No Jews Need Apply for Asylum Under Trump

I fully understand that the current policy (if you can call what is going on a policy) is fair to everyone, but given the overwhelming evidence that Hispanics and others are the people coming here are not White and not Jewish doesn’t that ring a loud bell.  And given the circumstances, world circumstances, why should we feel so confident about defeating enemies of Israel quickly.  Jews felt a little comfortable under Hitler and then all hell broke loose.  There may be just a little more than a year left to Trump and his attempt to hold Republicans together.  And then we have Jews committing some of the most heinous atrocities in the press that should remind Jews and others of the anti-Semitic press of France at the time of Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  Most Jews in France did not expect the violence to break out during the long Dreyfus Affair either.

I just found out through a South American source that border agents are either holding or interrogating immigrants in a cold room with the intention of getting those immigrants to sign a paper to allow for them to be returned to their country.  This is not waterboarding or threatening human beings in a gas shower or even showing the man the tree with the noose being held, but it shows the tremendous inhumanity of the Trump Administration.  The human being who paid $4,000 to get here is currently in New York with an important family member, In New York where he should be.  The terrorization of immigrants must end now.  I can obtain access to the man mentioned as support of the credibility of this important message.  The research that followed indicated to me that people have been held in cold rooms in the Obama Administration as well, but that combined with getting immigrants to sign their rights away was not mentioned in the articles that I read.

In today’s NY Daily News Attorney Allan Wernick of the City University’s New Citizenship Now Project tells all of US that immigrants should not sign anything without a lawyer has been consulted with the person and that in most cases a judge has not signed a warrant to permit ICE to go to a home to conduct business.  Where is the justice?  Justice is going to arrive, but after Trump departs.  I have my thoughts on that to Make a Better Nation.

I noticed the video of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach almost casually mentioned that he is against children being detained and then he went on to lecture Congresswoman Alejandra Ocasio-Cortez about her lack of knowledge of “concentration camps” which has brought money into his non-for-profit.  The word concentration camp has been used as far back as the Boer War in South Africa, which were long before the Holocaust.  Jewish organizations that use Holocaust survivors as props in this matter have invited the Congresswoman to come to see the concentration camps in order to learn.  Boteach calls AOC out for diminishing the Holocaust and desecrating the Holocaust.  False information has generated money for the KKK, the NRA, and other organizations.  So why generate money based on falsehoods about AOC?  I am reasonably certain that the Congresswoman knows about the gas chambers, the soap factories, and more.  It’s total fraud to assign to her the ignorance that afflicts huge percentages of people around the world.  Let’s take a page from Emile Zola.  It was true that Captain Alfred Dreyfus was innocent and there is no current evidence to portray AOC as anti-Semitic.  All people who donated money to Shmuley based on poor critical thinking should ask for a refund and let us get on with the real fight.  So what Trump has done appears to be fair, but fair to the White Supremacists of this nation.  Someone has to benefit by keeping out all of those Hispanics.

This is proof of what is going on.  Rabbi Shmuley, a great supporter of Donald Trump, writes today ““This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis,” she tweeted last Tuesday, citing the works of Andrea Pitzer, who in her recent book took the liberty of defining concentration camps as “the mass detention of civilians without trial.” Of course, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the Cambridge Dictionary, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum all disagree with her oversimplified definition of the triggering term.”  But I found this.  No apology is needed, but just as Congresswoman Omar stirs the pot of hate and Trump does as well, the rabbi has joined the club with his alternate facts.  And the rabbi has made himself very toxic as he has done that.  How about some kosher lust for citing all of the problems in the border camps holding immigrants?

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez never mentioned the Holocaust nor did she compare our concentration camps or should it just be Trump’s concentration camps to Auschwitz or any forced labor camp which are just examples of the 40,000 concentration camps developed by the German Axis power.  Trump is a much more liberal expression of axis power and the people are still basically going along with It as it was in Germany.  The children are not being turned into soap, but the Trump Administration has argued in court this last week that the children are not required to have soap and toothbrushes.  Rabbi Shmuley helped Muslims obtain halal meat at Oxford, but where is the help in getting soap to the children now?

