and their children.  Eric Stevenson has already announced to people that in his campaign offices and elected offices there will be G.E.D. programs (now called the TASC).  He will also fight to get his community more testing sites in both languages, (English and Spanish) more testing dates, more seats, etc. that will result in many more proud graduates.  This will help the great citizens that he serves, all of them. 

Take a look at any of the current candidates for office all over the Bronx and see if anyone else hits the bulls eye the way Eric Stevenson has.  If you have heard those elected officials talk about education before, did they cover all of the bases or did they leave things out.  People either deliberately leave things out or they just don’t know what the needs of so many community people are.  Every child and his or her parents need educational credentials.  There is no better way of tens of thousands of people to boost themselves up out of poverty, the poverty that has plagued the South Bronx for decades.  A national-state-local partnership is needed both in policing and education and that is where Eric Stevenson is about to take his community.  Passing the state tests, passing the high school equivalency, passing the entrance exams for top schools including elite high schools, and passing college placement tests will become easier, helping more people.  Eric Stevenson is the quarterback as football season and school approach and the people in the communities are the receivers who will achieve the best that good government has to offer.

This is something great to share with your friends and neighbors.  Just Do It!

Press release Eric Stevenson Exploratory Campaign for Congress (15th Congressional District).                     August 7, 2019   

My experience with National Nite Out was so great. I’ve experienced the togetherness of community/police working together in harmony.

If we can plan to do it one day a year…then we can do it everyday. Let’s continue to have respect for one another as we are all in this together.


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