Burn the Quran, Death to Dreyfus, Death to the Jews: A White House Out of Control

Michael Oren

Michael Oren, the former ambassador of Israel to the United States, in his book Ally “According to the conspiracy theories, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee buys politicians and acts on Israel’s instructions.  Neither charge is true.  In fact, AIPAC educates legislators about the Middle East and endorses those most supportive of Israel.”  And Black Lives Matter and other organizations have been educated by the Palestinians and their supporters.  And Oren also wrote in his book “Burgeoning communities–Hispanic, African-American, and Asian – must be introduced to Israel and helped to understand why it is in their interests, as Americans, to support a sliver of a country located thousands of miles away.”  And what has taken place this week requires people like Michael Oren to speak out about the whole problem and not just a part of it which is the partisan line.  Honestly must devour selfishness.  The struggle is really about justice unless you are a conservative businessman who wants people to start visiting Israel and you wish to change people one by one.  That will not work!  And Oren knows that the future success of Israel would be dependent on building a better relationship with those minorities.  And from listening to African-Americans talk about Black History (and there is an entire month devoted to keeping history alive in America), we should be very concerned about the future of Israeli-American relations because history matters.  Sure there are those Bible enthusiasts to consider and even tourists, but African-Americans must know the history of the State of Israel and not just what benefits they can obtain today.

The Congress fell in 2018 into Democratic hands and much of Trump’s power has fallen and in desperation he has launched his tirade against Democrats knowing full well what influence Jews have in the Democratic Party.  Jews know very well that when economic conditions worsen as they had in France and then decades later in Germany, the Jew is blamed and this time we have a president that is really attacking progressive Jews in the opposition.  Schumer is Jewish and a Democrat, not a congressman but a man with great influence over Pelosi.  Some Jews may leave the party over the resolution that did not name Congresswoman Omar and some may move across the aisle the other way.  Who knows the numbers?  Just remember Charlottesville where somebody died due to hate.  True Trump didn’t kill that person, but did anyone ever see Hitler kill anyone?

I have been in touch with the office of the congresswoman for weeks and I surely would not have suggested that she even attend the conference.  But here is Donald Trump’s favorite media organization reporting Burn the Quran when the Jerusalem Post is trying to convince its readers that people should stay clear of CAIR.  It might be appropriate for Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump to appear together in Los Angeles and speak to the world about what is taking place, considering the potential (and real) impact of Trump’s decision to take the Golan Heights off the table for peace talks by calling for Israel to take land that it took from Syria.  Congresswoman Omar should not be the only person put on the spot at this time in history.  We do not want to go back to 1890s in France or back to the 1930s in Germany as anti-Semitism is increasing.  And Trump is being tough in areas where he is safe from taking on the “Big Boys” in the world (Russia and China) which is a testament to his cowardice.

When Jews were under attack in Whitefish, Montana, I made a call to the Jewish community because of my concerns, particularly since Donald Trump did not take the political risk to make a statement and that was long before Charlottesville and the horrific events that took place there.  And now after witnessing what is going on there must be a demand to sit down in discuss things in a new way.  Congresswoman in not an employee of a company who can be easily dismissed.  She is an elected official who does not have to resign over his mistakes.  Where was the call for Trump to resign? So they are both misguided people who have stirred the pot of anti-Semitism and there are Jews who will not allow Trump to get away with it.  Trump’s divide and conquer tactics may work and then again they may not.  But the success of that effort lies with those Jewish organizations and the media who cover what is taking place and their spin on things.

Let me remind that I am fully cognizant of the fact that it is possible that not even a single Jew shouted “Burn the Quran” and this makes me think of the recent conflict in our nation’s capital involving MAGA hat wearing Covington High School students, staff, and escorts.  But if the shout took place, it should call to mind Death to the Fascists, Death to the Communists, and Death to Innocent people everywhere.  Trump’s recent comments which were predictable two years ago about his police, military, and bikers who are tough people who will be upset about his impeachment is the icing on the cake of something seriously sinister in his mind.  Kelly Conway’s husband who has been commenting on Trump for a long time recently called Trump a “nut” and I wrote months ago that Trump may be doing a lot of these totally unexplainable things because his intelligent mind has told him that he could cop a plea about his mental health.  He just eliminated sanctions against North Korea because he likes the dictator there.  Americans liked the dictator in Germany as well as government officials and their friends around officials, corporate executive in oil and other products, and others collaborated to help Hitler defeat English before our entry into the war as Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  Could Burn the Torah and Burn the Constitution be coming soon to a community near you?

It appears that the posting of an offensive piece of Congresswoman Omar was the result of a copyright infringement so the this space now appears where the material was before. I found out about the problem by reading the email of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach who is mentioned below.

