Taking on Congresswoman Omar and Others

Candace Owens

Congresswoman Omar’s loyalty to the United States is in question resulting from her comments about 9-11.  She should be under the microscope for many reasons, including her capacity or fitness to lead.  Trump has been in the same category for over two years and things have not gotten better there.

Then we have Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn trying to evade having their children take measles vaccines.  I have read that people there are asking that the children be allowed to contact the measles the way that God intended it, but leading rabbis do not support those people.  And public health cannot support it either, but public health can support her desire not to have cancer treated if so chooses and let her have her religious beliefs there.  The Yiddish newspaper Der Yid published an article in English in support of the vaccines, but I know that people and not just Jews are divided.  But think of the potential for persuading people in the Orthodox community that the article may have.  We will see what happens.  And breaking news is that the measles epidemic in Madagascar has killed 1,200 people.

Then we have Steven Mnuchin who was in Congress trying to get out of being there to meet foreign dignitaries and he pretty much said things that were threatening to the chair at that moment.  What is puzzling is that the chair said “you may leave” and the secretary of the treasury did not understand those simple words and chose to stay. 

Then there is Candace Owens and her comments about nationalism which I will go into later.  She tells us now that Democrats do not want the living conditions of Blacks to improve.  I suggest that she look deeply in conditions in Alabama, a mostly Republican state and determine exactly how things can improve there instead of talking in political generalities that divide US.  The poverty rate in Alabama in 2016 for Blacks was 30.3 % and for Whites it was 13.7 % with Republicans in power.  Why can’t Republicans just empower Black people in that state?  And why can’t they clean up the environmental disaster that exists there? And Alabama ranked 47th in the nation for hunger and food insecurity.  And what has Donald Trump done to directly alleviate this, if anything? 

And it was the spirit of nationalism in the United States that gave rise to manifest destiny which led to taking Mexican territory.  Owens stated that if Hitler had only national ambitions it would have been fine, but he was a globalist she said.  And in after the Spanish-American War the United States took Puerto Rico from Spain which seals its status as a true globalist according to Owen’s own comments.  What kind of representative of the Republican Party is this young woman? 

And during her testimony she was sitting next to Mort Klein of ZOA who certainly supports Donald Trump but must speak out against White Supremacists or White Nationalists who hate Jews.  After two years with Trump, where are the solutions that Owens should have proposed. 

And Republican Barry Goldwater favored segregation when he ran for president and the Republican Party joined with Democrats to restore the Democratic leadership that she spoke about that gave the United States Jim Crow.  And there could be much more written here.  Maybe we could write Candace Owens out of the script altogether.  She speaks well enough, but she may have learned the things she spoke about at the Dennis Praeger University where she works.  I called Praeger to tell his audience that I expected increase in anti-Semitism to take place under Trump and boy was I right.  He rejected my views.  And maybe she should find a different job.  Candace was right about one thing for sure.  She did not call Ted Lieu stupid!

Candace Owens fights well, but she should know that back when George Pataki was governor of New York, New York ranked 49th in the nation in high school graduation for African-Americans and New York always ranks at the bottom for high school equivalency diplomas for African-Americans with Alabama and Mississippi, Republican states.  I see that Candace Owens is in her own state, the state of confusion.  Congressmen Ted Lieu was right about asking why she was selected.  I give Trump and her an F.

Mort Klein who was sitting next to Owens should spread this important information.  I called the Dennis Praeger Show-University-Limited long before the Pittsburgh Massacre and his reply was that he had told a rabbi who raised an objection of the selection of Abe Beame as mayor of New York City because it would contribute to a rise in anti-Semitism if a Jew became mayor at that time.  I raised the issue of increased anti-Semitism, fearing the worst and Praeger’s voice probably overpowered mine among his listeners as he supported Donald Trump’s policies and he promoted his gants mishpocha (Yiddish) or entire family.  Klein has pointed out in a very limited way that the shooter’s anti-Semitism became intensified as he started to hate Donald Trump for his support of Jews (which most of US do not agree that he is doing).  That shooter was distraught about the immigration issue as he fired.  That issue was my key concern in calling the Dennis Praeger Show as those immigrants need justice just as Jews needed justice after the Holocaust.  And Mort, my latest email to Mort Z. was returned to me as “denied” which seems to be a Boston denial.  And he had written to me that “nobody knows quite what to do” about anti-Semitism (2014).  Let the Trumps be Trumps somewhere else!

