Bob Marley: Chai for Life

Bob Marley sang about Zion and for him Ethiopia was important. Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Jerusalem have gotten together to sing about peace. Perhaps the portrait of Marley that got my attention in Playa del Carmen in Mexico will wake up more people. Please share the video of One Love around your world.

Days later I spoke with four Israelis. All of these men and women arrived in the land of their birth through family members who hailed from Iraq, Morocco, and Egypt and they live in Haifa and Los Angeles.

I told the Israelis about how I visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other places and that being in Israel was great. That was 35 years ago and things have changed a lot. Faced with terrorism back then, one could experience great peace in just a few days in Jerusalem.

My conclusion was that we were worlds apart, but since change is possible, maybe they will change. In that conversation, I heard the expected. The Trump economy and Trump speaking out for Israel were mentioned. Ted Cruz could have been their choice (Lying Ted) that is.

The same woman that mentioned Ted Cruz told me that I reminded her of Dennis Praeger. I backed up about 5 steps in the pool upon hearing it. Then I mentioned how I had called the Dennis Praeger Show to talk about my view that anti-Semitism would increase under Trump and which Praeger rejected. I did not feel insulted by the comparison, but and because I choose not to be insulted.

The Israeli man whose family was Moroccan told me that no matter what we do anti-Semitism rises. This certainly may appear to be true. it’s been a long hard-fought battle.

I finally threw into the discussion the Dreyfus Affair and immediately the reaction spoken was that was different. Just about anything that I could say had this Israeli but attached to it, not that American Jews could not react the same way. And I pointed out the Emile Zola that is in me.

I later showed the Israeli from Los Angeles via Morocco my articles in Jewish Business News. I demonstrated it through the article Bachata en Israel where clicking my name takes you to all my articles. Israel has cultural diversity and much of the United States does as well, but half way hypocrites in the media blast diversity when it suits them.

Oh I mentioned that I have read Tom Segev and that rung a bell, but I have also read Michael Oren, Daniel Gordis, and others. I read about changes taking place among some Palestinians who distrust their leadership. Early Zionists distrusted other Jews and I have written about the power struggle in Galicia among Jews and about one massacre.

Wouldn’t it make sense for a cross-section of Jews, Israelis, and Palestinians around the world to hold a huge conference to discuss things? Or are we to believe that Jared Kushner knows what to do? Money does talk and Palestinians need help, but the history that I read is about the same kind of Zion that Bob Marley sang about. Freedom to be in your own land. Israelis are going to sing praise of Jared (The Song of Jared) because millions of people who should be involved are going to let it happen that way. And we need Trump’s Christian base to provide great charitable works right now so that the Holy Land will thrive in peace, contributing to a better future in that part of the world where Christianity has suffered.

Ambassador Friedman just made big news about giving Israel the green light to annex “some” of Gaza. I have read about Hitler annexing some land. Look where that got us Adolph (I mean Donald of course). I hope that Russia doesn’t try to annex Alaska by appealing to Putin’s new ally.

And what could Putin give US in this neo-Realpolitic moment? Cuba? Venezuela? Trump doesn’t even treat Puerto Rico right and Puerto Ricans have been Americans long before the Israelis arrived on our shores. And after 60 years of communism in Cuba and very little change taking place there, the Trump genius has been sleeping on the job (but now in an act far short of genius he is stopping cruise ships there as though either an epidemic or war is imminent).

War is not the answer. There is an incredible fusion of humanity in that Chai around Bob Marley’s neck as if it is teaching us a lesson that we are not going to get from the White House.

This is from the Jerusalem Post and it’s less than a year old.  Since kicking off in Tel Aviv last year, Koolulam — a play on the English word “cool,” the Hebrew words “kulam” (everyone) and “kol” (voice), and “kululu,” a festive ululation of Sephardic Jews — has soared in popularity throughout Israel. Thousands of tickets to take part in arena-filling Koolulam events are sold in minutes. Swaths of strangers come together … to sing. 

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