More on Mass Shootings

The Blood Libel by itself has nothing to do with guns or other weapons and killing Jews.

The mentioning of Jewish money and dual loyalty of Jews has nothing in itself to do with killings.

We could prepare a large list of things that do not kill people with guns and other weapons that have affected Jews, African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, foreigners, and others, but they all contribute to the killing of people.  I have presented important information about mass shootings in a previous article and I have told people that Hitler didn’t pull the trigger to kill.  Enough said about that!  Here is that article published only days ago.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric we are told has nothing to do with the killings and Trump has reached out to the governors of Texas and Ohio and to his attorney general for help and guidance.

In an interview that I just watched a Trump White House spokesperson heard the host of the show detail the numerous mass shooting under Donald Trump and that spokesperson while calling the point “excellent made it seem that the host was talking about the last fifty years instead of the last two.  That was Nick Mulvaney on ABC News.  And to clarify things even more, it has just been reported that there have been 250 mass killings in the last 215 days while Trump has been on duty.

One of my latest articles has been about mass shootings in America.  We could call it the land of mass shootings if we want to, but I just had a great time outside and there were no mass shootings there.  But remember that I have to drive by and remember the four bodies that were macheted to death on Lowell and Clayton that Trump used to spread hate against immigrants and don’t forget the countless statements that reveal that he has never learned from the history of immigrants that brought some crime with them in the past.  We might as well go back almost a hundred years to 1919.

And his condemnation of the massacres is weak and should not be misunderstood.  The harmful rhetoric coming from Donald Trump would not have taken place Mitt Romney, for example, who wanted the undocumented immigrants to self-deport.  Trump radicalized the whole thing from that historic comment about Mexico not sending US their best people.  If he had never said those words and the other infamous comments about “shithole countries” and calling for more people like the “Norwegians” we would have all this to talk about the way we talk about Jewish tropes that contribute to anti-Semitism.  And his attack on Elijah Cummings and Baltimore (a shithole country) and Puerto Rico cannot make the mass shootings problem disappear quickly or even diminish.  The Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, Jewish, and other Trump supporters for 2020 cannot bail him out of this situation as silence reins.  The only bail that can help Americans is the bail looming on Trump’s head for things that he will be accountable for once he is out of office.  And this is no moment to reflect on all of the positive things that Trump has done.  Nick Mulvaney walked around the hosts questioning about how Trump a year and a half ago spoke about looking into banning assault weapons.  This is serious stuff that is not be considered by Trump supporters who care more for their own, selfish objectives (religious, moral, diplomatic, economic, etc.).  And keep in mind that Mulvaney said that Trump called the attorney general.  He could have called Stormy Daniels instead and we would have had the same kind of interview between ABC and Nick Mulvaney where the public has learned nothing new.  What a comment from Mulvaney!  At least an interview with Stormy could have been much spicier to uplift our spirits.  Bring back Sean Spicer!  And never forget Trump’s comments about that police should do in neighborhoods that help inflame communities and provide a kind of license to police to disregard their superiors and the training that is needed to build a bridge (not shoot first and then ask questions).

Let me take you back to another era.  The husband of Jackie Kennedy Onassis was in Smyrna trying to buy his father and family out of danger that was produced at that time by the Turks.  On a quai 300,000 people waited their fate due to violence as a fire was spreading to them with only the dangerous sea on the other side of them.  Aristotle Onassis was only 16 years old at that time in 1922.  He and his family fled to Greece and then to Argentina.  We do not wish to see that happening in America.  Onassis lost various members of his family in those days due to extreme violence, six of them in a church where 500 people lost their lives in the Great Fire.  In a year he was in Argentina and fortunately he spoke four languages including Spanish, but the family lost its fortune.  Onassis’ fleet sailed under flags (Panamanian and Liberian) that paid no taxes and had low service fees in the global economy and American oil companies took advantage of that because American ships charged too much.  This increased business and affected profits.

