Mexico to Build Two Walls: Trump to Easily Win Reelection as the News Circulates

This was reported by AFP News.  “Amid speculation about the contents of Mexico’s deal to curb migration in order to avert President Donald Trump’s threat of tariffs, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said he had rebuffed the US demand for such a measure, but agreed to revisit the matter in 45 days.”  And Trump says that there are additional agreements which the  Mexican government has denied.

AMLO or Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will be making plans to start reconstruction of two walls to protect against the flow of immigrants across Mexico into the United States.  Finally the border between the United States and Mexico will be secure.  President Lopez Obrador did not want to lose jobs in a trade war with Donald Trump and he was basically compelled to propose double pleasure to Trump.  There will be a second wall and Mexico will pay for it.  I noticed during my week in Mexico in Playa del Carmen that the entire nation would not utter a word about Trump, particularly the waiters on the beach that were bringing me my añejo piña coladas.  Their silence could be compared to the silence in any one of an enormous amount of massacres that have taken place around the world in the last hundred years or more. 

At the present time, the Mexicans are being prepped for two things.  The building of those walls which coincides with the greatest respect that a Mexican president has ever given to an American or any other human being.  The duo Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton (Taylor was American but born in England) will now be held in second place in the hearts and minds of Mexicans.  The Night of the Iguana is being replaced by The Apprentice of Mexico.  Viva the Apprentice.  Mexico loves him.

Foreign Minister Ebrard has sent Trump a carton of tequilla so that Trump can become enamored of Ebrard or inebriated.  This will make Trump more drunk on power than he is now.  What can we expect now as the Election of 2020 comes closer?  Melania Trump will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony to being both walls on the same day, but contingent on the fact that she has an unobstructed view of everything.  When will this happen?  Trump keeps his promises and even though he backed off for much of the last year telling Americans that Mexico will pay for the wall through tariffs, the bigger promise of two walls will be made in the last three weeks of the campaign.  This will be combined with even bigger news about a “lock up.”  A “lock up” you ask?  The lock out that Trump caused to federal workers as the government was shut down is already old news.  Nobody remembers it.  The “lock up” my fellow Americans should take you back to 2016 and after as Trump campaigned days after taking office.  Hillary Clinton will finally be “locked up” just as the children’s song says.  Take the keys and lock her up.  The F.B.I will finally lock her up, but who cares why at this point.

Information leaks from the White House point to the direction that talks have taken place about the construction of the wall.  Trump, according to the source, has brought out plans to do both concrete and steel (strong American steel of course).  One communiiqué even included earlier plans to g solar with the wall.  President Lopez-Obrador continued to remind Trump that Mexico was paying for the wall and it had to include aesthetics that highlighted the culture of Mexico.  Trump was infuriated because he wanted the wall to reflect the tremendous work that had been done in incarcerating the American people, an American symbol that is much more well known than the American eagle.  But Trump agreed with everything after taking a fast-food break.  The final plans were agreed to over Trump’s objection about creating a “special needs” section of the wall which cannot be seen in the photo.  The wall selected is a duplicate of Chichen-Itza, reflecting well the Mexican culture.  It will have steps on both sides so that this wall will make it easier for border agents to apprehend illegal immigrants arriving from all over the world.  The “special needs” section will be agreed to in forty-five days at Trump’s demand. 

Trump called the agreement symbolic because the forty-five days represents one-quarter of a circle.  Minister Ebrard had that section of the correspondence highlighted as he replied his acceptance of the proposal.  Mexican concrete will be used since it costs much less and Trump made it clear to the Mexican president that cost plays a major role in completing construction projects. The highly contentious meeting in Washington, D.C. that resulted in the agreement to reevaluate things in forty-five days was the result of amazing diplomacy.  Trump agreed to attend a very important time share meeting with Melania (husband and wife are required to be there), but the Mexicans agreed to provide Trump with twelve tickets to see Coco Bongo in Playa del Carmen.  Trump, the former owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, is thinking of bringing Coco Bongo to Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Tucson, Arizona.  Minister Ebrard did not object and the tickets will be provided so that Jared, Ivanka, their children, and the Michael Cohen family could attend together.  The fusion of Trump Coco Bongo and Liberty University is imminent in another attempt to Make America Great Again according to Trump. 

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