Fighting Anti-Semitism: Sure Sure Trump Has the Answers

Rep. Ilhan Omar
Congresswoman Under Fire

The most intelligent man on earth has the answers and he is not telling us.  He must have ended world terrorism already just by his presence in the White House and on Fox News with a cast of characters.  On the Lower East Side there was a clothing store, a student back then, told me and its name was Ox Clothing.  We should start calling Fox News Ox News, just as the youth called the store Ox Clothing.  The F was lost after rioting took place and rioting is taking place at Fox News (to be called Ox News from now on).  O’Reilly got into difficulties a while back, now it is Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro.  Sean Hannity?  Could be, maybe should be next.  Trump and Hannity have been controlling much of Ox News for some time.

Job growth was way down last month to 20,000 (not immense at all) and a huge drop from the hundreds of thousands.

The trade deficit grew much more than Republicans figured and remember Trump’s tariff war.

The tax cut did not produce economic growth as Republicans claimed, but I and others knew that would happen because it did not happen in Kansas where a Republican gave the people tax cuts.

Then what is going on with Republicans and their touting of Trump’s doing a good job?

And in relation to Israel, why does Israel keep cozying up to Russia and China?  Are Jewish Republicans really fighting against anti-Semitism or are the three nations on a course of economic action together?  Or are their most recent efforts about military security and where does this leave US?

Let’s look at some of the people commenting on Fox News, beginning with Jeanine Pirro who has lost her sponsors and seems destined to start looking for her own sponsors.  May I suggest Smith and Weston?  Or Remington?  We Jews grew up with Remington, but it was a typewriter not a gun.  Here is what she did on Fox News that surely would incite Muslims around the world and even the alt-right anywhere and everywhere.  Check out what happened as she spoke about Congresswoman Omar and got into deep trouble doing it.  She spoke about hate for America and the reality is that there is a lot to hate about America and the list of things is growing.  I hate all of Trump’s lies, for example.  Congresswoman Omar has just started getting into trouble and I am concerned, but most of us are more concerned about Trump and this year or 2020.  We have to reach out to all those people who blame Jews for things that they should not blame Jews for.  True.  But we have to bring people together and that is not the purpose of Ox News.

Now according to what I read about Pirro, her husband was indicted on charges of income tax fraud which Jeanine called “invasive and hostile” and her husband was found guilty and received a 29-month sentence.  There was an attempt to either implicate her or smear her at the time.  This she considered as a political attempt to diminish her.  Could be! Who knows?  Pirro surely has been through the ringer of life.  But her husband was hiding things for nine years from the government (the Benjamins totaling $1 million).  That circumstance appears to make her a good fit for working closely with Donald Trump.  She seems to have great tolerance for that.

In commenting on ISIL, Pirro reported that a leader was released by Barack Obama when the man was actually released years earlier by George W. Bush.  I wonder if that misstatement was corrected after the show?  She also wrote in her book that Rod Rosenstein announced that the investigation of Donald Trump was over when in fact it was not.  She has gone to an extreme to defend Donald Trump as though his presidency has done nothing wrong.  Perhaps she will finally be happy more than a year after the Rosenstein statement as it appears that the investigation is winding down.  Or is it winding down or widening?  And she has earned a good living doing what she has done.

Then we have Rabbi Shmuley Boteach who writes in The Jerusalem Post that Muslims are his brothers.  Couldn’t he teach that to Donald Trump over the years?  He says that Jews are fighting together with Muslims over attempts to ban koshering of meats.  And he also reveals how he helped provide kosher meat years ago to Muslims who did not have halal meat available to them.  All good things, except hanging out with Trump and not speaking out.

Then we have Alan Dershowitz who listened to the staff at Ox News and Friends bring up the Chelsea Clinton apology.  Dershowitz really skirted the matter as he said this was all a new tactic to shut people up.  Now that is really a very hard thing to do and I will not shut up and did not in the article that I presented to Congresswoman Omar’s staff for her to read.  What nonsense!  And that is spread on national television for people to believe.  I tried to find a Chelsea Clinton apology to the students and found none.  And just saying that she was sorry and taking her words out of context does not help.  In my eyes she did not back down as she said that words matter.  It also would have been appropriate for Congresswoman Tlaib to reveal who in the Democratic Party is Islamophobic.  Shouldn’t the public be informed?  Dershowitz should know that Omar has stirred the pot of anti-Semitism and hate and so has Trump.  Trump is not on trial for murder in the deaths of the 49 victims massacred in New Zealand, but that pot is a world-wide pot.

Then there are Dana Loesch of the National Rifle Association and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who were tweeting about condolences to the victims of the recent shooting in New Zealand.  Ocasio-Cortez said how she has had enough with condolences (what we call Dios le bendiga in the Spanish speaking world).  Trump’s appearance in Pittsburgh was an example of that, particularly since he has not had any concrete solutions to implement.  A Marshall Plan for the Palestinians today may help quiet the Muslim world down, but I truly believe that revenge is the key thing driving the terrorism.  Since the mid-1980s this was my gut reaction and history has shown me to be correct.  So you can say that I stand with AOC because we need people including her to come up with solutions instead of tweeting in office.

