Trump Flunks Anti-Semitism 101: Denunciation, Condemnation, Termination Coming

Trump Toches Exposed and the Swamp Stinks

Freedom of speech is alive and well in America.  Hateful speech from the right should be denounced, condemned, and terminated just as shouting fire in a movie theater is not the exercise of free speech.  Our free speech should also not result in a confrontation with our own military as one day we may hear shouts of kill them as was and is done to Jews (and other faiths) around the world (in our own backyard as well).  I have written a lot about La Libre Parole, the French newspaper that became the overnight propaganda machine in France in 1894.  We know about Der Sturmer and The Daily Stormer in the United States.  And now with the support of right wing individuals on FACEBOOK, including Minister Louis Farrakhan, the what in the world stupid POTUS is he doing Donald Trump, has revealed the great lie to Jews around the world and this comes precisely at a moment when more than 600 rockets have been fired into Israel.  We human beings have to dedicate ourselves more to the denunciation, condemnation, and termination of Donald Trump and his own form of anti-Semitism which results from his mind. 

I know that all of this was a great mouthful and I cannot see a huge demonstration where all Jews join together, but should it not open up some minds and eyes to where we are going with all of this.  Trump has been creating much or most of this mess since the Election Campaign of 2016.  And Jewish leaders and others that I have written to have allowed it to happen and allowed things to get to this.  Trump’s toches has been exposed just at the very time that he wants Jews to exit the Democratic Party.  We Jews need great solutions, not rockets being fired at loved ones and not growth among anti-Semites across the world.  I have asked ZOA and the ADL to act responsibly and call a national telephone conference call of Jews and concerned parties to address things so that new solutions can step forward. 

If Trump wants to shout fire in a movie theater, he can purchase his own movie theater and do what he wants (as long as all the people know).  The Daily Storm is the right place for people who stir hate and FACEBOOK and TWITTER have their terms of service and of course those terms of service can be modified whenever the companies wish to modify the TOS.  The New York Times is not a hate newspaper.  That attack including being anti-Semitic is just the same kind of thing that is done to Jews and other groups.  If Trump does open movie theaters, his family would go down the road that the Kennedy family went down as Joe Kennedy (RKO theaters) owned theaters back in the day.  Trump could even open his own The Stormergram or the Twitterstorm with all the hate that he has generated.  The Zionist Organization of America should take out a one-page ad in a newspaper.  Rabbi Shmuley Boteach should take out a one-page ad in a newspaper.  David Horowitz should take out a one-page ad in a newspaper.  Jared Kushner should take out a one-page ad in a newspaper.  Trump supports Minister Louis Farrakhan’s free speech and we go along with it.  Now that would be a great headline after all the money spent fighting the anti-Semitism of Farrakhan.  Trump has had his own Christian advisor who has made anti-Semitic comments and now he is the Equal Opportunity Anti-Semite Protector of All Time in the White House.

This toches took us all the way to this, which has been predictable.  You see it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that base and that base is doing great harm to Jews.  Pittsburgh and San Diego among other things should resonate much better now with Jews for Trump.  We grew up saying Never Again and with Trump we see more clearly It’s Here Again and Again. 

The rockets’ red glare over Israel was not about helping repair relations with Hispanics over Trump’s Wall, the detention of families, the suicides that took place that remind of our own victims in German concentration camps, the attacks on other races in support of Norwegians who could come here instead, the contempt that Trump has for a Black organization that was started with the help of Jews around 1900, for freedom of the press, and responsible government that prevents obstruction and collusion through truth, and other things that Jews fight for.  Those rockets represent the same provincialism that Trump’s supporters represent.  Those two groups were once together in Palestine as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem made a pact with the Grand Trump of Germany.  True there are Muslims who have been modified into supporting liberal causes (like Linda Sarsour), but that doesn’t mean that all Muslims are liberals.  We see conservatives fighting conservatives right now on both sides.  Not much has changed since 1948 as far as that goes.  The spirit of Linda Sarsour dates back to the Grand Mufti and Hitler and Trump’s support of the right is right there with them.  Rockets are slamming Israel and we Jews are slamming each other, but truth has to trump Trump.

Here is important news about Congresswoman Omar in her interview with Stephen Colbert.  This part is a continuation of anti-Semitism 101 for our elected officials.  I was really very impressed by how Stephen Colbert set up his interview.  The congresswoman was in New York City for this show and Colbert went to the comments made that were anti-Semitic and required an apology.  I would give the congresswoman a satisfactory grade for her comments, but much more has to be done.  Her roots are not Palestinian so there is a difference between Congresswoman Tlaib and her.  We can see that she spoke about learning more in order to do her job better.  Then she spoke about being a woman who wants to fight the way that Congressman Lewis fights and that is fine.  The weaknesses are there still.  She did not mention the Jewish people at all in over eleven minutes and her apology was not to the nation (it was to Jews).  She did not mention any anecdote about Jews in support of her apology.  I felt that her comment about the “Benjamins” was ignorance and that is what Omar portrayed in the interview.  Then the whole talk about learning slowly evaporated into the blast of air where she mentioned about women fighting to improve things.  She has to learn much more and it is not really about being an African-born-female-Muslim.  The communication is about humanity and not about sex and not her national origin.  There is still time to judge her, but Trump is another story.

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