Netanyahu-Trump Cartoon Conclusion: Both Have to Be Removed from Power

The seeing eye dog is among the most respected working dogs of all.  It is not a dog that is about business and money such as a sheep dog.  It’s a dog that helps its owner 24-7 to survive and have a normal life. 

I had an unnecessary experience because of the staff of the New York Daily News which to me was as bad as the so-called New York Times publication of the Donald Trump – Seeing Eye Dog cartoon that has been called anti-Semitic.  Okay my experience was only threatening to me, but the cartoon is threatening to the Jewish people and the United States under Trump.  What happened to me is that the reporter did not have the power to demand the total reprint of the article in the Albany edition and that article made it seem that charges against me had been proven when they weren’t.  Years later another reporter read what had been written about me from the Albany edition and told me never to call her again.  She now works for New York Newsday.  Perhaps I lost the opportunity to have something published because of that, but I got over it.  I have prided myself on my transparency and integrity and I doubt that Trump and Netanyahu could ever live up to that in their work.  And I do not care if Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East as fellow Jews say.  No deflection of any cover up of truth is needed in these matters.

Check this out.  Danenberg, 54, was pulled from the classroom Oct. 23, 1998, accused of calling his alternative high school students “drug fiends,” making ethnic and sexual jokes and telling them how to access Internet “cybersex” – comments he said were misunderstood.
For 5 1/2 months, he said, he spent his nearly 71/2-hour school day in a spare room at a Queens high school, and then in a Board of Education conference room with eight to 10 other accused teachers.
“We did nothing. . . . The two televisions, one in the room we were in, and one in the cafeteria, ran all day. Getting stuck watching ‘Jerry Springer’ all day was demeaning,” Danenberg said.
The board substantiated several of the allegations, but Danenberg was transferred in April to another alternative high school program.
“They said they wanted to fire me but couldn’t,” he said. “I think it shows how crazy and incompetent the principals are who bring these crazy charges.”

I never said the word “drug” to the student (who was doing graffiti and not drugs in front of me) and there was no mention of cyber sex in my classroom.  A student asked me to tell an ethnic joke.  I was set up by others and the students.  And I still think watching the Jerry Springer Show is demeaning.

At this time, there has been a major emphasis to redirect the conversation about anti-Semitism toward Muslims in the United States by Mort Klein, David Horowitz, and others.  Due to the huge number of anti-Semites in the Christian population, the Christian problem is 40 times greater than the Muslim problem as Muslims make up about 3 million people across the United States.  Even an opinion that I read blames the Netanyahu-Trump cartoon or seems to portray a link between the cartoon and the shooting that took place at a San Diego Temple.  But here is Haaretz publishing an opinion that the cartoon was not anti-Semitic. 

Watching Alan Dershowitz, who I have written about in Jewish Business News in Israel, I see a man who puts his knowledge of law in the background to support a Jewish rally that I would not support.  The dog and the grotesque face made me think.  I wondered who the man was. Trump’s orange hair was a giveaway, although his nose was modified.  It may not be reality, but it is a good work of art where freedom of expression exists.  It existed at Charlie Hebdo and it was costly as people lost their lives over a work devoted to Mohammed the Prophet.  My conclusion was that the work should not have been published.  The dog is not just any dog and I would think that an arbitrator or a lawyer in a case would make that clarification.  It was a seeing eye dog and Netanyahu is seen leading the blind Trump.  Whether Trump is blind or stupid, that is for people to decide and some have decided that he is highly intelligent.  Since I could not determine whose face that was, the Jewish star surely helped me become unconfused as it made me think of Israel.  Netanyahu does not have the traditional hooked nose that I have presented in one of my recent articles where I fight anti-Semitism with facts and truth.   Dershowitz was also criticized in one of my articles by a former federal prosecutor for failing to remember his Basic Warrant Law 101 course as he made an important mistake.  And they say that a dog is entitled to one bite in law.

I have written about a joke that circulated among Jews about Germans at the time of the Holocaust.  At that time there was a rumor that the Jews had killed and eaten a German and the joke was that eating a German was impossible for Jews because we don’t eat pigs.  You can read my entire article here.  The pig thing does not apply to all Germans (to Nazis, of course).  Innocent people should never be harmed in conflicts and that is the essence of anti-Semitism as well as all Jews should not suffer for anything that a Jew has caused.  The cartoon made me think of the controversy that spread on a recent New York State History Regent exam as Israeli forces used a table as a barricade.  Students were very upset to read about this in an exam, but I was upset about the portrayal of one of the soldiers as a “fat Jew” which I felt was anti-Semitic.  But I am sure that others would disagree with me.

Trump has made things more dangerous for Jews because of his policies toward lots of others.  And I cannot think of another leader in the world whose face could have been substituted to Netanyahu’s face.  Would Lopez-Obrador fit?  Would Trudeau fit?  Would Macron fit?  No way Jose!  Here is a correction from the Washington Examiner after it printed fake news about the cartoonist.  CORRECTION: In a previous version of this story, the Washington Examiner reported that both cartoons were created by Antonio Moreira Antunes, when in fact the first cartoon was created by Roar Hagen and the second cartoon was created by Antunes. The Washington Examiner regrets the error.  The New York Times should not have apologized, but Trump should.