This is a very historic week as Trump wants the Golan Heights to be a permanent part of Israel and the Mueller Report has been released.  Jews are not out to get Trump, but so many of us have observed Trump for decades and we do not care that he has Jews in his family.  I have been calling for Trump’s resignation and long before all the trials had taken place of those who he surrounded himself with.  I also believe that the investigation is not over, because I don’t believe that cases are over the way people do.  Even the Supreme Court of the United States has reopened cases time and again throughout our history, but Rudy Giuliani wants Congressman Schiff to apologize over the Russian collusion issue.  That issue is not over and there could more coming.  So look out.    And I just took the time to double check and I noticed that the “Burn the Quran” is featured in lots of new articles and not just featured in Fox News.  This kind of statement has to be considered in the way that people heard “kill the cops” in a march with Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s remark that the “police are racist.”  The key points are that people say that they “know” that Congresswoman Omar knows what she Is doing.  The congresswoman knowing what she is doing may or may not be true, but I consider myself intelligent and I am not absolutely certain that I know what she is doing.  I do have high expectation of the congresswoman in that I expect her to tell the truth about things.  And the presence of so many people supporting Trump whose lies are reprehensible (and his many actions as well) is not going to help matters at all.  Let’s Make A Deal and that would be that both Trump and Omar resign simultaneously.

I can assure everyone that I will be contacting theoffice of Congresswoman Omar about this article, but what about Rabbi Shmuley Boteach?  I also wish we could call out people across our nation that are in office that are say hateful things and things that unnecessarily divide our nation, White, Black, Jewish, etc.  I have certain reservations about the ad which was placed in the Washington Post by The World Values Network and the quote by Rahm Emanuel.

Emile Zola

I fear for my people, the Jewish people, although I was born in America and consider myself an American.  I have seen enough even in the last year that commands me to speak out to warn people.  An attack can take place anywhere and not just in Pittsburgh and it can take place at any time.  Why make things worse by inciting?  I have even thought about Trump and what role he has played in this awful comment that is in the news (if evidence shows that the person or people declaring Burn the Quran had been doing that before the Trump campaign began, why blame Trump?).  Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has reached out to his Muslim brothers and you can see and digest for yourself how he is trying to fight anti-Semitism.  Trump will be condemned for inciting people, but I agree that the protest was essential.  Who is that person or who are those who said “Burn the Koran?”  Muslims saved our people during the Holocaust and protected our people during massacres long before the State of Israel even existed. And I would imagine that the statement in French “Le Peril Juif” might have been taken from the right-wing anti-Semitic press in France during the Dreyfus Affair.  My own work burns with the lesson given us by the brilliant Emile Zola who went out of his way to defend a Jew, which was not his business.  His business, like my business, was justice.  Trump is another story!  The great lessons of wars since the Spanish Civil War tell us that innocent people are hurt and killed.  Why should they pay the price, Palestinian or Israeli, conservative or liberal or progressive?  It happens and will continue to happen.

Breaking news.  A fire was set at a mosque in California and there was graffiti left that mentioned the massacre in New Zealand.  The horrible incident is under investigation and being treated as a hate crime.

And Ivanka Trump is quoting Abraham Lincoln to profess Trump Truth.  That my reader is much more like Trump Truth Limited with emphasis on the Limited.  And if the Trump Family Singers are telling US the truth, wouldn’t a lie detector test for each one be in order right now?

The verdict of the Mueller Report is at this time there is insufficient evidence to indict Trump on those major charges of collusion and obstruction of justice (remember Trump cannot remember the details).  But there is abundant evidence of lots of other wrong doing that we learned about in Congressional testimony and there could be more coming.  This battle is about as over as the Civil War is in the South.  And Rudy Giuliani is started to claim that the famous “dossier” was made up.  That could be, of course since we had no access to the investigation, but it seems to me that there was evidence, but insufficient evidence to go further.  We knew that the White House was doing its best to train Trump before he wrote his answers to the questions that Mueller asked.  And we also know that possible witnesses could not be brought to the United States to answer questions.  The lie detector should be used right now to clear things up, unless you are on the side that does not want to have things cleared up.  And the biggest scandal right now is that Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer does not want Trump’s answers released.  The Dreyfus Team is turning over in its grave right now in France.  At that time, the French military suppressed evidence and made up things to convict Dreyfus.  And now we have the Trump-Sekulow team taking the same course of action to protect Trump.

Here is a Gaza rocket hitting Central Israel and it made me think of something that I have been writing about.  The American Embassy in Jerusalem.  I immediately wrote that not a single life should be lost by the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  I had to write this right now and portray it, because of all of the incendiary talk about the loss of life in government facility in Benghazi in 2012.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  And now particularly with the new risk of danger due to the Golan Heights decision, prevention must include common sense preventions.

Oh the list of things going on under Trump is growing and growing and the arrival of 100 troops in Venezuela, Russian troops, is obviously not about those 100 people attending a Russian-Venezuelan Tourism Conference in Caracas.  Applaud Trump for that since he is a great friend of Putin.

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