The GED Hotline Denounces High School in MS-13 Territory: Placing the Blame Where It Belongs

This photo was taken from a fight in Brentwood School

Just a few days ago, a parent called the GED Hotline to get help for her child (no sex mentioned to keep things confidential) who is under age and needs parental consent to take the high school equivalency.  This was not a dropout from school that needed help to get away from the gangs that murder and terrorize people in the community.  And the parent assured me that Brentwood High School did not prepare the student with information in any exit interview from that school.  Who is to blame?  Everyone!  The administration is to blame but so are the members of the New York State Board of Regents who know my work and who have met me and spoken to me.  All the regents should have learned about my work at some time or other.  The local elected officials know my work and have ignored it.  And there have been lots of community people and even members of the school board that I have either met and share ideas with or just called and shared ideas with.  And this indictment extends to the city of New York and its schools and offices of government in lots of other jurisdictions that I have contacted over the last 19 years.  I usually get calls from adults who are 21 and over, so knowing what I am and desiring to make a change in the system, I had to start writing about this and this message will go out to people in power.  But will those local people dare to apologize for doing great harm to this community for years?  Trump, we know, never apologizes, but these people are not Donald Trump.

I do not expect perfection, because perfection is not in human hands, but especially after all the outreaches that I have made to the Brentwood School District that has been made super famous because of Donald Trump resulting from the much-publicized murder of two girls by the MS-13 one would expect something better from the district.  Congressman Pete King has to be blamed as well since he brought in the man who could have changed everything and unfortunately after all the talk, rhetoric, and boasting we still need great change.  Keep in mind that Title One funding is a federal mandate so all levels of government are to blame.  Keep in mind that the New York State Department of Education has known that Brentwood High School cancelled GED testing a decade ago and that has impacted on the earning of diplomas as well.  The governor knows about these things and remains silent. 

The data provided here tells us that schools should be held accountable and schools with low graduation rates should be held much more accountable because the problems generated are more severe.  This is all about school performance and nothing important should be left out.  Diplomas Matter.  Because of my experience in the GED program in New York City before 2001, that student should have had a transfer into a TASC-High School Equivalency program (if that kind of program exists) and the student could have had important evaluations that I have been advocating for since 2001.  Nobody listens to me and our nation’s youth fall through the cracks in huge (think of Trump) numbers, amazing cracks that America First deals with last.

Dealing with this community and advocating for something extremely important is not very much different from reading about Trump telling the world that he has provided $91 billion for Puerto Rican relief when in truth the government has provided $11 billion in relief.   I have to share this idea that I stole from a family member (my lips are sealed).  The $91 billion that Trump stated is a “ballpark figure” which should be interpreted by the man who has been bankrupt before.  Now for all of us others, how could $11 billion and $91 billion be in the “ballpark?”  There is no true advocacy from people who do not bring real facts to the fore and hide behind other facts or made up facts that do not alleviate the problem.  Even communities can inflate the progress because it is in their economic interests to do so (the value of their homes are important to them).  So we hear that schools are doing well when they are not doing well as limited reporting takes place.

You may recall that Donald Trump told people that he was willing to pay people in Central America to stay where they are rather than have the United States pay the costs of allowing people to enter our nation.  Well he continues to handle that problem in a serious, erratic way and he gets support from people in his party who lack the courage to speak out.

Trump has cut aid to Central America and that will hurt the people.  That will almost certainly pressurize the socio-political climate and the lack of money will accelerate a growing border situation that Trump partisans call now a humanitarian crisis requiring the shutting down of the border.  This is really a shocking announcement since Trump did not do much to control the funding needed to employ all kinds of personnel that was needed, including border agents.  But the Republicans pick up the spin right away to support him and blame others.

One would think that Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and other Hispanics would unite to demonstrate in the Brentwood community for the things that I am advocating.  Why not ask for the truth?  What are the numbers of White students, African-American students, Asian students, and Hispanic students graduating in our schools on Long Island? 