Attorney General Barr has stated that he “thinks” that Trump was being investigated during the campaign of 2016.  Even James Comey says that Barr has the right to think that way, but if he has no evidence, he should keep his thoughts to himself.  And Barr is the attorney general who is supposed to provide justice to all of US?  He has stretched the system of justice to protect Trump right now with those thoughts.  And Trump, of course, agrees with Barr.  It sounds like Abbott and Costello running justice in America.

Then there is Donald Trump and his comments going back to the campaign of 2016 were just as bad as Congresswoman Omar’s comments now.  His comments about the undocumented immigrants is just one example.  Omar and Trump are tweeters and we have to question if they are smart enough to do the job.  Trump’s loyalty has been questioned and now Omar’s loyalty is in the news.  There’s more to it than just loyalty.  During the campaign he misspoke about New York values and he lost New York badly. 

Let me share a word of praise about David S. Glosser who happens to be the uncle of Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s un-American immigration policies.  Miller’s uncle called his nephew a “hypocrite” and does not support those policies.  There are Jews who support those policies and others who oppose.  I feel that Jews have to learn more about the issues.  And I call out people at ZOA and Congresswoman Omar for hiding the truth from their base.  And with all the talk about anti-Semitism taking place, some or much of that talk is consistent with what is taking in place in Israel among Jews.  Lots of things are not fair and that is dangerous.  And I can tell you this.  Nationalism means that we all work together in the interests of a nation and not in the interests of local, regional, or a national person.  Trump has failed in that and he will keep on failing.  There will be more about this.

And do you remember Trump telling the world and asking Russia to release lots of other Hillary Clinton emails?  This would be a great time for our nation to ask the general in charge of our military with the head of the F.B.I., and others to hold Trump hostage until his income taxes are released by the Internal Revenue Service.  If there is nothing there, he could be released the next day.  In fact he could play golf the day that he is held by our nation’s security forces.  Our nation needs bold action to reassure the American people.  A lie detector test might be an alternate method, but there could nothing like his tax returns.  Also we should verify the partial tax return that the White House released a long time ago.  Even though these are my thoughts and I think that my thoughts are much more valid than AG Barr’s thoughts, I do think that his taxes are going to be leaked soon.  Good leaking is needed to preserve our union.  And Wikileaks could very well be just what the doctor has ordered to cure our nation’s problem.  Leak! Leak! Leak!  The missing leak may be here even though the Mueller Report is expected to be out shortly.  Trump has been raping America for a long time and he has to give up his D.N.A.  And it is not recommended that we torture Trump or waterboard him.  Things have to be peacefully done!

Lou Dobbs has misstated Trump’s popularity by a lot.  Again anything that is wrong, confuses the American public, and creates greater divisions unnecessarily, should be denounced, and people should take action.  Dobbs said that Trump had a 55 percent approval rating to millions of people when, in fact, that is his disapproval rating.

Then there is Galicia and what my grandmother’s family had to go through for generations.  There was a sprinkling of the truth that took place over 30 years, as either the truth was not known or it found itself deep inside my grandmother and never came out.  She came to America with her parents who must have shared stories about what life was like back in the Hapsburg Empire and those stories could have lived on, but there must have been great pain for her to share things.  The Hapsburgs lost their empire shortly after my family fled to America and things did change in Poland.  My grandmother even told me that the nuns taught her well before she left Przemyśl.

After 1772 estate owners could no longer whip their peasants or prevent them from marrying.  Labor obligations to nobles went down to 3 days per week instead of 5 or 6.  But in reality these things continued to exist even though peasants could “redress” these grievances through lawsuits (illiteracy hurt the chances of success). Galicians Jews who had some wealth were under the control of the nobles

1842 A Comparison of schooling Galicia-Bohemia 15 % in Galicia 94 % in Bohemia

1865 4.5 % of military recruits could not read or write

1840 An appeal to create more schools in Przemyśl was voted down

The peasants trusted the Hapsburg rulers, but they did nothing to help.  There were peasant revolts and economic revolts against the nobles in Galicia, the latter occurred as peasants demanded to hear from the emperor before calming things down.  But essentially the peasants mistrusted all government. 

1820 nobles seized peasant grazing lands, resulting from the loss of income that nobles experienced due to the Napoleonic Wars.  There was violence and the same emperor that gave peasants freedom sent in troops to restore order.  Nobles took things out on the backs of the peasants or workers. 

