Tlaib and Trump Had Things in Common in 2017

Hitler brought on the Holocaust and now we learn from Richard Spencer that Trump brought on Charlottesville.  And Trump is doing a “good job” has been the propaganda from the Republican Party.  This is his confirmation from the White Supremacists just like a person gets the confirmation in church.  And this serves as a major warning about Trump,  much greater than any criticism about Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and policies.  And another important question is about Jewish organizations and the Jewish Republican organization respond to this important news at a time that Republicans are trying to use propaganda to convert Jewish Democrats.  I can only say that the people of the United States should vet Donald Trump’s actions much more during these critical days. 

Before I get to Trump and Tlaib, I decided to look back to my youth and two famous Republicans from New York.  Louis Lefkowitz and Jacob Javitts.  I asked myself what was their Republicanism all about?  It was hard to come up with answers since they were pretty liberal.  They had relationships with Nelson Rockefeller and in Lefkowitz’s case he didn’t like the corruption of Tammany Hall which controlled much of New York City when I was a teen.  Javitts fought hard for justice and across party lines often.  He also represented lots of business people in his law practice, but he sided with President Truman on Taft-Hartley which was their way to help men and women in unions.  Today things have changed immensely.

Tlaib is for a one state solution and Trump was mentioning his support for a one-state solution if both parties agreed that it would make them happy.  So for a moment, Trump and Tlaib were profoundly in agreement since Trump did not say that he was against a one-state solution.  Here is Trump back in early 2017 talking about it and Netanyahu did not say anything against it.  Now if Al Sharpton had said he could agree with a one-state solution or if Minister Louis Farrakhan had said that he was for a one-state solution, I would say that the almost the entire Jewish world would have been repulsed by that statement, but coming from Trump that was another matter.  I have known for decades that Israel feared a growing Arab population in Israel, but that changed dramatically due to immigration.  It’s all in the history of Israel and history matters.  So what you have seen was not about Hamas or terrorism.  It was about choosing a one-state or a two-state solution.  This is not fake news.  And there were probably more things that Tlaib and Trump could agreed upon.

Then there is the attack on Imam Omar Suleiman and Nancy Pelosi for not vetting the Imam more.  Newspapers everywhere exposed what seems to be his anti-Israel comments and anti-Semitism, but he is supported by rabbis in Dallas as a good man.  I did my research and I would expect a court or arbitrator to declare that his comment was related to the perceived threat against the religious freedom in Israel on the 27th day of Ramadan.  In his tweet he never called for an “intifada” but he clearly thought that it might be coming at that moment.  Right-wing news can travel fast and even mainstream news did not get a statement from Suleiman about 2014, nor did Suleiman support himself and his ideas in the best way in the Dallas Morning News.  He did not seem to remember at that moment what the context was in 2014.

I do think that Tlaib, Suleiman, and others have to be watched.  Hitler was kind of helpful to Jews at the beginning of his years in power and it confused Jews into thinking that everything was going to be okay.  Politics can be like that. 

That there was something fake going on is another matter.  It would have made sense to call the entire Muslim world into action to discuss the ramifications of a one-state solution and bringing about an everlasting peace in the Middle East.

Here is Congresswoman Tlaib that much of the Jewish world was critical about days ago for her comments about the Holocaust and how the world’s acceptance of the State of Israel hurt her people in many ways.  She cites here her respect for all people to live in peace (including the Jewish people).  Would Hitler have made the comment two days after Kristallnacht?  Would Trump had made those comments two days after his first show of respect for Ramadan in office which is detailed here.  Trump wrote about “terrorism” in his outreach to Muslims which is a slap in the face.  What about Jewish or Israeli terrorism in relation to Yom Kippur? 

I do think that Tlaib, Suleiman, and others have to be watched.  Hitler was kind of helpful to Jews at the beginning of his years of power and it confused Jews into thinking that everything was going to be okay.  I am a lot like Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies.  I trust no one!  Throughout my articles in Jewish Business News I wrote that Black Lives Matter, Latino Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, and Jewish Lives Matter and Jews and Israel have the right to exist, which all Congressional districts have to be more specific about.  Those decades leading up to World War II and the Holocaust were horrible and so were the beginning days as 700,000 were forced to flee Palestinian homes and not allowed the right of return that people for example in Paris were permitted under Nazi occupation.  There was discrimination in Israel back then that had to be dealt with later on.  And there were severe internal divisions growing out of the Holocaust that few people probably know about.  Much of what was going on in the new State of Israel was reminiscent of what people had to put up with in Europe before the Holocaust and after the end of World War

The desire to pardon murderers or the pardoning of a convicted murderer in Trump’s case ring out strong as Netanyahu and Trump share the same values.  Innocent and defenseless people should not be killed.  Even President Rivlin chose not to go along with Netanyahu.  President Rivlin of Israel also joined with the Jewish community of Hungary in protesting against the Prime Minister of Hungary who Donald Trump praises (Trump’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic also thanked the family of a dictator who saved Jews but killed about 30,000 Haitians before Kristallnacht took place).  Such a thank you could have been much more private or not given at all.  Here is a paragraph from Der Spiegel detailing what is taking place, among other anti-Semitic things in Hungary which are reminiscent of Trump’s own support for Confederate history (including Robert E. Lee) in America.  “Meanwhile, Hungary’s national school curriculum recommends a number of pre-World War II, anti-Semitic authors for readings. And neither Orbán nor his party have distanced themselves from his friend and Fidesz co-founder Zsolt Bayer, who has penned anti-Semitic, anti-Ziganist articles, and plays a central role in rallying far-right voters. Then, in March, Budapest awarded state honors to a number of people known for their anti-Semitic, far-right extremist tendencies, including János Petrás, the singer of the far-right rock group Kárpátia.”

A year later Trump held a White House event for Muslims that he should have had in 2017.  He learned a little, but not a lot.  Since he has an administration that wants Muslims to have joy, what has he done about that?  Little or nothing?  That’s what Republicans tend to do since most of them are conservative today.  A mosque was just set on fire today and Trump is not good at putting out fires anywhere.  North Korean?  Back firing missiles.  China?  Back in a tariff war and no trade deal yet.  Iran?  Pushed to the brink of war or so it seems.  Israel is concerned, but if Israel does take out Iran can you figure what would happen next?  Saudi Arabia would be free to act as it really wants and that could mean big trouble.  Saudi Arabia is called an ally but eliminating Iran could propel the Saudis to do the unexpected.  That is how international politics often works.  Now I was not going to mention the Mueller Investigation or Report, but my readers know that a while back that I asked the question “Did Mueller Really Flip Michael Cohen?” and now there is possible sensational news (right now) that the White House may have edited or edited Michael Cohen’s testimony.  And here is my article about Michael Cohen and you see I was shocked that Cohen said that he really didn’t know about any collusion.  And I trust Trump the least of everyone!

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