Republican Support for Israel Made Clear: Trump is Dividing Jews Much More

Sheldon Adelson

From Dennis Ross’ book Doomed to Succeed to the ears of Jews.  Here are the key things to know quickly and remember that divide and conquer Trump has made it more dangerous for Jews by citing that Democrats are anti-Israel which today equates with anti-Semitic behavior.  The man never belonged in any kind of politics.  The damage has been done, just as it has been done by Congresswoman Omar and her supporters, just as it has been done by people in the Republican Party as well.  Could it have been avoided?  I would have hoped so, but Jews have been divided for centuries.  There were Jews who supported the nobility in the Hapsburg Empire against Jews who were serfs (and sometimes people were killed then).   And I am no anti-Semite.

The Eisenhower years reveal to US that Secretary of State John Foster Dulles wanted to show Arabs in 1953 that “our (US) approach “was no longer subject to Jewish influence.”  The Democrats had tried to meet the Zionists’ wishes.  Eisenhower wanted an unconditional withdrawal from the Sinai.  Eisenhower was not moved by Israeli cooperation and at that time he was very concerned about the Soviet Union.  Eisenhower would not see David Ben Gurion, the Israeli leader.  The Jordan water problem was also on Eisenhower’s mind as water was diverted to Israel.

Kennedy met with Prime Minister Ben Gurion, but he continued to prevent an arms race.  In prior years, Israel did get much of its war machine from Czechoslovakia (communist) and France.  Kennedy was discussing giving Israel hawk missiles for the return of refugees.  The Hawk missiles were defensive.  At that time the Soviet Union was aiding Egypt.  The Eisenhower Administration considered Saudi oil vital to our interests.   The Dimona nuclear reactor in Israel was a problem back then and American scientists who went there to check it out concluded after going into only one of the two buildings that Israel had peaceful intentions only.  Americans and Arabs concluded though that Israel had nuclear weapons and it was taken for granted that those weapons would only be used as a last resort.  And that is where we stand today.  Thank goodness!

Nixon sent out mixed messages, particularly to Israel.  He was holding up arms to Israel and was intent on restoring the American position with the Arabs.  He purposely created distance with Israel (in recent administrations the effort has been to lessen or eliminate that distance which is called daylight). 

Reagan was horrified about the Holocaust as he watched film after 1945 and that impression stayed with him for decades.   He was dedicated to Israel.  Reagan did suspend aircraft deliveries to Israel as a punishment.  Casper Weinberger wanted to suspend relations with Israel over the violence in Beirut.  Reagan was committed to “land for peace.”  Prime Minister Menachem Begin called the effort to sell arms to the Saudis an “ugly anti-Semitic campaign.”  This terminology should remind people about what we see and hear from people who make the news.  The Israelis were also the channel for communications then between Iran and the United States.  This was at the time of the Iran-Contra Affair when the deal was trading arms for hostages. 

George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon, and Mahmoud Abbas

George H.W. Bush considered the West Bank and Gaza occupied territories.  And Bush was against Israeli settlements.

George W. Bush was fighting terrorism and both the United States and Israel had to deal with that problem.  Condoleezza Rice felt that the Palestinians should not be segregated as people were in Birmingham, Alabama.  An example was that Palestinians could not use certain highways.  She also balanced that with the fear of an Israeli mother whose child could be killed at night by a bomb.  But her account of segregation (apartheid to others and references to South Africa) does make us think of the kind of racism that Benny Gantz mentioned recently at AIPAC.  I heard the applause recently as Donald Trump spoke live on Now This to the Jewish Republicans and I noticed the different levels of applause.  Oil and Israel seemed to garner great applause.   All of this should tell American Jews and others that bipartisan support among all people and that even though some Jewish leaders are fighting some good causes, they are stirring a pot by their accusations.  There has to be justice for people, for Israelis and Palestinians.  It cannot be a one-way street or avenue (Trump Avenue).  Here Trump is creating danger as strong as American concrete and American steel (steal).

Russia is still in there today directing traffic in the Middle East.  What does Israel have planned for Russia is something that all Americans have to be concerned about.  And now there are the following: U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem (which can be moved at any time in the future), recognizing the Golan Height as Israeli territory which also can be rescinded at any time in the future.  These are not things that have been written in stone and that has to be strongly noted by all (we have seen what has happened to executive orders in the last couple of years).  World peace is a key issue and we only see certain pockets of war and danger, not counting world terrorism as usual.  Since the 1960s when John F. Kennedy fought to prevent nuclear war, we have been clear of that kind of retaliation and Israel has fought wars that have had serious consequences.  It has continued to exist through everything and we hope that the future will bring peace for Israel.  Lots of Americans have family in Israel as I may have family members there one day also. 

