Guns, Immigrants, Anti-Semitism, and Leakers

No guns don’t kill!  That killing with the gun led to millions of people being killed.  We were taught part of that lesson in school.  Would it be acceptable in a political campaign for anyone who is not assigned to protect the president or a candidate to have a gun?  This is about choice, gun rights vs. protecting everyone at the event.  The Florida senate has now passed a bill to allow for the arming of teachers, but exactly where that will lead may not have been discussed adequately.  I see that another gun may quickly end up in the hands of the enemy when there is turmoil in the schools.  It’s as easy as shooting the teacher and taking his gun.  It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby as the song goes.  And remember that our enemies have always taken weapons as either weapons were left lying around or after winning battles in war.  That painting depicts one of the causes of World War I.

Americans know that Donald Trump argued that the United States should have a wall because Barack Obama has a wall (totally untrue of course) which also means that all of US should have a wall to protect ourselves.  Then when the Pittsburgh Massacre occurred Trump made it known that maybe an armed guard could have prevented or stopped the massacre.  Here is parallel thinking on display.  In order to prevent the murder of a parent by the parent’s son or daughter what is needed.  No gun in the house or access to a gun or should the parent have an armed guard at home to protect himself or herself?

Rabin’s killing has led us to the current state of affairs where thousands of people have been killed.  And there was the Kennedy assassination that soon led us deeply into the War in Vietnam.  And lots more has happened from guns in our history.  Here is the actually video of the assassin back at the scene of the crime, his crime.  And here was the rally with supporting signs of Shalom in Hebrew before Rabin was killed.  In relation to recent American politics that is very disturbing are the Trump claim that he was looking at both a one state and a two-state solution to the problem and now we are being pretty much told that that was not true.  This means that Jared Kushner should be vetted to show whether the soon to be released plan was actually similar to what was being discussed in 2016.  Emails can indicate to us if Trump was telling the people the truth back then.

Austrian nationalism consisted of an attempt to unite all religions within its empire.  Francis Joseph in the 19th Century protected different faiths by his actions including a long tour of the empire to reach out to Jews, Greek Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox and much later became the protector of Muslims in Bosnia-Hercegovina in the 20th Century.  Jews in Cracow erected an arch in his honor and came out to greet him with Torahs.  My grandmother who was from Galicia spoke highly of him, even though history shows that he blocked full emancipation of the Jewish people for twenty years.  Protestant Austrians respected Francis Joseph as well even though the preferred religion was the Roman Catholic.  And he gave special status to Catholics that affected schools and other matters.  But the anti-Semitism continued.  Local control was never eliminated and the emperor was part of that problem as he sent troops to crush peasants that favored him and his policies.  In Trump’s America the people who are still disgruntled have to speak out now and seek solutions from those who can provide real solutions instead of rhetoric and polices that do not help them.

Here is an important video about Muslims in prison that got my attention.  I learned that the Muslim population is 1 percent and I did research to ascertain its truth.  Here are the statistics for religions in America.  Christians and Catholics make up over 90 percent.  What concerns me is this.  If Muslims in America consist of 34 percent anti-Semites and Christians in America consist of 14 percent anti-Semites that would equate to about 40 times more anti-Semites in America among Christians than among Muslims.  And Mort Zucker of the Zionist Organization of America wants Muslim Imams to do more to prevent inciting the Muslim population with no such known outreach to the Christian population.  We have to end all hate and anti-Semitism is a major part of that.  Also take into account that many communities with large Muslim populations are not even near the vast majority of Americans.  That means that the likelihood of a local incident is quite low.  Days ago in my home, a friend mentioned that there are no known Christian terrorists to speak of.  The terrorist attack in Oklahoma City is living proof of the falsity of that statement.  The Massacre in Pittsburgh terrorized our nation.  That statement is a clever manipulation of the truth which I could never fall for. 

