In Gotti We Trust: But Running Out of Teflon

The Panama Canal Scandal which ripped France reveals a lot about anti-Semitism.  And today’s Trump Scandal is surely boiling before Congress and the public with the Mueller Report.

Anti-Semitism started to grow as the newspaper La Libre Parole twisted the facts in France.  There was bribery at the highest level of government as problems related to the finances of the Panama Canal Company was hushed up.  Two Jews were not bribing anyone but were involved in transferring the bribe money.  Sounds like Michael Cohen being called upon to hush up Stormy Daniels.  Baron Reinach, one of the two Jews, gave a list of names to Edouard Drumont’s anti-Semitic newspaper and overnight this small newspaper was making national news.  Reinach committed suicide.  This paved the way for the Dreyfus Affair in France in 1984.  The two Jewish men were German Jews and Dreyfus was accused of spying for Germany.  In all 800,000 Frenchmen had lost their investment in the Panama Canal Scandal and that was huge.

Today the New York Post could have written that the Brooklyn Dodgers just won the pennant as well as Donald Trump is clean.  Don’t count on me to purchase that newspaper again.  With my comments about La Libre Parole fresh in mind, I quickly realized that the truth has to be told for everyone, including the Mueller Report.  Jews, African-Americans, Hispanic, gays, undocumented immigrants and other immigrants, Muslims, Palestinians, and others do need the same protections demanded by law.  La Libre Parole and the New York Post have turned me off today.

A major point to consider here is just how the blame can be placed on Jews when they were not the people doing the bribing nor did they receive any bribe money.  Just being involved set off the fire that refused to die out.  This was my point about Ivanka and Jared Trump and the policies of Donald Trump as things developed in our nation.  There has been an increase in anti-Semitism that Trump supporters have deflected by pointing to his family to show that he is not anti-Semitic and never talking about his bad politics that surely increased anti-Semitism and will continue to increase anti-Semitism.  Jared Kushner’s role in Middle East policy has not been made public, but the wrong policy may result in greater tensions, protests (violent protests), and anti-Semitism as hard right politics replaces reason and law.  Ivanka has been mostly on the sidelines, but she will be blamed as well, along with her father.

In France a large number of those 800,000 Frenchmen could easily blame the Jews and millions of Muslims around the world can easily blame the Jews again for failing to bring about a fair peace.  Trump and Netanyahu talk about the West Bank and the Golan Heights is just talk right now, but once the walk begins matters will change and there will be another escalation in violence.  How could there not be? 

This is a time for ZOA, Dennis Praeger, and others to have a dialogue with other Jews.  Even Bernie Sanders just had a town hall with Fox News. This is now a new fusion of America First (which is the name of the show of Gorka on radio).  How about a Fox Town Hall with Jews of all views?  Then it could similar town halls with other groups.  I would love to see Candace Owens interact with other African-Americans and see just how well she changes their views.

Mort Klein and Candace Owens gave testimony in Congress about anti-Semitism, but Owens chose to throw the train off the tracks by attacking world-wide anti-Semitism which was not the subject.  She was out of order.  To Klein’s credit, he provided a written statement, but Owens did not.  And remember that support for Hitler in four years went from single digits to total power as nationalists supported him. 

ZOA states that Muslim anti-Semitism in the good old USA is 34 percent and only 14 percent in the general population.  It would better to know what the anti-Semitism was for each ethnic group, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.  And is the anti-Semitism much greater among Whites in the South than in the North or are they equally distributed.  Anti-Semitism in the Middle East among 16 nations (including our ally Saudi Arabia) ranges from 75 percent to 93 percent, but it could also be that people in those countries hate the United States more than it hates Jews.  We are constantly told that the Muslim world wants to destroy Western culture, religion, and government.   Klein talks about a video made at the University of North Carolina by a Jewish film maker, Ami Horowitz, who really did not show the anti-Semitism in a video that I saw concerning the rap artist, Tamer Nafar.  Was the video edited a lot or was there another video that I did not see?  The professor who made that the statement that Blacks have a lot of reasons to be angry at Jews now could be a progressive or even a right-winger.  Who was that professor?  What is her name?  What kind of reporting is this anyway?  Where were reporters of the leading Jewish newspapers?   In relation to the part about Ethiopian Jews and the perception of prejudice and racism (or even Israeli-Arabs), Benny Gantz mentioned the racism and even Condoleezza Rice was concerned about the segregation in Israel when she worked for George W. Bush. 

Condoleezza Rice

After doing more research, I did find this article in Algemeiner about the performance of Tamer Nafar where additional words were added that were not there in the video that I had seen before.  As you can see, the university did make a statement, but in the interests of truth I know that a famous actor deliberately did the ups and downs with an unknown (to me) actress in Hollywood who was known for being an anti-Semite.  That actor is Jewish and his name is Kirk Douglas.  I did not hear a single peep from anyone when he did what he did.  Here I found the information again in the New York Post, of all places.

You can see Attorney General Barr’s handling of the Mueller Report and that almost ranks with the behind the scenes handling of the Dreyfus Case.  It is larger in scope than even the Dreyfus Affair and whatever mishandlings by Barr will be in a future report which will appear side by side with the Dreyfus Affair for training purposes.  Unfortunately the American public does not want to be trained.  The time to accuse those responsible is there.  They are in and around the White House and they are working in news media around the country.  I commend those Americans in government and within the justice department that have spoken out and those who seek a subpoena.  This is not over as the New York Post is telling us.  The Dreyfus Affair which ended with the exoneration of Alfred Dreyfus and his return to the French military took over ten years to achieve that much.  Dreyfus who was convicted in 1894, railroaded by the military, was in the French Army during World War I and died before the Holocaust.  It is time for Trump to resign and there should be demonstrations all over our nation.

Here Mort Klein states on the radio with Sebastian Gorka that 49 percent of Muslims worldwide are anti-Semitic which the poll shows and 34 percent in the United States.  Klein talks about the role of the imams here and I wrote about the role of the Christian churches here in the United States in battling anti-Semitism.  Klein has his blinkers on for sure.  He could have mentioned the Christian churches, but he did not.  Here is the segment with Morton Klein on the Sebastian Gorka Show.  It’s really difficult to trust Mort Klein.  Here in America we have gone from In God We Trust to In Gotti We Trust as Donald Trump has not been evicted from office.  But just like with John Gotti, this is not over.  It could surface tomorrow or in ten years, but evidence does get revealed that convicts.  Trump is in danger and all it would take is one flip or new evidence.  And about a half a year ago, I reported that Christian churches could do a lot more to fight anti-Semitism in the United States.  You would think that Mort Klein would do something about that next week.  Wouldn’t you?  He has to do a better job.  Maybe his donors can find someone else?

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