Here are the thoughts of Asaf Romirowsky, a Middle East expert of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.  “Similar confrontations have emerged in recent years, including during the term of former ambassador to the US Michael Oren – an American-born, Princeton-trained Middle East historian who understood the ins and outs of Washington and American Jewry. Oren clashed with his boss, then-FM Avigdor Liberman, a brash, Russian-born politician who at times acted in a manner more befitting The Sopranos than the head of Israel’s diplomatic corps.” And just reading the Sopranos name here makes me think of Trump and his short lesson on the Golan Heights in which he expects to change 50 years of history.  That is classical trouble, but there is a way out of it. 

Almost 40 years ago, I knew that there would not be peace.  I went to Israel in 1984 and learned just how Israelis lived in fear, but that was minor.  I met and talked to one Moroccan Jew who prepared the breakfast in the hotel that I was staying in.  I knew nothing else about what was going on and being in Israel was wonderful.  There were lots of unanswered questions, even after some research that I made to write a fictionalized account of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  Today I know much more and I challenge Jews to learn more.

And the Election of 2019 is here as Israelis are voting.  Romirowsky writes and suggests that Jewish values matter as Washington and Jerusalem seek a way to deal with the “Zionism of 2019.”  The candidates there have attacked each other and at the last-minute Netanyahu has promised annexation of the West Bank.  This again is typical Trump or maybe Trump has Netanyahu’s handbook.  They say that the election is close.  I could think of worse things that Benny Gantz could say to bring in his vote, but I won’t go there.  Trump and Netanyahu can both retire to Moscow and build hotels.

We need peace now and a live debate about all critical issues.  The Linda Sarsours and the Zionists need to tell the whole truth about everything.  I really knew practically nothing about Israeli history back in 1984.  I have recently undertaken to learn more, but that does not make a radical progressive.  It just makes me more informed.  From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to tell the truth is critical right now and Trump’s snap decisions should be rescinded.   And the targeting of Jews that I predicted about three years ago is happening and will happen more due to Trump (I called the Dennis Praeger Show and he rejected the idea). 

When Trump goes, so should Stephen Miller for the policies that he has helped create.  And I have written to Congresswoman Omar to tell her to tell the truth.  Remember that Mitt Romney back in 2012 wanted the “illegal” immigrants to self-deport and that was happening to some of them even earlier.  In my community Congressman Lee Zeldin appears to pin anti-Semitism on the back of Congresswoman Omar for attacking Stephen Miller and Perry Gershon has struck back at Zeldin and he has done that knowing that Omar was not attacking any Jewish policies that aid Israel.  Here is the comment from Gershon who lost to Zeldin in the last election.  Perry Gershon Retweeted Lee Zeldin

A new low, even for @RepLeeZeldin . Inappropriate accusations of anti-Semitism masks the ugliness of the real thing . @IlhanMN may have used ugly tropes in the past, but her current criticism of Stephen Miller relates not to religion, but his racist and ugly tendencies.  And if Congresswoman Omar has been attacked for anti-Semitic tropes, here we see the same kind of evidence about Stephen Miller and his racist comments and general dehumanizing rhetoric linked to his policies.  If Omar should resign, shouldn’t Miller?

And breaking news from Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America.  “The Tree of Life synagogue massacre perpetrator was a neo-Nazi who hated President Trump for not being antisemitic,4 called Jews in the Trump administration a “kike infestation,” and also hated anti-Trump Jews.”5  “The shooter, Robert Bowers, only stopped supporting Trump when he felt that Trump was too soft on Jews: The issue for Bowers was that Trump wasn’t racist enough.  The shooter was upset that Jewish organizations have been assisting refugees in the US,” writes White House correspondent Jason Easley in Politicus USA.  Has Mort Klein deliberately left out that Bowers had supported Trump?  And am I supposed to feel safer that Trump is being empowered by Jewish people.

Germany annexed the Sudetenland and more.  Russia just annexed the Crimea.  When Hitler took over the Sudetenland in 1938, they had a supporting name for that which was “Chamberlain” or appeasement.  Israel has clear control over the lands that both Trump and Netanyahu have expressed a desire to annex.  Status quo is static free, well almost.  Trump’s friend Putin has created an imbalance in the Ukraine which is far from over and now this?  See how it was all done.  If only Chamberlain had given it more thought.

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