When are all Americans going to wake up?  Even now Donald Trump is making threatening comments at Mexico about weapons drawn at the border as though this is about the shootout at the O.K. Corral for US.  What if those Mexicans were Jews who worked for the Mexican government and there was a Jewish-American border agent involved?  There are Jews in both countries and there are Jews in Russia just in case a war gets started with Russia.  And to make matters worse, there are militia who think that God ordered them to go down to the border to protect us.  They have broken the law just like people who wish to provide water at the border to people passing through in the heat of our southern border.  Everyone does not get treated the same under the law and the Trump Administration has allowed and encouraged those vigilantes to remain there.  Breaking the law again?  This reminds me of the deep south back in the day during Jim Crow.  All people must be treated equally under the law.

And in regard to those undocumented immigrants who are all over our nation, another truth has to be known that came up in my home.  People claim that the undocumented people have rights that legal residents do not have (living in federal housing).  Housing is not provided to undocumented immigrants.  What actually is the law is that undocumented immigrants may live with people who are legal residents (citizens, other legal residents, people seeking amnesty).  So people in my own family in Colorado are being misled, perhaps by unscrupulous administrators in Colorado who prevent them from obtaining housing.  An investigation in this matter should take place and any people guilty of this matter should be dealt with immediately.  The same kind of thing happens when I hear White people say that people they know who pass by Bronx Housing where Black people on welfare are sitting around during the day.  No law is broken there, but how can you tell if people sitting around during the day are on welfare?  We sat in projects and we were not on welfare.  It was home sweet home!

In one of my recent articles, I wrote that the Republican Party is being held by scotch tape to cite Donald Trump’s Scottish heritage.  Days later a Republican in Iowa crossed party lines, a member of Trump’s transition team spoke out against his lawlessness, and Republicans are waking up to trump’s (capitalization removed) corruption.  Trump is everything and more that Jews have been blamed for over the centuries, but Israel is his only ally.  And there are differences between Israel and Mexico that I have noticed myself over the decades.  George W. Bush and Barack Obama had much better attitudes and positions for maintaining excellent relations with both nations.  Trump has diminished our relationship with Mexico, our neighbor.  How the embassy move to Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza play out in world affairs is far from over.  Bipartisanship has been lost as Trump dictates things that are not written in stone.  Republican candidates are coming out now to challenge Trump and rightfully so.  They know just how bad he has been and campaign ads and debates will reveal those severe faults.  And the glee of Jewish Republicans calling for four more years (which is their right to shout out), was heard and will be used against them as Republicans divide and conquer in their own way.

It could be that 2020 will be the year for much greater division in elections as both parties have wings that can easily take votes away from each party with candidates that provide a choice to the people.  The outcome as always will be uncertain.  The scotch tape is falling apart and maybe trump should have had some other DNA to hold him up.  Even if we take away that scotch tape, the best that he could find is crazy glue to hold things together.  He is crazy about himself and that is the essence of his administration.  The world woke up to communism and it was overthrown and Republicans and Independents are waking up to trump.  And with trump’s decline, Netanyahu has no way to go but down as well and to accept changes that may take place to cause him to back off. 

I would like to see the National Leakers Convention take place right now.  The U.S. Marines have leaked information about the conditions they live in after the hurricane in North Carolina affected their lives, Navy Seals have leaked information about their leaders attempting to hide information about corrupt warfare, trump has had various leakers who have been exposed to the public as well and there will be more.  Those leakers have to be heard and they know how to save America right now.  “Truth will set you free.”  There is no truth with trump and no trust with trump.  He has been asked to resign for the good of the Republican Party and the nation.  This whole attempt to support trump and the notion of “Deep State” attempting to undermine him is going down the way the Titanic went down.  “Russia are you listening” got Trump into deep trouble and there is ample evidence of obstruction of justice.  And Jewish Republicans will have to choose between Trump Town in the State of Israel or in one of the settlements or living with other Americans according to the Constitution and Laws of Moses.

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