Catholics for Trump: An Awakening Is Needed Now

“As Esmeralda is being taken in front of Notre Dame to do public penance, the Archbishop claims her innocence and does not allow her to do penance; however, Frollo still orders Esmeralda to be hanged in the gallows. However, as she is about to be hanged, Quasimodo saves her by taking her to the cathedral.”  The quotation was taken from Wikipedia about Victor Hugo’s classic.  It would make sense to revisit this work again now and other works of Victor Hugo including Les Misérables.  Trump’s story was hundreds of years in the making as cruelty and crimes against people were being perpetuated by people in power manipulating the system.

The whole world is upset about the loss of Notre Dame de Paris.  I have been there several times and consider myself fortunate to have been able to go there even once.  The Catholic world under the Catholic Bishops Association has been helping undocumented immigrants for a long time.  This is a time for all Catholics to support people that are themselves mostly Catholic and believers in Christ.  Holy week is a time to be holy.

Donald Trump seems elated about the possibility of dumping released immigrants into sanctuary cities.  We grew up watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Where were you?  Charles Laughton, the actor who played the role of “the Hunchback” was insisting on sanctuary and acted when others did not.  We grew up admiring his character.  The entire issue of immigration should never have been about “Let’s Make A Deal” and many Catholics have allowed Trump to try to dictate a deal not with the devil, but by a man who really might have been the lesser of two evils in the Election of 2016.  This is not about gay marriage, abortion, and Supreme Court appointments.  It’s about either rejecting or accepting those immigrants and the word of God, not Trump.  Jews are just as culpable, but in lower numbers.  George W. Bush tried to make it illegal or unlawful to help previous arrivals, but that didn’t work.  You decide if it should work now.

Cher has spoken out stating that we have a hard time taking care of homeless people in Los Angeles, many of whom are veterans.  There is a Veterans Hotline set up by Donald Trump to help those veterans and Cher’s comments provide details that help is not reaching our veterans.  Setting up the frame work for help and then not providing the help is incompetence which I see in many aspects of government.  We should join together on this one and demand that Trump help instead of hinder, show compassion instead of division, allow families to be joined instead of being separated, and go on to other battles to fight it out according to what we feel in our hearts and minds.  Cher should know better and she has helped Democrats before.  She is just lost and confused on this one.

As we fight a clean fight against Trump and his supporters, we learn of the Carnival Cruise Line picking up 23 people who were just surviving at sea and the ship that left Mexico was heading to Mobile, Alabama with its passengers when the people were picked up.  So those 23 people are now in the hands of Customs and Border Protection, exactly where hundreds of thousands of immigrants should be right now instead of in Mexico.  When many of them will be released, they should have the freedom to join family and friends across the United States.  Let’s imagine that Trump does dump tens of thousands of people off in sanctuary cities.  Do you think that those people are going to remain there?  Trump’s War is not your war.  Trump’s War is not our war.  But he is making war and people are permitting it.  The war is supposed to be in other places in the world unless we are engaged in civil war.  Trump is defying the best of our laws, courts, and our moral and religious beliefs.  We are upset as not only Notre Dame is burning, but also America.  The church within you is burning for supporting Trump.  And keep in mind that the conditions that Cher commented about could have been alleviated by the Trump Administration.

Trump really cannot win this battle, but I know people give him credit for fighting.  The small boat that brought people to safety and the large caravan should be and are being respected, but not by Trump, Miller, and the Trump Family Singers who turn their backs on people (Trapp Family Singers of Central America).  Unite in your churches now and change the minds of people in your communities.  Climb every mountain ford every stream, follow every rainbow, but reject Trump.  Organize your church congregations!  Trump was actually much better when he was talking about making Mexico pay for the wall.  And when he said that he would cut of the money orders that people send to Mexico.  Tell him he doesn’t know what he’s doing.   At the current time, Trump doesn’t seem to know that Cubans have landed.  And it’s not an invasion either.  The Trump Family Singers have placed limits on the kind of justice that we knew just a few years earlier.  He has placed people in a trap when others would not, including Mitt Romney.

And these are just some legal things that people ought to know when others talk about “illegal” immigrants. 

Immigrants can be granted workers compensation for accidents working on the job, proving that they are not illegal.

Immigrant children can attend public school free of charge.

Immigrants can take the high school equivalency when they drop out of school.

Immigrants can go to college across our nation.

Immigrants can marry.

Immigrants can change their status even if they overstayed their visa.

Immigrants are entitled to the same pay as citizens and residents once they are working.

Immigrants can start up businesses and pay taxes

Immigrants who do work can pay taxes.

All deserve the protection of American laws.

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