Joe Biden: The New Target

I have received letters from two senators over the last 19 years and one of them was from Senator Joe Biden (Mc Cain was the other one).  Delaware happens to be the worst GED state in the nation each year and Biden is from Delaware.  This should tell you that there were significant problems with Delaware over the years and I have to be honest.  Bernie Sanders comes from a pretty poor GED state as well and Sanders has been supportive of Lucy Flores who wrote the article about Biden in the New Yorker.  We will see if I agree with Bernie shortly.  Read on.  And there can no blame for this on Donald Trump.

Let me start off by showing you a photo that I took with former Ms. Universe Amelia Vega in 2003 and there have been people who thought that I was kissing her.  I was actually talking to her and handing her my business card and it was wife who took the photo.  And there is someone that I know who took a photo with Betsy DeVos and that person looked very distraught as Betsy De Vos was taking her around with her arm for the photo.  I cannot fault Betsy De Vos for that, but don’t get me started about Trump’s appointee as Secretary of Education.  I am a charter school opponent.

And that’s Pablo Montero with Amelia.  Years later, Amelia Vega’s aunt said that’s my niece’s photo and wanted to know what she was doing there.  See the card!  See the proof!  I went on my way and that was the end of that beautiful meeting.  She was the most amazing 19 year-old that I have ever met in my life.  And do you see that I had my hands on her?

Here is what you have to know before we get to Lucy Flores, a Latina.  We have just gotten over the Baraboo story where I read about and saw no wrong doing by the students on the steps who allegedly were doing the Hiel Hitler salute.  Then we saw the Covington Catholic story with the Black Israelites and the Native-Americans in Washington, D.C. and the media got both things wrong.  I wrote a Native-American periodical that covered that story and stated that I saw nothing that revealed wrong doing by the students.  Then the videos came forth which showed the Black Israelites taking on the students.  I was in touch with Baraboo and then I called the Covington Archdiocese to share my views.  I have my views about the Biden-Flores story now to share.

I read her article in The New Yorker and the New Yorker has to take responsibility for publishing her story.  Why is the vice-president touching me she asks herself and then she states that he inhaled her hair (concerned about not having washed her hair-imagine that).  She states that she was embarrassed and wanted to get away, but she had not washed her hair.  Was there a groping or a sexual assault that made her want to get away such as a Trump groping later called locker room talk?  I had to write that.

She brings up racist attitudes that do not even apply in the situation, but free expression is encouraged.  She writes about what she considered to be an act that was disrespectful which appears to be a good point and how she felt that her qualifications were more important to her.  Biden was there to qualify her according to those high qualifications (I would assume and wouldn’t you?).  He was there to help her not to gain control over her sexually.

She writes about the CEO of a company and Biden was vice-president of what is sometimes called a corporation by people, but he was not her boss and they did not work for the same company at all.

Then there are provocative comments about articles that purported his creepiness which could easily have been opinion pieces that she has read and she saw discomfort in the faces of the Defense Secretaries wife, a senator’s wife who was kissed on the lips, another woman who Biden whispered in the ear, and various snuggling photos taken with constituents.  Discomfort on the face at that moment does not come close to proving anything, because it is all about what’s on the mind of those women.  Then she writes about Biden’s “troubling” past and the imbalance of power that is felt by her and people at the work place.  Sure at the workplace it’s a violation called sexual harassment.  If Biden had given Lucy Flores his cell number and the room number at his hotel so they could have a drink later, that would have been the kind of supporting evidence that could convince us.

So I blame The New Yorker for printing the information, unless there is more.  I am not a fan of Joe Biden, but he has my support so far in this controversy.  And I will be sending the article to Biden.

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