What If Mueller Didn’t Flip Michael Cohen and Other Trump Things?

Could the Mueller Investigation Have Been Rigged?

The Lieutenant Columbo in all of us should make us wonder more about No Collusion (thinking about the expression on Columbo’s face as he puts his hand into his raincoat).  Michael Cohen in testimony in Congress told the world that he knows of no collusion.  Could his testimony have been scripted a long time before?  After all he has been painted as a liar by the White House.  After all he was very involved with the Russian Mafia for decades.  After all he did give up information that was most likely in the possession of those people who raided his office.  After all he did say that he would take a bullet for Donald Trump, and perhaps that is what he did (or at least a half-bullet).  And sharing with my readers the anti-Semitism of Donald Trump as reported in Israel.  And he pretty much told Jews that his Benjamins were just as great as Jewish Benjamins, but he was being funded by Benjamin Adelson, of course.  Sheldon Adelson should learn to live a hundred years and show much more humanitarianism.   We are Jews, We are Democrats, and We support Israel and I do not make up “big lies” to promote my agenda as Trump does.  Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer both showed Democratic power at AIPAC as they hammered hard at Donald Trump’s new attempt to divide people to benefit himself.

Then we have to discuss the Congresswoman Omar debate a little more.  Let’s point to Ronald Reagan and Pat Buchanan and the Jewish opposition to Reagan’s visit to a military cemetery in Germany at that time.  This was Pat Buchanan’s contribution, pointing out that by just going to see those Jewish venues would cause concern among voters who opposed Jews back in those days.  Reagan listened to Buchanan and now we have Congresswoman Omar in the middle of her own self-made controversy and Democrats chose not to vilify her specifically.  What was worse?  And Buchanan challenged Elie Wiesel who told people The that Buchanan was the only one supporting the trip to visit Nazi graves and that Buchanan said  “We cannot give the perception of the President being subjected to Jewish pressure.'”  Do I have to say anymore at this time?  Omar cannot be fired, since she was elected by a huge majority, but Buchanan could have been fired and he wasn’t.  We surely have to watch the congresswoman, but just denouncing her or anyone else is mediocre. 

I really loved the way that Michael Cohen came clean during his testimony in Congress, but I know how to write a script myself and the thought finally entered my mind.  My readers know how often I have written about the Dreyfus Affair and I do this and other things to explain to my readers things that I have passion for that need to be addressed during this current period of history.  The military was repeatedly vindicated in France over the span of a decade or more as Zola, Picquart, and Dreyfus were convicted.  People fighting for truth and justice were convicted and the criminals were acquitted.    The military conspired to keep the truth from the French people, not that all of the French people were dying to know the truth anyway (just like today).  And in the 21st Century when people wanted to give Alfred Dreyfus his place of honor in the Pantheon in Paris, President Chirac rejected the idea for fear of increased anti-Semitism in France, something that substantially increased anyway without giving Dreyfus that honor.  In today’s mess created by Trump himself, Trump cannot even honor a man who is dead who did heroic things for US.  And his base continues to accept that.   And then there is Paul Manafort and where he fits into all of this.  Perhaps he knows more than he has let on.  And we know that he was fighting back against the Mueller Investigation and decided not to cooperate even after he agreed.  Pardon me!  Pardon him?

Trump is like a man on steroids and we can recall all those Americans in the past decades who were really on steroids and their denials.  The list includes Jose Canseco, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Roger Clemons, Mark McGwire, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, and Barry Bonds.  And then there was Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France actually came about due to rivalries that supported and opposed Dreyfus’ innocence.  There cannot be any vindication of Trump at this time, nor are apologies required.  Denials are common among men and we can wait to see what happens in the courts and in testimonies in Congress, among other things.  Trump is no Dreyfus, but my reading audience must know the fact of Dreyfus’ devotion to the military throughout the entire ordeal.  He wanted his peers to recognize his innocence more than anything else.  Even being a Jew who was detested had little impact on him. 

In the current situation we see Trump who cannot go beyond his America First position (which is largely flawed by his economic policies, his diplomacy, and even his immigration policies which would not even permit mass immigration of Jews into the US if the world situation required it) to be a great human being and humanitarian.  The man who professed support for the two-state solution or the one state solution and who wanted both sides to be happy as peace is achieved has been one-sided in favor of Israel and his positions have worsened world conditions, unnecessarily.  Even Netanyahu’s call for Jews fearing anti-Semitism to come to Israel was a bad call.  Why should all Jews concentrate themselves into one place against the hostile world that is getting worse and especially in this nuclear age?  I am much more comfortable and peaceful in a dangerous area of Long Island than I would be getting on a bus in Jerusalem.  And I have thought about terrorism in my own community in Islandia since 9-11.  My point is that Netanyahu has the world stage to make a point and I don’t.  Is that fair?  We are both fighting for Jews in our own way and nobody can accuse me of being a fascist.

