Mike Pence Rings Liberty’s Bell: Is Christ Listening?

Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University in 2012 and he called the Election of 2012 very important.  He spoke about paying off the national debt through his great ideas and now we see that the national debt has increased under Trump at a time of prosperity and it is going up as Trump approaches his third year in office.  The recession that started under George W. Bush as he left office in 2009 had to be fought hard to help Americans.  Have you clicked the blue link to watch?  Jesus Christ really must have been praying to have Donald Trump make that speech so that he could share his Christian values. 

You may also watch here the speech that Mike Pence just made at Liberty University.  There is no reason to go into the Mueller Report at this time, but all things have to be considered.  Let’s evaluate Mike Pence and his performance.  Pence was not sent there by Jesus.  Trump sent him. 

Pence gets credit for mentioning all of the violence that we are seeing across our nation and around the world, violence against places of worship and its congregants.  Pence’s comment about genocide being committed against Christians sounds like he just learned about it today, but knowledgeable people know about the atrocities against Christians in the Holy Land and other places.  He freshened up the problem by stating that he learned about it today, but here is a document from 2006 when George W. Bush was in office and it mentions concerned Republicans and that illustrates the inaction.  Even after two plus years of Trump, there has been inaction.  If you want you can search the Michael Savage audio where he talked about the genocide of Coptic Christians in 2012.  Do you think that Pence was trying to stir up a Christian audience that didn’t need it at that moment?  This is still largely a Christian nation and Muslims and Jews actually make up about three percent of the people.

The recent killing in Pittsburgh and San Diego were apparently done by people who come from the Christian community and that was mentioned at all.  Anti-Semitism has been perpetrated for centuries by Christians.  Anti-Semitism is known to be higher among Hispanics and African-Americans than among Whites, even Billy Graham made various anti-Semitic remarks although he denied it.  Government documents have revealed the truth.  The rise of anti-Semitic incidents and attacks has been attributed to the rise of Donald Trump and his rhetoric and policies.  Even his recent support of people who were removed from FACEBOOK because he says he believes in “FREEDOM” is far from the truth.  FREEDOM does not include hate speech and it’s that kind of “FREEDOM” that has led to the killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt.  Think about how the Bible demands that you treat others including “FREEDOM” of speech, one of the Ten Commandments.

Acts of kindness by students of Liberty University are important and we do learn about others through community service.  But the primary purpose of the speech was to talk about the military, the police that serve us well, and the four students from Liberty that work in the White House.  That last part is a no brainer since the two are allies in the war.

Watch the part about the cross that Pence admired and that was outstanding because the worship of that cross has to be in the heart at all times.  How easily men in power can forget that.  America and Liberty University stand with Israel, Pence told everyone.  I know how Christians feel about Israel, but where were the Christians when two-thirds of America did not want the Jews to come here to be saved in the 1940s.  Where was the Trump family at that time as well as Nazis used Madison Square Garden to infuse Americans with hate against the Jews and others?   Mike Pence was emotional for a moment thinking about how he was saved in college, but you have to decide if he learned his lessons well.  Did you know that there are one million poor people living in Israel and that nation could do much better taking care of its own people.  Thank goodness that Israel is just a small country.  I mention these things because Pence himself spoke about the importance of word and deeds.  Deeds!  Deeds!  Deeds!  Was he talking about the deed to some expensive property like Trump Tower?

At the end of the lesson on the massacres that have taken place and the burning of the Black churches, Pence talked about forgiving the arsonist.  Should be forgive Trump for all of the terrible things that he is doing.  His claim that Puerto Rico has received $91 billion dollar is a lie.  Congress is only allocating a small fraction of that amount and Trump opposes it.  What about the help that Christians in Puerto Rico need (Trump threw towels at them instead of throwing in the towel)?  Almost everyone on the island is Christian and Puerto Ricans are getting only about $17 billion for disaster relief.  Then there are those nations in Central America that get some support from Christian missionaries and lots of support from the United States government.  That governmental aid is just about a thing of the past.  The J in Donald J Trump is not for Jesus. 

And what about the community service of all those students?  Wouldn’t it make sense to reach out to Jews and Muslims through an outreach that would fight the hate that Pence was talking about.  Why listen to all of that and just go out there to bring all people of faith together?  And if we could forgive the arsonist, why can’t we forgive all those innocent people that have crossed our borders to be with family and friends without intimidation from Trump and his henchman who have created their own final solution for the immigration problem.  Asylum is a right that is based on Christian values.  Remember how Joseph entered the land of Egypt?

Christ is listening, but all of this shows that Christians are seriously divided just as Muslims and Jihadists and people who are pro-Israel but who have chosen to go down separate streets. Trump fooled the students at Liberty University back in 2012 or did he just fool himself?  These are all serious supporting details, both secular and religious.  I know how important the right to life is, marriage between a man and a woman, prayer in public places, and other things are to Christians, but Trump is the man who said that his Christianity is “an eye for an eye” and not “turn the other cheek.”  Is there any good reason to have this man mistreat people around the world and at home and to be in charge of policies that lessen our values?  Was this the fake news network portraying Trump in a bad light? I would hope that Christians could stand tall and expose Trump for what he really is.  He should be told that his overall performance does not match the values of Christians and that he has to change now.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is a great friend of Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that Christians have to follow Falwell’s leadership or even believe what he says.  Israeli voters, by the way, almost kicked the right-wing Netanyahu coalition out of power.  I have read about things that are upsetting about Liberty University and my readers may view those things right here.  I prefer not to write any of those things here and I ask everyone to focus on the things that I have written about.  Christians can easily join with Americans who stand up for values that people believe in who oppose Trump’s treatment of people.  At this moment in history, we see that there is talk between Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, a good friend of Liberty University, to remove 55,000 undocumented immigrants from housing where they have been allowed to live.  Has Liberty University taught the students and the community that before Hitler brought about the Holocaust that he made the Jews “illegal.”  Now you can see much more clearly Trump Christianity 101 and decide if your answer to these important questions is going to be what Trump wants or what Christ demands.  Where is the “good heart” in our people that helped convert mike Pence while he was in college?  Among the Christians that stood up to Hitler were the Danish people who wore the yellow star of David in resistance to Hitler.  Resistance is needed now and not just some choice words at a Christian university.

Trump has made the point of vilifying the immigrants crossing our border and he has talked about the drugs and human trafficking.  Here is FOX News today revealing the truth about human trafficking in the United States which again has to be an American Christian problem.  About 90 percent of the problem is American Made.  And if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  All of this is not about “ridiculing” Christians since Truth Matters.

Of course in researching this article, I discovered that anti-Semitism exists in both parties, but that is no excuse to reject strong resistance at this critical moment.  And I really hope that all this information is shared by news media everywhere including Christian newspapers.

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