The rabbi must know that if my life were threatened and someone with a gun shot the assailant, I would say thank you.  It’s common sense.  We Jews who stand up for the immigrants, think about how the Danes stood up for us.  And how Muslims, Christians, and others stood up for us in various ways.  What I would like to see from the rabbi is a full statement about what is being done wrong first to all the people who crossed our borders and did not cross our borders.  There have been suicides just as there were suicides by Jews in Nazi concentration camps and in Displace Person’s Camps after the war.  Suicides related to being separated from family.  Children have died unnecessarily.  People who are Japanese who were in concentration camps during World War II call those detention camps “concentration camps.”   And the reports continue to get worse.

In Europe we sense a great danger because huge amounts of people cannot even recognize the word Holocaust.  Here we see the same thing and we see people that are in denial as well about racism.  It’s about honesty and critical thinking skills.  Either you have them or you don’t.  Rabbi I have read Peter Hayes’ book about the Holocaust and I can tell you that he is greatly concerned about America Under Trump, pointing out how the hate that used to be directed against “Irish, Italians, and Jews” is now directed against Latinos, Muslims, and people of color (meaning free African-Americans and other people today).  Hayes is the chair of the Academic Committee of the United States Memorial Museum and author of the book Why? Explaining The Holocaust.  His explanation is Hitler and I hope that people start to explain things by Trump.  I say Never Never Again and I say it so that it should never happen to any group of innocent people.  We Jews were innocent, but considered as an enemy just as the immigrants are considered part of an invasion (according to Trump). When I write Rabbi Shmuley I am really writing about all the Jews in our communities that talk and think the same way. In applying what we know from the past to present day life (which is what critical thinking skills is about), should we base things on facts and not on opinions? 

Donald Trump has been quick to associate with the Zionist Organization of America which fights against anti-Semitism in the United States, but he refuses to attend the N.A.A.C.P. Convention to speak.  I know about Trump’s desire to have a broad base of support even having White Supremacists to back him up.  Is the N.A.A.C.P. Trump’s version of Israel’s Idi Amin?  You would think that Jewish Republicans who are influential in our nation would have brought the Donald together with the N.A.A.C.P. by now.  The N.A.A.C.P. is not Black Lives Matter and it contains across our nation religious leaders in their communities and a great cross-section of the population which is not extremist in any way.  And from events in the last weeks we see that again racism is alive in the United States and Trump hides his head in the sand.  Where is the special envoy to fight racism to show equality with the Jewish community?  Are we better than the African-American community and we need better things to serve our interests?  Trump’s policies are failing.  Criminal justice reform was a good step, but the federal prison system houses more Whites than Blacks and he presented it as a gift to Afro-Americans.  His creation of jobs affecting African-Americans most likely affected people at the bottom of the barrel, while lots of educated people try to find jobs commensurate with their education.  And one of Trump’s chief lawyers referred to Black Lives Matter as “racist” instead of racial and that person is Rudy Giuliani.  Such ideas should have been purged a long time ago the way we purge anti-Semitic ideas though the White House.  And the 102.5 percent support that Trump gives to law enforcement which is very often feverish support that should be calmed down, portrays to a community of law enforcement that Black people just like Jews in the past and today, have brought these things on themselves and this results in the unfair treatment of Blacks and Jews, leading to racism and anti-Semitism.  Jews helped found the N.A.A.C.P. and we continue to help because we want a much better America, not an America that has already been made great under Trump.  Just ask him about it!

Edouard Drumont the vicious anti-Semitic publisher would have stated that the Jew is desecrating all the French people who died so France could be free.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  Now is the time for people like Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to decide if Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has done all these horrible things like “desecrating the Holocaust” as she speaks out to protect people who need asylum.  Jews need asylum as well.  If 130,000 Jews were at the border asking for asylum how quickly the tune of Jewish Republicans would change.  And what happened to the Jews who were turned away who arrived in Palestine on the Exodus?  Did they not return later?  Those “illegal caravans” were not illegal to Jews.  We need new Jewish leadership and our nation should be holding meetings just to achieve that.

Édouard Drumont, collage with the antisemitic newspaper he founded, La Libre Parole of 10 September 1899.[1] The headlines read: “The Traitor Convicted, Ten Years of Detention and Degradation, Down with the Jews!”

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