Never Never Again

This is the essence of Simon Wiesenthal and not what you will hear from Jewish leaders close to Trump.

“The schools would fail through their silence, the Church through its forgiveness, and the home through the denial and silence of the parents. The new generation has to hear what the older generation refuses to tell it.”  This is a Wiesenthal quote that I found.  I realized that this is going on across America with most of Trump’s evangelicals and others and it’s great to read it so simply expressed for the first time.  Trump is failing America and even now we are reminded that in a nation where economics count, there has been no federal increase in the minimum wage for the longest period in our history.   The Repugnican plan is to do less, not more.  And that is precisely why Trump was selected.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Lopez is that new generation.  She does have a lot to learn, but she has defended herself well enough and she has not called the detention camps “Nazi” concentration camps.  Fox News has gone all out to tell its viewers the wrongs committed by Ocasio-Cortez.  I have used the term “Never Again” in my work to help others fighting for justice.  I portrayed Trump as Hitler and Mussolini and I’ve done that in Jewish Business News in Israel.  I am careful to separate the periods of Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust.  Ocasio-Lopez could have done a better job, but she is little Quixote fighting for people.  And Fox News is happy to talk about a Repugnican congressman who is now talking about the humanitarian crisis at the border.  This is the same congressman who fought for Trump’s wall at the expense of immigrants and the taxpayers and federal employees who got locked out because of Trump.  Well, it’s better late than ever when people fight to alleviate conditions at the border after Trump made them worse.  And he has made things worse for Mexico’s people at the same time.  That’s two with one blow!  Ocasio-Lopez does not have to apologize and neither does Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center.  This is normal political discourse and even Donald Trump was not required to pay Senator Elizabeth Warren for being Native-American.  It’s called normal political discourse.  The rabbi has not convinced the congresswoman and most of the nation has not convinced Trump to just leave office.  I even heard one Fox commentator say that the congresswoman should apologize to all Jews.  What?  Check this out.  And check this out! Here you see that a suicide is a suicide is a suicide.  These camps have had lots in common and why not start there?  And if 147,000 Jews were trying to cross the border right now, I would hope that many Jews would change their tune.  From denunciation to condemnation to action! George Takei of Star Trek fame says he was in two concentration camps in America.  He was born in 1937 and was interned with his family during World War II.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Lopez has the power to fight anti-Semitism and hate for our nation, but that doesn’t mean that all thoughts of our national internment or detention or concentration camp would be disqualified from consideration.  My study of history including Europe in 1946, Israel in 1949, the Holocaust, the Ottoman Empire, and the Balkans has shown me the similarities between Trump and various world leaders and he very often the comparison details very bad things.  Whether it’s world diplomacy or domestic policy there are lots of terrible things taking place.  America is fortunate to have great wealth to make it less resistant to chaos in leadership.  The recent blockage of the sale of arms to the Middle East is possible because we are not desperate to have another sale.  Trump’s plans for now have gone down the drain.  There is no recession or depression that can hurt US right now and even cause the American worker to side with Trump.  And putting more arms in the Middle East may soon see what has taken place before and that is that the arms end up in the possession of terrorists that cause more war and pain. 

And things have just gotten worse on this Trump humanitarian war as the government states in court for the public record that the children do not need toothbrushes and blankets.  The United States military on occasions has leaked information that made the Trump Administration look bad in the news (something that the Wiesenthal Center for some reason cannot absorb) and I would love to see the Marines Toys for Tots Campaign toothbrushes and soap for the children.  Good oral health matters to life itself.  I would also like to see Rabbi Abraham Cooper return to Fox News to attack this anti-humanity plot of the Trump people.  Truah, a Jewish organization, just sent me another email about the help that it is giving at the border.  Here are the exact words used “Some people are calling them concentration camps.  Others bristle at comparisons to the Holocaust. But here’s the thing: Whatever you call them, detention centers imprisoning immigrant children are immoral.”   And conditions are not good.

And the military has to figure out what role Russia has played in the recent pullback related to Trump call for strikes on Iran.  Tell that to the Marines too.  Russia has coveted Iran for a long time and my reading told me that Stalin was upset about the oil deals that American companies got in Persia.  And things go way back in time supporting my position.  Trump’s behavior is as suspicious as a suspicious fire that takes place.  So the fire has to be investigated for arson.  Whether Russia has something on Trump or Russia is just sharing the world stage of diplomacy and its positions have to be taken into account, it just adds up to American weakness.  The United States was not one of the powers determining the fate of nations and people in Eastern Europe back in the days of Bismarck and all of those nations (England, France Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, etc,) ended up fighting in World War I.  The United States came into the war much later.

