Republicans Who Voted Nay for Civil Rights in 1964.

The vote was 289 to 126 with 12 not voting at all.

Statistically Notable Votes

Vote District Party Representative Score
Nay CA 20th   R   Smith, Allen
Nay CA 23rd   R   Clawson, Delwin
Nay CA 24th   R   Lipscomb, Glenard
Nay CA 36th   R   Wilson, Bob
Nay CA 38th   R   Martin, Patrick
Nay FL 11th   R   Gurney, Edward
Nay FL 12th   R   Cramer, William
Nay IL 15th   R   Reid, Charlotte
Nay IN 9th   R   Wilson, Earl
Nay IA 3rd   R   Gross, Harold
Nay IA 7th   R   Jensen, Benton
Nay KY 3rd   R   Snyder, Marion
Vote District Party Representative Score
Nay KY 5th   R   Siler, Eugene
Nay MI 2nd   R   Meader, George
Nay MI 3rd   R   Johansen, August
Nay MI 11th   R   Knox, Victor
Nay MO 7th   R   Hall, Durward
Nay MT 2nd   R   Battin, James
Nay NE 1st   R   Beermann, Ralph
Nay NH 1st   R   Wyman, Louis
Nay NC 8th   R   Jonas, Charles
Nay NC 9th   R   Broyhill, James
Nay ND 2nd   R   Short, Don
Nay OH 17th   R   Ashbrook, John
Vote District Party Representative Score
Nay OK 1st   R   Belcher, Page
Nay SD 2nd   R   Berry, Ellis
Nay TN 1st   R   Quillen, James
Nay TN 2nd   R   Baker, Irene
Nay TN 3rd   R   Brock, William
Nay TX 5th   R   Alger, Bruce
Nay TX 16th   R   Foreman, Edgar
Nay VA 6th   R   Poff, Richard
Nay VA 10th   R   Broyhill, Joel
Nay WI 6th   R   Van Pelt, William
Nay WY   R   Harrison, William

Statistically notable votes are the votes that are most surprising, or least predictable, given how other members of each voter’s party voted.

After my reading about Iowa in history books, I expected to see Republicans that voted nay to civil rights and I was correct.  I read about the county where people just did not want to desegregate.  And I read about Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s attack on Congresswoman Ocasio-Lopez and her use of concentration camps in describing the detention camps.  I wondered about Wyoming and you can see that the nay vote cast there.  This may not reflect on the vast the majority of voters in Wyoming at that time, but you never know.  Perhaps Congresswoman Cheney can give us a long lesson about the racial history of Wyoming?  And where were the people of Wyoming when two-thirds of our nation did not want to take in Jewish refugees to save their lives.  Keep in mind that Wyoming only had one vote and we wish to be fair to the people and know more about the opposition at that time.  I do feel that the truth has to be told about Trump and Israel, particularly about his moving of the Embassy to Jerusalem and the annexation of land that is being talked about.  There should be a national debate to inform the people about the facts and not just the facts that are being used by both sides in their arguments.  Contact me for more information.

North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida had Republicans that voted nay for Civil Rights, but states considered to be more liberal had Republicans voting nay as well.

Six Republican senators voted nay for Civil Rights.

Arkansas where Tom Cotton comes from voted this way.

Nay AR 1st   D   Gathings, Ezekiel
Nay AR 2nd   D   Mills, Wilbur
Nay AR 3rd   D   Trimble, James
Nay AR 4th   D   Harris, Oren

And the big question in being fair is where did Republicans who ran for office stand on Civil Rights before 1964?

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