And why can’t we fight together for a better way of life for all?  There are lots of Dominicans in Puerto Rico, for example, that have suffered along with Puerto Ricans there as a result of Hurricane Maria.  A unified community would help put pressure on local Republicans to do more and to straighten out the thinking of Democrats who have been in power and contribute as well to the problems.  A possible example is that current State Senator Monica Martinez was part of the Brentwood School District administration and probably inclined to be supportive of that administration where she made so many friends in high places.  It is time for a reevaluation of things.  And the solving of problems related to Central America has been put in the hands of one of the worst examples of a humanitarian that current politics knows.  The people have to be informed and heard and part of the information is that Trump is going to give pneumonia to Central America and the United States is not in recession yet (normally our economic cold gives Central America pneumonia).   That phenomenon always puts more pressure on families to immigrate and that has happened for hundreds of years to everyone, a generally accepted universal.  Hurricane Donald replaced Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Congressmen like Pete King and Lee Zelden have to be voted out.  King now supports and has proposed a bill for the Dreamers and the TPS for people that had it before, but they have not been able to convince Donald Trump.  Why not?  It’s obviously about making a deal and do not forget that it was Trump who overturned their protection.  This is no time for deal making and most deal making has never worked anyway.  It’s a time to understand history and trickery.  The Irish and Jews were not wanted here.  Back in my parents’ time there was talk about Jews taking over America through communism and now we are biased against Muslims because of terrorism.  And there are people that feel that the Hispanic people are a threat to our progress, which is not true.  And as a Jew who tries to know more about history and who visited, wrote about, and tried to do great things for the people of Sosúa in the Dominican Republic, I composed a song in which a Jewish immigrant arrived in Sosúa at the time of the Holocaust and where he badly missed his mother who was probably on her way to death in Europe at the hands of the Nazis.   I wrote that his tears filled the Caribbean Sea from missing his mother so much.  So finally fine tuning the picture and making things really happen for people on the local and national level are badly needed. 

Here is the just proposed legislation of Congressmen Tom Suozzi and Pete King and it’s a deal to please Trump.  There should be no money to pay for a steel barrier at all and Suozzi has not paid careful attention to the articles that I have sent him (and King has not publicized the letter that I sent to him).  When I was advocating for all immigrants in 2004, people weren’t paying attention and I knew that a compromise was needed, but not the kind of compromise presented by the congressmen.  All of this means that the Dreamers who were not even protected back in 2004 should understand that the fight now is against horrific rhetoric and policies in Washington, D.C. And I would suggest that those Dreamers tell Suozzi that his bill is no longer needed.  When Ronald Reagan granted amnesty, people had a real reason to be in debt to Reagan for what he did, but this is different.  Trump has helped terrorize people and put people in danger even in Mexico in front of some very hostile people.  This is a time just like in colonial history for real common-sense solutions.

 I fully understand that it is important to reach across the aisle for important legislation and recognizing that Suozzi is not my congressman, I would rather see someone else in that position who would speak out about not paying for a barrier that will not keep people out.  Suozzi should think about going back to being mayor of Glen Cove.  And remember that my grandmother was never a citizen of the United States, but that was her decision.  Suozzi and Kathleen Rice have undermined the position of the Democratic Party leadership as well by their support for the bill.  I propose a national debate on the issue and a moratorium on any action at this time to pass the bill as it is.  The public has a right to know and we know that a large fraction of the population knows very little or what the Kings and Suozzis want them to know.  And let’s recall our histories together about how Jews were mistreated just as Trump is now mistreating people.  And remember how Irish police mistreated Italians in New York City and the Italians threw garbage on the police as they came around to their blocks.  Be honest and do not ever forget these things and do not make deals because the Dreamers are being mistreated.  Rise up!

When I spoke with Tom Suozzi in Albany in 2006 and told him that 2.85 million adults in the state of New York needed a GED, he told me that was “insanity” and now he has to wake up again to my words.  He lost his way on my GED issue and he really seems lost right now.  Has he exhausted all possibilities to change the thinking of this nation before making a deal with and for the devil?  Think of this.  A debate took place between Alan Dershowitz and Dr. Cornel West about supporting Israel or the Palestinians and the listening audience was asked who won the debate and the result was that Dershowitz persuaded more undecides.  That is what must be done, it can be done and should have been done before, but the arguments must be persuasive enough, of course.  What arguments has Tom Suozzi used in reaching out to other states?  I know that he has tried and failed, because he told an audience last year that people in other states are not interested in the fact that we, in New York, need the undocumented immigrants.  I know that the cost of the wall is insignificant compared to the rise in the national debt under Trump due to his economic policies and the cost of the barrier will be around one percent or less of that, but we should be able to prove the worthlessness of the wall (experts have told us that the wall will be a waste and other so-called experts are probably just supporting Trump).  Let’s get to the bottom of this on our own.

People crossing the border are desperate and will climb walls and when there is only a wall and no open border, they will climb the wall.  At that point the wall will be a total waste of money. 

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