Who’s Going to Pay For It: White House Drek and Schmutz Taking Americans to the Cleaners

Peter Navarro

Republicans know who is going to pay for it and they will tell you that you were warned about it.  Trump University has arrived in Washington, D.C. and washing machines now cost $92 more.  That is called inflation.   There was a cost to the tariff and that was $82 million in tariffs, but the cost to the consumer was $1.5 billion.  Each job created (1,800) cost $817,000 each.  The American people have been taken to the cleaners.  American manufacturers also raised the price of dryers which was not affected by the tariffs.  Domestic manufacturers also raised prices on Americans.  Think back to the Nixon Administration and at that time workers lost out and so did consumers.  Why?  There were wage and price controls which is not your everyday “free market” situation.  Actually such government controls are a major part of socialism.  And very simply the American consumer has been taken to the cleaners by the crap and dirty tariff war that Trump planned for you.  This information should be spread everywhere. 

Your tax refund, if you got it is really not as high as you thought it would be.  Gasoline prices, which went down briefly after going up around last summer, are not sneaking up right now.  They are climbing and that means the oil companies are benefitting immensely.  A nostalgic look at gasoline prices shows us that prices were down a long time and we expected more of that.  Our tax refund was also absorbed by that.  By the way, I did not buy either a washing machine or a dryer since I have them already, but I know that Republicans, Democrats, and others paid for it and it was a huge mistake since Trump always does huge things.  In New York the price increase for gasoline since the beginning of 2019 has been 29.2 cents up to April 15, but there have been other hikes and now my local gasoline station charges today $2.879 for regular ( a few increases more in the last week).  So we have been taking a big hit here.  That price is for cash or credit and a couple of miles away there is a station that is usually 5 or 6 cents less.  Here is the price per gallon of the station closest to the one nearest my house. 

What I wish to see from the people now is that they should volunteer in their in their states.  Democrats should volunteer to make things much better than they are.  Republicans who are completely satisfied about what has happened should also volunteer, but they should keep an open mind if they did not know about this important information before.  I do not expect Donald Trump to shout it out to you at the top of his lungs.

Peter Navarro is the economist who everyone disagreed with in the Trump White House, but Trump overruled everyone who disagreed.  You probably have not heard of him, but he is the person that you have to find out more about.  Here is his information from the White House website.

Drek and schmutz are words that my grandmother taught me in the 1950s.  Drek is crap and schmutz is dirt.

I want Democrats and Republicans to volunteer in their parties, especially congressional and senatorial races to listen more and learn more.  We are in great danger and we just don’t realize it because of the great freedoms we continue to have.  Our family responsibilities also keep us from participating in the process.  I hope that all people can come together to fight for the truth as I do.  And let’s keep the very worst elements in our nation away from both parties.  Absorbing the facts revealed in this brief article is a great start.  I volunteer by writing and doing what I do and I spend a lot of time doing that.  The Election of 2020 will be here before you know it and let’s get ready to rumble.

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