The Boteach comments are the best of course as we have to find common solutions to these problems.  So what will be the next step?  But before I turn to that let me point out something very important.  Donald Trump has appointed a “czar” to fight anti-Semitism (Special Envoy Elan Carr).  What Trump continually does is elevate the Jewish position in all these situations (Israel and anti-Semitism at home) without being just to other groups.  But it took him almost two years to select someone for the position and Jewish Republicans should explain that since Trump says that Jewish Democrats are fleeing to the Republican Party.   Oh I’m not saying that he is really fighting against anti-Semitism in this country (even by the appointment of Mr. Carr) and we know that he has made mistakes, big ones.  He has ignored the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and that rejection stimulates coalition building between African-Americans and anti-Israel groups.  This is a major political blunder unless the Republicans think that they have the Electoral College covered again for 2020.  Things have changed and are still changing in swing states.  But it’s too late for Trump on that point, except that he can lie and put a spin on anything to maintain his base, including his Jewish base (non-Orthodox).  I feel that the Jewish community has to work together on the issue first, just as Theodore Herzyl worked for obtaining a Jewish state.  I have sent out emails to Jewish organizations and not even a single organization has replied so far.

And today on the other side of this controversy with many sides, I object to the Black and Brown side where people stick together because of race and not by the character of the person (not hearing Dr. King’s words as another bad decision is made).   And they quickly hear some facts and unite against a perceived target too quickly, words expressed by people like Minister Farrakhan or even by seeing things in the Middle East.  Below we see a man who could have passed as a college president of a school in Ohio back in the 1940s or even as a shop keeper in Alabama telling men, women, and children you will not be served in my store.  Did you know this?  Black and Jewish history have great parallels, starting from the Bible and leading up to modern history.  And the photo below was not doctored.

To keep things in balance for everyone, take this as an example.  “If we don’t do something, we will lose the possibility of the existence of two states and we will be an apartheid state,” was stated in 2007 by an Israeli.  Peace was still in the air, but as always things broke down.  Who spoke those words?  The man who was negotiating peace with Abbas, Ehud Olmert.

Barack Obama suffered the same fate in the beginning as I am in my attempt to connect with Jews as a meeting was called by Elijah Cummings and nobody showed up to discuss the Obama for President campaign.  There is hope.  Just as a Geiger counter works, we have to detect anti-Semites who are ready to act out.  The same thing has to be done about fighting hatred of Muslims.  At some point we can share information and work together or work together and share information. 

Jews have been on the wrong side in the Civil War and during World War I.  African-Americans fought alongside their slave masters as well and I read about a Black youth who tried to join Hitler’s youth in Germany (he was German after all) and after being rejected and moving later to the United States he held positions at Ebony and Jet Magazines.  Native-Americans have been slave owners on their lands.  A dictator permitted Jews entry into the Dominican Republic after he had slaughtered 30,000 Haitians.  Trump is not as bad as any of that, but people are right to compare his work with Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco and the most current statement from Trump defines that he is worthy of that (worthy?).  His worth has always been overstated.  Trump now points to the military, the police, and bikers who will not accept his impeachment.  He doesn’t need Black Shirts and Brown Shirts, because his symbol is that red hat. 

Nancy Pelosi is back in power and doing many of the right things, but she is getting extremely toxic again since she stated that we should not divide our nation over Trump.  And she pointed out that he is not worth it.  Wrong again Pelosi.  We are already divided so get that into your head.  Her political stance has very little depth and I hope that Chuck Schumer can wake her up. 

My articles are sent to people that I comment about and I hope that Alan Dershowitz is taking the time to learn something from it.  Trump is another matter.  I want nothing to do with him.  And Ox News wants to be the network that will hold the 2020 Debates?  Give me a break.  There is no depth of thought to that discussion imaginable.  And perhaps Rabbi Shmuley will brainstorm now with his old friend Cory Booker about ways to do something great about anti-Semitism around the world.  Booker is surely restricted in ways by his position in government, but he can still think, listen, and recommend things that could be productive.  Keep in mind also that Iran has not destroyed Israel after more than two years of Trump and officials tell US that Iran is compliant with the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Are these facts?  Are these facts?

Hope Hicks is back in the news and I have to tell it my way.  Michael Cohen has been vilified by Republicans for lying to Congress and lying about Trump.  Hope (Esperanza in Spanish) Hicks, we hope, will bring Americans back to their senses, Americans who feel there is a “witch hunt” going on.  I can imagine the “Bartender” Congresswoman stirring the new drink that I have created.  This drink contains a small amount of Trump Estate bottled wine (any varietal will do) from Virginia and a large amount of moonshine.  The drink will spill truth across the floor of our Congress and around our nation and take its place alongside the Russian Collusion (Russian vodka and Kentucky and Tennessee Whiskeys).  And, of course, the drink will be called The Trump Terminator.  Everything has a beginning and an end.  Remember how Hope Hicks left the job a long time ago and quite unexpectedly?  This is her moment to add what she knows and she was on the plane, among other things.  Watch the spin as Hope spills the truth!

Breaking News.  New Zealand has banned semi-automatic rifles.  And FACEBOOK just reminded me that I posted this photo three years ago today to fight growing anti-Semitism on our nation’s campuses.

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  1. Great article Martin! Way to have the guts to tell it like it really is highlighting the real “Fake News” and complacency which showed itself in the 1930’s and is happening again. The “United” States has become the “Divided” States, emboldened by our votes (not mine or yours) to elect the current administration

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