  Now we can get to history that everyone should learn right now and if you wish read 1946 by Victor Sebestyen.  Earl G. Harrison helped “shame” the US into providing support for a Jewish state.  He wrote in 1945 and visited Belsen “As matters now stand, we appear to be treating the Jews as Nazis treated them except that we do not exterminate them.”   It was written that there were errors in Harrison’s report, but in his assessment Harrison objected to seeing Jews continue to live behind barbed wire fences and wanted them to have communication with the outside world.  He was the person who requested that 100,000 Jews be allowed into Palestine which became U.S. policy.  The United States State Department was clearly anti-Semitic, hostile to Zionism and Jewish immigration.  Harry Truman steps in and makes the appeal to the swing states of New York and Pennsylvania at that time for Democrat victory in 1946.  Between 1936 and 1946 there were 494 people who chose to go to Palestine to become Zionists.  Even though the Nazis persecuted the Jews only 160,000 Jews were allowed in during 12 years.  So at a time that the expectation was to allow 100,000 Jews into Palestine, only 12.849 Jews were allowed into the United States under strict rules.  Jews would be placed in a special status for immigration or at the head of the line.  Americans did not want the Jews and the British would take action to prevent matters from happening. 

In Palestine and remembering well the arrival of Jews to that land, Amos Oz wrote that the arriving Jews were treated with “compassion” and “revulsion.”  He wanted Jews from Europe to stop telling them (the Jews who lived in Palestine) about what happened to them because it did not “reflect too well on them” since they were the ones who chose to stay or who chose to stay and not fight back. And here this week we make the words “concentration camp” the holy of holies to not use improperly.  And David Ben-Gurion wanted to make sure that the American Jewish Joint Committee would not send Jews South America, Canada, Australia, and the United States, which would diminish what Ben-Gurion was fighting for, a Jewish homeland.  He also had to convince Jews to come to Palestine who were in Displacement Camps.  Marketing became essential!

During those days, much of the same criticisms of important leaders in Palestine were similar to the criticisms of Donald Trump today.  Chaim Weizman said that David Ben-Gurion was “acting like a fuhrer and developing fascist tendencies and megalomania, coupled with political hysteria.”  In other words he was unfit for office.  And Trump was and is unfit for office.  Take a look at this discussion of a very small group of people who voted for Obama and then turned to Trump in 2016.  People are entitled to their opinions, but pay close attention to each person’s comments.  And I fully understand why on moral issues they continue to be Republican, even as they create dangerous situations for others in our nation.  Do you hear what I hear from those people?  In addition, as I have constantly pointed out, with all the dangerous situations going on including three suicides in police in New York City Trump has failed US in terms of supporting the best law enforcement that we could have.  I will be announcing something to bring vitality into that sector soon.  This nations needs much more justice and all Trump has done is create a small number of jobs.  I would like to see a list of the top ten jobs that Trump has created.  We know that states take credit for job creation where state money is spent.  Let’s get the list ready for 2020 but let’s certify each entry.  Trusting Trump is beyond the realm of reason.  He has created the most toxic swamp in America for himself.  Even one of his latest statements cannot be put down and that is he answered he does not remember to the Mueller questions, because they were going to nail him on lying on something small.  What a whopper that is!

Ben-Gurion compared Menachem Begin to Hitler and considered him a danger to Zionism as Jews were divided in the fight for the State of Israel. And Ben-Gurion used such terminology in comparing the movement in “Etzel” or the Irgun.  Here is an article in The Times of Israel in 2014 comparing both Ben-Gurion and Jabotinsky to Hitler. And there is much, much more for people to know about this era, but that can wait for another article.  Let’s start the discussion now to have a National Conference of Jews for all of us.  We can find solutions to share that have not been tried.  Or if you believe what an Israel just told me weeks ago that no matter what we Jews do anti-Semitism is going to increase (no matter what I repeat), then those Jews can go to Eilat and have fun on the beach.

I just read the New York Daily News opinion section where two opinions should be discussed.  One person made the case for reparations for Irish and Germans in the United States.  The other person made the case that the Democrats were preservers of slavery and the Republicans fought to end slavery.  As you know I just published my articles about the Republicans Who Voted Nay for Civil Rights in 1964 and the struggle is not limited to slavery.  Republicans helped hand over the South to those same Democrats that produced the problem in 1876. I wish that the New York Daily News would straighten out these major problems a day after the column is presented.  We have all kinds of fact checking going on around our nation and that is good.

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