I cannot provide proof that Michael Cohen has been influenced by Trump and people around him to do what he did.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I will not be shocked if someone steps forward and has the evidence that there was collusion in Russia.  And two years is not a long time to investigate considering what we learn about important issues decades later.  And all those Trump lies that we have heard cannot stop us from imaging the worst, recalling the timing of his request for Russia to give up hacked Clinton emails.  That was, in my opinion, typical Trump giving up knowledge of his power, power with Putin.  And are we suddenly going to forget all of the facts provided by research about Trump’s connections with those powerful Russian Mafia heads who had direct access to Trump?  The volcano is not dormant and it could explode at any moment.  I have no involvement in Russia and nor am I a communist, but Trump’s associations are different and huge with Russia.  Again as I wrote in my article Burn the Quran, Death to Dreyfus, Death to the Jews, Cohen could be given a lie detector test as well as The Trump Family Singers Limited.

Breaking news.  Mo Brooks, a congressman from Alabama has quoted Adolf Hitler in support of Donald Trump regarding the issue of collusion with Russia.  After all the pretty big lies of Donald Trump, this Russian collusion is the “big lie.”  Brooks is a “tough on crime” former federal prosecutor who knows that we have to undertake important investigations and all of us know that mistakes are made by prosecutors, especially as DNA evidence today is freeing people who have been incarcerated for thirty years or more.  Hitler and Trump have told big lies and policies matter.  I could put together a bunch of facts about the failures of Donald Trump for the congressman to read, if he has the courage to do it.  If only 20,000 jobs were created last month, how many of those jobs were in Alabama?  And how many of those jobs went to African-Americans who Trump has helped slightly during the so-called greatest economy in the history of the United States.  Shame on Trump and his lie about his causing the least unemployment in the United States when it was only a slight fraction of the growth created since 2009.  Shame on Brooks.  And I am sure he has his Brooks Brothers supporting his views.  This is from Brooks’ own biography, “they (his parents) also taught him the importance of honesty, and to never be shy about speaking up and fighting for important principles.”  Truth trumps an honest opinion and the congressman is as much responsible for much of what is now taking place for backing Trump with his vote.  And much of Trump spin is pure sin.  In the interests of honesty, I would like to know if Brooks’ parents were registered Democrats for years and then switched to being Republicans as Civil Rights came to Tennessee and South Carolina in the 1960s.  This kind of information can be obtained so the truth would be known.

Trump is the number one voice for claiming Democrats are anti-Semitic and by using the same methodology we could say that cops are racists and pigs.  By the way a former police officer (fired after he did this) shot a youth in the mouth and planted a knife at the scene.  We know this just happened because there was camera surveillance.  Then he noticed the camera and picked up the knife, according to the report.  I have said for a long time that Trump needs a camera on him at all times.  Then there is the Republican supporter that asked “What country would permit foreign people to invade their country?”  Of course no country likes any kind of invasion, but I have written about the recent Central-American immigrant caravan and the Jewish immigrant caravans that fought to get into Palestine and they fought hard.  See my article on that in Jewish Business News.  And since 1948, it has produced an ally of the United States.  And I am reasonably certain that there are anti-Semites in the Republican Party.  Also I listened to a radio program where Pat Buchanan, featured here in Newsweek years ago for his anti-Semitism, was given credit for the ideas that Donald Trump has been implementing with the exception of his stance on Israel.  Have the Republicans who supported Buchanan suddenly passed away?

This is one of the things that happened at the AIPAC Conference these last three days and there was strong criticism of Israeli policies and politics, which people shy away from here in the good old U.S.A.  If he succeeds Netanyahu after the April 9 election, Gantz said, “there will be no Kahanists running our country, there will be no racists leading our state institutions, and there will be no corruption leading our ways – no corruption whatsoever.”  And there was more as the article I read said “Netanyahu forged a pre-election alliance last month with Jewish Power, an ultranationalist party that includes adherents of the late anti-Arab rabbi, Meir Kahane.   In a rare reprimand AIPAC, which is the largest U.S. pro-Israel lobby, called Jewish Power “a racist and reprehensible party.”  And I learned that Gantz brought the audience to their feet in applause.

The Embassy move to Jerusalem must have started with a what if.  The Golan Heights Declaration must have started with a what if.  There have been so many what ifs going on this country since the 2016 Election campaign.  What if Trump and Cohen planned everything once Cohen’s office was raided?  And who could be those other people who were involved in the what if?  Netanyahu and David Friedman in the Israeli what ifs?  Trump’s legal team in other what ifs?

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