No Denunciation, No Condemnation, No Action Taken: I Hated This Senator Grassley Video

I did my usual research on the internet to decide if the video was condemned and if the video could have been doctored the way that Nancy Pelosi’s speech was slurred by the White House occupation recently.  The video in question should put all Republican voters on notice to take into account two things which include the use of a anti-Semitic trope by Senator Grassley and just how the senator builds a case against someone who may or may not be Jewish (keep in mind the Dreyfus case that I write about all the time, but consider that the injustice may be against a non-Jew as well.  Senator Grassley reminds me about Trump and his opening statement about Mexicans not sending US their best and the need for a wall. 

Grassley says that he has heard people say that Soros was behind some “in the face” reactions and he thinks so, citing that what is taking place fits the way that Soros has done things,  He also mentions the billions and billions of things that Soros has at his disposal to accomplish things (not Benjamins but billion dollar bills and the Fox News commentator  just sat there fulfilling her interview’s goals without blinking an eye.  About an hour later Trump was in action in his bunker tweeting.  Three things about this include Trump’s tweet to billions of people, Fox News giving hate a forum without fully understanding what it was doing, and a leading Republican other than Trump getting the battle troops together based on nothing factual except for the comment itself being a statement of opinion and no more.  The Anti-Defamation League and the Zionist Organization of America should have been all over this, but I saw nothing.  I even did a search of my emails sent from ZOA and nothing turned up.  How can the people trust a man who has so much power? 

Fox News was not even close to being Fair News at that moment and I contend that Jews and others can learn from the history of how the military picked out a Jew to be a scapegoat for the actions of another and that process included a huge Trump-like cover up by the military.  The court martial of Dreyfus stirred up so much hate in the very same manner that the Trump Campaign of 2016 stirred up hate and in both cases the hate did not subside.  Trump takes ownership of all of this.  Even today he promotes LGBT month after stirring up the nation against that community through his rhetoric and policies.  He gives and he takes.  Fox News for the most part and Donald Trump have become tag team partners since Trump is not available every day to the World-Wide Wrestling Federation.

And Congresswoman Omar should reach out to Senator Grassley so that they can take a photo together in harmony.  I have written about the congresswoman and called her office to share my articles.  I expected her to speak out about the roots of hate and revenge in Palestine beginning with the Massacre at Hebron of Talmudic students (others were saved sometime by Arabs).  The Chabad movement must know that abhorrent history well because Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn had just visited the camp there before the massacre occurred.  I would expect the senator to speak out about lots of truths about Donald Trump where he has remained silent.  ZOA’s Milton Klein worked in Republican administrations before and his hiding his head in Republican sands on Trump Beach is not helpful to Making America Great (I reject both Trump’s Make America Great Again and Hillary’s America Has Always Been Great).

Congressman Steve King and Senator Chuck Grassley keep on winning.  I have documented Iowa’s strong feelings against integration since the 1960s in one of my articles.  Steve King comes from that area where there really weren’t any African Americans to speak of, but the people were out there demonstrating to keep Iowa White.  A state like Iowa surely has a long road to go before it can catch up with the sentiments of states where diversity is strong and strongly accepted right up to voting for African-Americans in office (in 2018 there were no African-Americans in the Iowa senate and there were five African-American legislators and 95 White legislators) even though Obama won Iowa in 2008 and won again in 2012 with a few percentage points less than he won in 2008.  Iowa in 2016 went for Trump, but his percentage was lower than that of Obama’s in 2012.  Clinton was the factor and eight other parties including the Libertarian, Independent, and Green.  At the bottom of the list was the Socialism and Liberation Party with practically nothing, but the Socialist Party will become the new scare tactic for 2020 as Trump and his supporters talk about Venezuela. 

My research led me further into the work of Senator Grassley as he took on the Benny Hinn Ministries for alleged corruption.  This is what I found.  The ministry subsequently responded to the inquiry, and Grassley said that “…Benny Hinn [has] engaged in open and honest dialogue with committee staff. They have not only provided responses to every question but, in the spirit of true cooperation, also have provided information over and above what was requested.”[39]

The investigation concluded in 2011 with no penalties or findings of wrongdoing. The final report raised questions about personal use of church-owned luxury goods and a lack of financial oversight on the ministries’ boards, which are often populated with family and friends of the televangelist. Hinn’s group reported to the committee that it complied with tax regulations and had made changes in compensation and governance procedures. 

That investigation started in November 2007 and it really went nowhere, even after one of Grassley’s Trump-like hunches told him that Benny Hinn was using his tax-exempt status in an illegal way. What about Trump?  What has Grassley had to say about Trump?  I often wonder if people such as those mentioned are just covering for each other instead of fighting the real fight that is needed to Make America Great.

Now you tell me if Senator Grassley talked about the evidence in a recent interview on the radio.  The moderator agrees with Grassley and there is no talk about evidence. The Trump people have every right to appeal to whatever they wish to appeal to.  Evidence Will Matter.  In just about every injustice in this world, people have strayed from the evidence to influence towns, cities, states, and nations.  Grassley should be confronted today about evidence, specifically by people in his own party and by independents.  Read the Mueller Report to him and the Riot Act because he is not focusing on What Really Matters.

I really have to opine more about Senator Grassley.  I could easily imagine that Grassley made a deal with the Bennie Hinn people assuring them that no charges would be brought against them.  I could imagine a payoff of Benjamins, no I mean more than Benjamins.  And the people of Iowa that vote for him have to be taken to task as well.  I wish to confirm to them that I am not interfering in their election at all as was done in 2016 by the Russians.  But short of making a deal for Iowa to be traded to one of the worst right-wing nations in the world that seeks its own White Supremacy what has to be done?  Good, honest, hard working people who appreciate what I have written here do not have to become part of the plan.  Nor did I write about African Americans who have not been elected to disqualify good people who fight to help the poor and undo much of the harm by the laws of the state of Iowa.  Finally Senator Grassley spoke to a constituent in Iowa and asking her about repeal (now that the Democrats control Obama Care) when in fact he has voted for repeal several times.  Grassley we are worried about you and how well you fail your constituents.  And Grassley stood there straight faced knowing that although the repeal was fought for there was no replacement for the health insurance that people would lose.  I know about several of the negative aspects of Obama Care and knew a long time ago that the Congress would not fix it. 

This is the moment of great sacrifice as much of our economy is really falling apart for lack of infrastructure, high drug prices (still waiting for the drug prices to go down Donald), tariffs that give money to the government at unaffordable prices for the consumer that has to work harder to buy American products, and many other things.  These are all sacrifices that a man asks you to make making you think about our wars (World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, Syria, Afghanistan) who has never made a single sacrifice in his lifetime.  He should remind you of the old Medicine Shows that your great grandparents participated in where there was no cure, but money out of their pockets.  Even before then, people in other countries were told that during a war everyone sacrifices and it is the responsibility of government to take care of everyone.  That concept fell apart in Europe due to two world wars that hurt Europe megatons harder than it hurt Americans.  Enough of this sacrifice thing and change your people in power.  Abort them in the way that people were hoping in the early 1900s.  The recall is needed to or hold everyone accountable.  And men like Grassley who act like the doctor who left a culture in his office for six months and then the patient died without ever knowing he or she was seriously ill until it was too late should be aborted as well.

Much of the blue disappeared in 2016 as Democrats lost elections in Iowa.

Christians made up 100 percent of the Senate in 2018.  I know of very positive things that are taking place in Iowa where religious tolerance can be replicated across our nation to protect US all.  One would hope that this type of information will get highlighted as well in the Campaign of 2020 or even tonight on the news. 

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