And there is so much more to learn.  Take Neville Chamberlain, the great appeaser who was the head of the English government.  You know about the Sudetenland and Austria and Hitler.  Well before that in 1926, Neville Chamberlain was invited to Livorno for a few days where he became friendly with an Italian.  At that time Chamberlain was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.  That Italian wrote in his diary “Chamberlain is something of a fascist sympathizer.”  Chamberlain and his wife and son went away sporting “fascist insignia” which were gifts from the Italian.  As their boat pulled out of the harbor, they gave the fascist salute.  Mussolini, the Italian, was very happy, because he got the green light from Chamberlain to control Albania’s interests.  This is something to think about in relation to the Trump diplomacy regarding his principal friends who do not even have to be mentioned here.  Even Winston Churchill approved of Mussolini’s politics as fascism was preferred over communism.  We do see elements of the same kinds of politics taking place with dictators around the world and with right-wing democratic leaders.  And today we have a huge part of the general public pretending that nothing similar is happening.

The basic difference between back then and today (within various countries) is the extent that parties were able to attract armies of people willing to fight against each other.  For example nobles and their supporters and the peasants were two groups fighting for power.  There was fear on both sides and the great desire to control politics and diplomacy to guarantee either the same future or a different future.  And that’s part of the us against them that we still see in communities around the United States.

And today we may see something closely aligned with the extreme nationalist/fascist movement of Croatia in 1933.  Misha Glenny’s book provides all of this interesting material including “Ninety out of one hundred or those in Croatia who do not hail from the village are neither of Croatian origin nor blood but foreigners.”  In interpreting this information, we may see the close ties to White Supremacy in America and the continued distrust of foreigners.  Does the fit have to be perfect to be believed?  When you combine this with other elements such as a reaction to the water dousing taking place in New York City against the police.  I had a conversation where someone told me he feels that anyone caught doing that should receive a year in jail.  After discussing that with me, he realized that the punishment was really very harsh.  Then another man who was involved in law enforcement who does not want Puerto Rico to become a state.   The reason was that there would be more Democrats representing them in Congress.  This made me think of the era of slavery in America and the compromises that took place leading up to the election of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.  What about the rich competition that takes place at election time?  Doesn’t that matter?  Can’t Republicans compete in Puerto Rico?  This is how people block others and make big trouble for people when there shouldn’t be.  I’m sure the list could go on and on as people say that they are entitled to their opinion.  The harsh reality is that we keep repeating history all over with those bad opinions guiding us.  And that are indications that Patrick Crusius the gunman in El Paso was upset about the “Hispanic invasion” of this country which was probably made popular by famous talk radio hosts before it caught on with the social media and was picked up by Trump himself.  Just do a search of the top radio hosts and see how they have stirred the pot and decide if they are with Trump or with Dump Trump.  “It’s elementary my dear Watson,” said Sherlock Holmes.

Trump has condemned this new mass shooting, but did he sink any putts while doing it?  Putz!  And people who support him will quickly point out that he has condemned it and other things.  Isn’t it a little too late?  And then there’s that telephone call to Attorney General William Barr?  What was that all about and how was it different from similar calls after mass shootings?  The public has a right to know instead of continually hearing that the economy is doing great because of Trump.  How about five key points by Trump or the facsimile of a plan?  It would be helpful if he said he is not going to pursue building the wall and detain human beings the way he has (in “concentration camps”).  The money for the wall should be spent on preventing mass shootings.  Is there a Marshall Plan to fight hate including xenophobia, anti-gay attacks, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and the other things that plague America or does infrastructure and jobs come first?

In the White House statement, we learn that the blame was placed on a “sick person” who committed the atrocity with a gun.  Should we suddenly diminish what Hitler did without firing a gun?  Does that make Hitler a saint?  Am I fair for raising this question and twisting the truth in the process?  Why are people twisting the truth about Trump’s inflammatory and toxic rhetoric?  And who would pay a condolence call to any person or family of the victims of any shooting including mass shootings and say I’m sorry, but this is still the greatest country in the world?  El Paso means the step. Let’s take a step in the right direction now before it is too late.

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