Executive Privilege: Mission Impossible

We have to go back to a year ago when Robert Mueller met with White House Attorney Jay Sekulow, James Quarles, and three others where 49 questions were dictated.  The White House wanted just five questions, but Bernstein knew that Trump was not going to remember.  Where did Bernstein get all the quotes from?  Fake news or leaks? This was a moment like certain scandals already when the questions are stolen for a test and the answers can be memorized.  In itself I felt that it was a form of corruption that the Special Investigation was going along with.  The questions involved Flynn, Comey, Sessions, Donald Jr., the Trump Tower meeting, and real estate development with Russia.  All of this was presented in FEAR, the book by Bob Woodward.  What appeared to be at the bottom of this was possible perjury by Donald Trump.  But how could there be perjury with answers such as I don’t remember?  Linked to this bit of important knowledge is the book by James Comey which I also read.  Comey explained that the government must prove “corruption” and that thought resonated throughout all of my articles in the Jewish Business News.  Yes I was hoping that the key evidence could be uncovered to establish the case for Trump’s demise.  I knew it would be difficult and the evidence probably exists and has not been brought forward.  In all the articles where I wrote about the Dreyfus Affair in France which took years to establish the innocence of a man through evidence, I knew and still know that the evidence needed in the Trump may be out there.  I do not say is out there because I do not know for a fact that the evidence exists.  But at least I knew where the Mueller Report was going a year ago.

And a pretty ridiculous dialogue took place between John Dowd and Mueller that included explaining if Trump had “corrupt intent (what I learned from reading Comey’s book and the dialogue with quotations stated that an affidavit from Trump could be provided from Trump stating that he had no corrupt intent (Ha! Ha!).  I can just imagine police acting the same way across our nation.  “Sir.  Did you shoot the sheriff or the deputy?”  The man replies, “I’ll sign an affidavit that I did not and you can let me go.”   

In a recent article, for example, I woke up to the idea that Mueller may not have flipped Michael Cohen, even though I wrote to someone that I admired Cohen’s testimony before Congress.  With all the complaints by Trump and his major supporters about Hollywood liberals, it started to appear to me that Cohen was not flipped and simply put that he was only giving up evidence to prove that he had flipped when in fact he had not.  The payment to Stormy Daniels, the Trump real estate history, and other things were well documented for years.  What Cohen did not document was “collusion.”  And Cohen said he knew nothing about collusion.  In this script Trump started to portray Cohen as a low-level confidant and not a consigliere.  And it soon appeared to me that Cohen was diminishing his role.  Then the conversation came out with Tom Arnold where Cohen stated that things were contrary to the facts or the truth.  Was he lying?  It appears that way, but was he coming clean as he said to protect his wife or was it all about Trump?  I strongly suggest that Cohen has not flipped and he is protecting Trump.  The fact that prosecutors will not even meet with Cohen who wants a reduced sentence is also a key indicator that he knows more.

The French Army was exposed during the Dreyfus Affair in the 1890s and Trump has been exposed in countless ways.  Whatever support for him is certainly not needed and dangerous.  It may not appear that way to millions of people, but both the Jews and the French along with their anti-Semites were wrong in the 1890s.  Scotch tape is hold Trump together right now and that is not what our nation needs.  All it would take right now is for one credible person with evidence to come forth and expose what has not been exposed before.  That may come into play in jury trials or maybe in an impeachment procedure which will not find Trump guilty right now.  The Barr letter and Mueller’s reaction were predictable.  There can be no cover up of wrong doings now, as the case has been in declaring no obstruction and no collusion.  This is not about opinions.  This is all about people seeking the truth in an impartial and unbiased way.  All of Trump’s supporters cannot stop what is going on.  The Mueller Report had to be made public just as the conspiracy against Dreyfus was made public.  The person who exposed the French military was brought to a trial for libel and found guilty.  The person in the military who perpetrated the treasonous act was found innocent and then he fled the country because he could no longer take the heat.  The other perpetrator who willfully framed Dreyfus committed suicide and that is just what Trump has done (political suicide as he spoke out that his presidency was ruined once the special investigation began). 

Lives have been ruined and the end is not here.  Executive privilege can be talked about among Trump’s advisors, but there is no stopping the truth in this matter.  In France it was the military and in America it is Trump.  The truth will come out and even people who voted for Trump will accept it and move on.  They’ll wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, spend time with family and friends, and go to sleep to enjoy life the next day.

Russians have played an important part in this chapter of current events and history and the probability that exists must be that the Mueller team could not gain access to the people that were needed to provide the truth, the whole truth.  Throughout history people have escaped prosecution because of geography.  I would imagine that lots of Mafia members just took a long trip back to Sicily or some other well protected area in Italy.  Perhaps Jews are protected in Israel since many Israelis have been investigated over the years for money laundering and other things.  The proof could turn up at any time and Trump would be shouting that he is clean.  His kind of clean is not kosher by any means.

We needed a process where a no confidence vote could have been derived and a new election could be called.  Instead we got the possibility of impeachment in this case and more of Trump that what was necessary.  From the moment that we learned that he lied about Stormy that action could have united Americans instead of leading to greater divisiveness.  And that divisiveness if affecting all of us and has led to the massacre of Jews under Trump.  And in the last anti-Semitic murder by a Christian (not a Muslim), we learned that Jews escaping the violence of Israel came here only to be attacked.  What a powerful lesson for all us all!

And unrelated to the Mueller Investigation is that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung Un has started missile testing again.  Yes the “Little Rocket Man” has defied Donald Trump and resumed testing after Trump told us that the Korean would see “fire and fury.”  Bob Woodward wrote over a year ago that “Trump had a way of appearing to strengthen his own hand by creating a situation, often risky, that did not previously exist.”  Trump’s threat to attack North Korea was clearly not backed up by his own administration which insiders knew would result in the loss of tens of thousands of lives in South Korea (the Pentagon had already prepared the report on that).  This is another way that Trump has deceived the American people.  Even a ground war against the North Koreans would most likely generate a nuclear response.  The nuclear option was discussed after Trump mentioned taking U.S. troops out of South Korea, a signal that North Korea would perceive as an attack was about to take place (which was not the case).

Given the situation right now in Israel with 430 rockets fired by its enemies, I would not wish to go there, even on a cruise to its ports.  Given the situation right now with North Korea, I wish we had someone else in the White House.  Can you blame me?  Executive privilege keeps coming up, but the danger is great.  Anyone who has supportive evidence against Trump must bring it forth.  And not just anyone, but everyone.  And Donald Mc Gahn could hold a press conference tomorrow to tell all and nothing could stop him.

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