We have read about the things that have upset the world and lots of Jews as well including the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem and, Trump’s Gaza statement, and Netanyahu’s promise to annex the West Bank among lots of other things.  Netanyahu initially supported Trump’s wall idea and backed off after Jews in Mexico complained loudly.  Did those Jews at the really complain as loudly as did the Jews of Mexico?

Trump said that he can be neutral in regard to Israel and the Palestinians.  Trump said that he is looking at a one state and a two-state solution.  He said “no collusion” “no obstruction” “no tax returns” “no affair with Stormy Weather” “no business in Russia before the election” “no justice for Trump” “no wall.” Okay he didn’t say no wall!

We Jews are not standing together and we have probably never stood together in the past.  My study of Galicia where my grandmother was from was a place where wealthy, powerful Jews aligned themselves with nobles against all peasants and even Zionists.  And our people got killed just like that for being on the wrong side of politics. 

I just finished reading about the liberal-conservative struggle of the Hapsburg Empire which reminds me (not us or US) of Trump’s America.  The pages leading up to the paragraph that I will summarize told of the changes that took place and there were several.  The nobles lost much power.  The Catholic Church lost power (kind of).  Marriage licensing and schools became secular (kind of).  These are things that even conservatives today take for granted.  Lutherans were demonized by Catholics, not all Catholics (obviously).  The stage was set politically where it had never been before.  And this is what happened. 

Bishop Francis Joseph Rudigier denounced the new May Laws as “lies” or fake news.  He was put on trial, found guilty, and sentenced to fourteen days in jail.  This was a battle between the church and state.  Then the Emperor intervened even though these were laws passed by duly elected officials and he pardoned the bishop.  That showed how little he agreed with the law and the new liberal government.  The Vatican Council soon stated that the Pope’s word was infallible (although there were divisions at the Council) in matters related to Catholics.  Trump and Netanyahu are far from infallible and a statement of free speech detailing that Netanyahu is the man leading the blind or stupid Trump or a cartoon is freedom of speech first.  The artist of the cartoon has not made a statement and he could explain the facts to all of us.  Have Jews overreacted with their demonstrations and criticisms?  Most likely yes.  We just witnessed the Covington High School students being attacked for an incident in Washington, D.C. that took time to sort out.  If the artist proudly tells us that the cartoon was anti-Semitic then we have proof.  Ask him!  Do your homework!

In providing more content of that period, it must be made known that the government wanted universal childhood education through the eighth grade.  Catholics fought the implementation of the program in various regions of the Empire.  Polish nobles in Galicia cut that eight-year figure down to six and badly needed schools in that region were not funded when requested.  And in the Tyrol region, the eight-year program was not implemented for about 20 years.  Farmers needed children to work on the lands and kept “liberal” progress from taking place.

Sacha Baron Cohen, a Jew, is in court right now for allegedly portraying Trump’s Republican man as a pedophile.  The video was political, not religious or ethnic, and quite funny (depending on your politics).  Not a cartoon, but an important depiction of Roy Moore nevertheless.  Since I am not a legal expert, I could never state a legal opinion.  I had something to do with Roy Moore’s defeat and I would do it all again if I get the chance.  It is possible that Sasha Cohen took his comedy too far, but this was no attack on Mohammed or on race or religion.  And who cares about what Trump thinks of it.  I don’t care.  I have a big nose and my nose is slightly hooked and I have never thought about changing it.  I am a card-carrying Jew, but I can divorce Jewish friends or even family for their views.  Why?  A family member said that Trump has not killed anyone, but I know that his policies are responsible for suicides of immigrants.  Hitler did not personally kill anyone.  I and others like me feel that Trump has increased anti-Semitism by his rhetoric and his policies and other Jews shout four more years.  The divisions cannot go away.

Trump has ignored the requests of African-American leadership such as the N.A.A.C.P. from the beginning, an organization that Jews helped found and Jews continue to help.  He built a wall instead of a bridge there between people.  And we have heard Trump’s boast about the lowest African-American unemployment in history that he takes credit for when most of the work in achieving that was done by Barack Obama and the American people.  He has developed his own African-Americans since the campaign of 2016.  Kanye West wants to abolish the 14th Amendment which could move us back toward slavery in the future.  With no due process, what could people look forward to in life?  That’s another one of Trump’s friends!  His whole team of African-Americans has to go including Candace Owens.  Trump has chosen to lie in bed with Robert E. Lee as well.  And Lee was not even a Republican.  He fought against a great Republican president named Abraham Lincoln.  Lee opposed the Republican Plan of Reconstruction and endorsed the Democratic Party candidate Horatio Seymour in 1868 against the Republican candidate U.S. Grant.  So one could well imagine why Trump is so enamored of Robert E. Lee and he must consider him to be a great Republican in Trump’s image.  Here is the Lee family coat of arms.

I know a Lee of Virginia who is African-American and who fights for civil rights.  Maybe we could replace all the Confederate statues of Robert E. Lee with a statue of my friend?  Now that would be a great compromise.  Indeed!  Trump’s populism which he calls nationalism really does not extend to African-Americans and others.  He has propped up Jews at the expense of others, even in foreign policy.  The reports that have been made known about the importance of the military alert that could come from South Korea of an attack and now the Norway report of the fine work that is done there to detect Russian military activities exposes the corrupt Trump talk about other countries paying their fair share of their defense.  The Norwegians are walking the walk and helping US. 

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