In 1890 the per capita product in Galicia was equivalent to less than $2,000 in 2010.  Galicia was known as Golicja and Glodomeria which is very telling.  These words pertain to things like “naked” “poverty” and “starving.”  Galicia was considered worse than Ireland when the famines occurred.  And much of that started politically with the panszczyzna as the peasants were exploited by the nobles.  Even as millions emigrated to the United States, Canada, and South America (a great uncle went to Chile), hundreds of thousands returned with money and ideas to Galicia where they often found life very different.  Perhaps more immigrants would have done that if they had been more successful in their new homes.

Joseph II

Jews considered Joseph II the great liberator, but that was largely mythological.  But we have to know this important detail.  The Hapsburg went from glorifying the dynasty (thinking Trump and his children?) to promoting the well-being or prosperity of its subjects.  That was an integral part of its nationalism.

In 1875 almost 100 percent of all mayors and councilors in Galicia were peasants of whom 80 percent could not read and write.  By 1900 there was a great improvement in conditions in Galicia, but it still lagged behind.  Fortunately for Jews, there was great advancement in education that propelled Jews forward, not unlike conditions in New York in the 1950s.  Literacy at that time in Galicia was 58 percent.  Dalmatia, mentioned earlier, had a literacy rate of 67 percent.  The empire had a literacy rate of 83.5 percent and the gap was closing.  Non-Jewish children lagged behind.  And today we see minorities that lag behind largely due to lack of education.  This is what I refer to as White domination.

I’ve been paraphrasing Peter M. Judson’s book The Hapsburg Empire: A New History and he writes about Dalmatia in those days.  Dalmatia had relatively poor farmland and when the great famines struck Europe and Ireland, he tells us that the Hapsburg’s sent food to Dalmatia which was quite the opposite of what the English did for the Irish and Judson specifically mentions the British and their laissez-faire attitudes that contributed to starvation, disease, and death.  We noticed a parallel situation in many ways as Puerto Rico struggled to survive and move forward under Trump-A-Mania.  There $11 billion dollars was provided for Americans including people who fought in our wars and Trump did not give it the best effort possible.  He gave the best of Trump.  Now we learn that his tax reform provided the top corporations with $1 trillion and $11 billion is just pennies compared to that.  Sixty big companies paid $0 taxes.   And Dalmatia ran into a deep deficit.  It takes money to create real nationalism, money that helps the people.

Who helped in the effort to create more nationalism in an empire that was also fragmented?  The military were the eyes and ears of the emperor.  The local people (could not be trusted enough) as usual.  And what did people complain about the most?  The robot! This was the forced work requirement that has already been described.  Even today we know that Donald Trump has overturned substantial management pay for workers across the country and what do you they have to do to compensate?  Work more so that they have less time for themselves.  We are citing here hundreds of years of abuses that we have to put up with today and that nobody is talking about yet.  The high illiteracy rate was reported as well and nobody is taking care of that problem today.  But a six pack helps a lot or even a winning lottery ticket.  Nationalism is not built on six packs and lottery tickets.  And the long expected opioid report is still not out.  And the long-expected health reform which everyone expected on day one is still not out and won’t be out until after the Election of 2020.  We expect more from American, but we don’t get it.  Sounds like a commercial?

Now we can turn to the United States and its current economic conditions.

Check out this video and the disgruntled that voted for Trump must let us know if they are satisfied.   And what is going on in relation to pay for coal miners?  I have learned that this is not a good time for being a coal miner and that corporate profits are huge ($21.30 an hour is what I found and that union jobs pay 30% more).  And what has taken place among those coal jobs that Trump has created?  Shouldn’t the public know now?  Trump has really not created the jobs that he claimed he would and one would have expected ten million new jobs by now (think of it this way that the Democrats would have created lots of jobs if they had gotten into office and look at the exit figures for Obama in January 2017 to see the potential there…subtract that amount from what actually happened to determine the approximate effect of Trump).  Okay I’ll start it off.  You will also see that fewer jobs were added in 2017 than in 2016.  There were 227.000 new jobs added in January 2017 as Trump took office.  Have you read that?  And in February 298,000 ( a full month for Trump).  Employment growth in 2017 was 174,000 per month and in 2016 it was 187,000 per month.  There surely are more jobs, almost the entire nation of fast food now has Uber and other drivers as the business model has changed, but surely there is substantial evidence that the worker is getting poorer as the peasants of Galicia got poorer.  There is a tremendous difference now in the way people live, but times are tough even right now.  Two years of Trump has not really helped those people that much.  That is really where the crack in Trump’s cement is and will continue to grow as his plan of nationalism really favors the rich and pockets of others.  This kind of nationalism is significantly worse in many ways than the Hapsburg Empire’s nationalism which was filtering out horrible local living conditions by oppressors. 

