The Son of Mary MacLeod-A Buffoon

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Now that I am not a kid, I am much better informed about history and key issues by reading about Israel and the Jewish people.

When I was a kid I saw the movie Son of Paleface with Bob Hope.  Loved the movie.

Around the same time, I started to find out about the Son of God or Jesus.  We are Jewish.

Then in the streets we learned about some other son as we cursed each other out.  No need to mention that son here now.

There have probably been lots of other sons over the decades, but I am firmly grounded in the present.

There was a Son of Superman.

Then there was the Son of Sam, a killer.

There was a son of Mary McLeod Bethune, the civil rights’ icon.  She hailed from South Carolina.

Buffoon is an interesting word that has lots of meanings to report here.  Education matters!

Fool idiot ass ignoramus moron dope chump stupid person

Have you noticed that the civil rights’ icon had a c in MacLeod?

This Mac Leod family member hailed from Scotland. 

She was issued a visa on February 17, 1930 (the month and day of my birth).  Does she look familiar?  She had a “dynamic orange swirl” as part of her hairstyle.Now that you have read the Mueller Report excerpts the way that I have, you ought to know that this lady gave the world Donald Trump.

Now that you have read the Mueller Report excerpts the way that I have, you ought to know that this lady gave the world Donald Trump.She was issued a visa on February 17, 1930 (the month and day of my birth).  Does she look familiar?  She had a “dynamic orange swirl” as part of her hairstyle.Now that you have read the Mueller Report excerpts the way that I have, you ought to know that this lady gave the world Donald Trump.

It is my opinion that Donald Trump was the cement that held the Republican Party together in 2016 and nothing more.  His anti-humanity rhetoric and the report have confirmed a lot about him.  The Democrats are in the same predicament that the Republicans were in back in 2016 and they can find the candidate to hold the party together in time for the Election of 2020.  And according to things we have learned in the press, the election of 2016 was decided in the final days.

Trump you may recall told everyone just how intelligent he is.  Then we found out in different ways the truth about that.  He spoke about vetting people and selecting the best people for our nation and some were indicted and convicted of criminal behavior.  Trump is destroying our nation well with his intelligence.  That was not what the election was all about.  He was not the lesser of two evils in that race. 

Let’s get to the DNA and ABC of Donald Trump.  The reality is that he is no longer the cement holding the Republican Party together, the Mueller Report reveals his unfit character for office.  There is a 3 percent shift right now in Trump approval that can signal a swing in the swing states.  And in German which is part of his DNA, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that sving (swing) schwein (pig).  That DNA combination is particular and applies only to Donald J. Trump.  I should also remind my fellow Jews that the J does not stand for Juden (Jew).  Now for the ABC of Donald Trump.  The A is the rating that he gives himself, even after the Central Park Rapists’ fiasco and Obama birther support that he took possession of.  The B stands for Buffoon which we have noticed constantly about his presidency (but others say Let Trump Be Trump).  The C stands for Criminality which there is lots of evidence for in the Mueller Report and in federal courts and more is coming.  Trump should resign and learn from critical scenes from The Godfather and others.  Cut your losses.  And remember that there is no veto of impeachment as our nation is at stake.

Jewish supporters of Donald Trump should try to imagine this.  It’s 1939 and Donald J. Trump is the president.  There are no Jewish supporters of Trump and no Israel.  Based on his own base which we know well from his campaign to the present, can’t we decide that things don’t really look good for Jews.  Actually if we fast forward to 2016 and eliminate his Jewish support, what would the potential for anti-Semitism look like?  I recognize, based on my own comments, that Trump may be holding back the dam in a way that could damn all Jews.  But there are other critical factors.  Der Stormer, for example, has not reached the potency of La Libre Parole in France in the 1890s and there is freedom of the press in the United States that is immensely helpful to all Jews right now, Trump’s enemy of the people.  Republicans have made their conclusions, but the swing in Trump’s approval ratings may soon be seismic and create a Democratic landslide.  I know that there are ways to bribe the American vote.  That may be coming.  Do I think that the Republicans are finished?  Do you remember 1964?  They weren’t finished in 1964 and won in 1968.  But there are those who are saying that this is worst than Watergate and that could have serious consequences. 

The strength of Jews against Trump’s policies is strong than Trump is stronger than cement and scotch tape.  Here is an example of that from Truah, an organization that I read about.  “Rabbi Shai Held, dean of New York’s Mechon Hadar, teaches that “Passover is not just about telling our national story, though it is first and foremost that. It is also about asking what life has taught us, and about whether we are willing to undertake the daunting task of learning to love the vulnerable among us.” We are shocked by the treatment of immigrants at our nation’s border and even Truah does not cite what happened to displaced Jews and others after World War II.  Get rid of the schwein in our nation’s government now.  Three percent in the recent polls is not buying the propaganda of Trump and the Republicans.

I did not purchase the New York Post again today and with good reason.  I sent this to the New York Daily News yesterday.  Trump is not clean or kosher. 

Trump Is Not Clean

I stopped buying the New York Post today and for now I can live without it.  Its news headline that Trump Is Clean made me do it.  Trump supporters will be scrambling now to regroup in this war between our nation’s people.  Mitt Romney and other Republicans are upset about just how Trump has been portrayed with supporting evidence.  Remember that John Mc Cain and others led the way.  And James Comey himself is a Republican who warns us to be careful.  I have reached out in my work to Republicans and Democrats over the years, but Trump is another thing altogether.  On Long Island I visited the office of Senator Marcelino at the beginning of my long effort to help New Yorkers.  At the national level I was in touch with the Republican National Committee and the George W. Bush White House.  I attended the Republican National Convention briefly with a pastor from Queens when that convention was in New York City.  The Republican Party used to be “clean” but it’s not clean right now.  The New York Post chose to put an opinion and a very bad opinion on the front page of its newspaper to prop up a man who should be taken down immediately.  Perhaps other newspapers have been guilty as well of placing opinions instead of factual news on the front page, but this was an egregious mistake and a meditated one.  I was just writing about the anti-Semitic press of France and the role of La Libre Parole in blaming Jews for France’s problems when I read the front-page headline that Trump is clean.  He is as clean as the French military was when it conspired against a Jew in the army who they sent to Devil’s Island. 

In today’s New York Newsday published on Long Island, there are various opinions supporting Donald Trump in connection with the Mueller Report.  That is to be expected, but the newspaper didn’t publish an opinion on its front page.  That’s what the opinion section is for in the New York Post.

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