I found this item that is circulating our nation and one other that is almost identical came to me from Jeffrey Goldstein in the Parkland community in Florida.  Also take a better look at the work of Republicans right here.

This is the dangerous thinking of people in our nation and certainly may push US to civil war again.  Of course we are also hearing about “socialism” as an immediate threat to the US when we have some important aspects of socialism, including billions of dollars of welfare to soy farmers that Trump has hurt badly with his tariff war.  Some Democrats may be for any or all of those things, but this kind of information should remind us of tropes that are being discussed that single out Jewish money for problems such as support for Israel.  I have not given any such money and I am Jewish.  This type of thinking and propaganda surely and rightfully divides family, friends, and people in the same party.  It is reprehensible.  And here’s a video made by a man who attended an important conference in North Carolina where it shows supporter talking about anti-Semitism but exhibiting only a performance that expresses love between a Muslim and a Jew, which is something that has been in my own work since the 1980s.  Well over a hundred thousand people have seen the man’s presentation, but nobody pays attention to me.  Around that time, an Israeli-American revealed to me that only a whore or a prostitute would go out with an Arab.  So I naturally conceived the love relationship for my movie script.  I wasn’t doing that as a liberal or a progressive; however, I really wanted the world to have peace.  I can see in that performance in the auditorium that it might have been possible that the entertainer really doesn’t love Jews, which reminds me of Trump when he uses the word love after doing so many horrible things.  It is possible that the man really didn’t intend that, but it is not for me to decide based on very limited information.  The attack on Jews in Brooklyn I have shared before and I fight against those attacks.  I wish the film maker would do a much better job.

There can be no nationalism with or without sanctuary cities, especially with a man in power that would threaten sanctuary cities in any way, shape, or form.  And useless and idle thinking cannot be tolerated as one would tolerate someone who is useless on the job.  Without saying my country right or wrong or my leader right or wrong, we have that kind of thinking that is pervasive now in the politics of 2017-2019.  Huge mistakes are being made by Trump and they are supported.  During the George W. Bush Administration, it appeared that people including those in churches that helped undocumented immigrants would be considered criminal.  Attempting to avoid that, the current administration is dividing US once more. 

With more division, we can only look forward to the worst situation possible and possibly secession.  Now that would really put Trump into making amazing history in America and it would be factual and not just some misinterpretation or some opinion by Trump.  That Democratic trope must be attacked by both parties and the center piece of that trope does include Donald Trump and his supporters.  I hope that Candace Owens pays more attention to things.  Don’t use tropes to gain publicity for a cause that everyone should be fighting for.   Trump calls himself a nationalist and others follow him.  I know that some in Israel call him a populist. 

We can think about Candace Owen calling Donald Trump a “nationalist” and we know that Trump thinks he’s a “nationalist.”  German nationalism was not globalism as it was trans-nationalism.  So globalism and the base that has learned to be hostile to globalism are being mentioned to protect Trump from criticism and to diminish him.  Trans-nationalist, I repeat.  The Aryan Race that Trump, I mean, Hitler advocated did reside in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, which you should recall Trump saying as the people who should come here instead of people from Africa and other places.  Fox News has had a story about how the Romani will soon be here and those people, along with the Jews, were rejected in countries that were filled with Aryans.  Trump’s “nationalism” really resembles “militarism” much more than anything else as he is constantly at war with everyone except his supporters.  His desire for that parade that he observed in Paris (which was rejected by the Pentagon), the national day of salute to the nation, his constant fight to keep the military first (even though his tax reform is now proving who he put first), his claims about making our military the best that the world has seen (using the same weapons that Obama and the Congress ordered), going to military funding for his wall as he tells America the great support that he has with the military (polls have shown less than half are thrilled with his performance) and the Marines leaked information about the poor condition of our bases after the hurricane damage in North Carolina and all of this points out that he is even a bad “militarist” who cannot make fair and accurate claims about what is going on.  He does seem like a “patriot” to the public, but he cannot be a nationalist who is building a nation.  Trump even told the military that he gave it a 10 percent raise when in fact the raise was 2.6 percent.  Fake news?  Tell it to the Marines!

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